Week 14 – 19th to 23rd of November

Welcome, 5B Community,

I’d like to extend my thanks to you, the families of my wonderful 5B students, who spoilt me rotten on Tuesday, which was recognised as Teachers’ day. I was overwhelmed with the thoughtful notes and surprises. Thank you.

Teachers’ Day giggles with 5B and Big Ted

This week students had the privilege of listening to Mr Carl Strefford, the Senior Manager of Operations for UNIS. He shared his knowledge of how UNIS manages the daily power consumption. He explained that UNIS uses over 1,100kw per hour and asked students to hypothesis why there is a significant power increase this year compared to last. During the presentation, Mr Carl explained that UNIS also uses wind and solar power along with 4 generators as power outage backups.

In class, 5B have begun to investigate a range of energy sources. Students are becoming quite the experts about some sources and have been eager to learn how renewable energy sources can be adapted for home use. 5B also worked with ‘little Bits’ in the Makey Space, creating an array of items such as anti-theft devices, moving vehicles and motion markers. 

Next week 5B will delve into debating which energy source is superior in two areas, renewable and sustainable.

This week students continue to learn about mathematical relationships between fractions and decimals. Students are working on different stages of understanding but within the same area of mathematical knowledge.


Word Inquiry: Fiona Hamilton, owner and director of wordtorque visited 5B this week to model a word inquiry lesson for teachers to observe and learn.

Students investigated a new element; ‘Matrices’. The matrix is a very useful tool as it incorporates a number of morphemes that can be used to develop a bank of words around one main base element. Every base is bolded in a matrix and the core base for the family being investigated will be slightly larger to draw attention to it. A compound word has two bases, as can be seen in <overpower>. Not every prefix can be used with every suffix and thus decisions must be made as to whether a synthesized word makes sense. For example, Could <empowerful> be a word? What would it mean? How could you use it in a sentence?

Writing and Speaking: Report writing continues with an emphasis on structure, voice and reading widely whilst researching to ensure information is valid and reliable. Questions are still a focus this week. Learning to ask complete and specific questions enables students to strengthen their thinking skills and develop efficient information gathering techniques.

Students also had a go at the 60-second speech challenge, where they had to talk about something they know quite well. The catch was they didn’t know they were doing it. 

Next Week we Celebrate

This is a huge week for UNIS. With a week filled with SDG activities, action and learning and the infamous UN Day on Friday.

Please join us on Friday to watch the flag ceremony and enjoy a global lunch. A huge thank you to our class parents who have been the organisational force behind the global lunch. If you missed the sign-up sheet sent to you by Akiko and CY, 5B’s class parents, please see the sign-up link Grade 5 Food Sign-up Sheet:

Here is the schedule for UN day:

  • 8.00 – 10.00 – Parents/students deliver food. Class parent volunteers collect the food.
  • 9.45 – 10.15 – Class parent volunteers arrange tables for lunch
  • 10.15 – Leave classroom to attend the ceremony
  • 10.30 – 11.30 UN DAY CELEBRATION
  • 11.30 – 12.00 Class parents return to the classroom to finalise food setup
  • 12.00 – 13.00 UN Day Community Lunch – students eat first
  • 13.00 – 13.30 Clean-up and take down
    Students will be dismissed at 13:00 (1:00 pm)

Dinner Time Talk:

  • How much money does UNIS spend on power per week?
  • Name five energy sources?
  • What was the name of Ms Tina’s Word Study teacher? (Ms Fiona)
  • What SDG is connected to your UOI?
  • How were students chosen for the 60 second speech challenge?

The week that was: 

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