Week 3 – 27th to 31st August

Welcome 5B Community
This week 5B students have been working towards understanding what ‘Identity’ means to them. The lines of inquiry that help guide these understandings are;
We are inquiring into:
*Factors that influence identity
*Sharing and expressing our identity and
*How our identity connects us with the global community

BJ’s Identity Portrait

Students have been inquiring into the ways in which they discover and express ideas, feelings, culture, beliefs and values. Students have been very creative in their tasks, crafting poetry and static images that reflect and connect their individual identity with their class and grade community. Check your child’s Seesaw platform to see what they have been doing.

Friday saw students view artifacts that students bought in to share. Students had to guess who the artifacts belonged to. It was a fun activity, that made students think of the connections and knowledge they have gained about each other.

G5 Community Time – Prisoner
As a G5 community, we are still working together to ensure we are kind, caretakers of others and ourselves as we play games that teach us a range of strategies to achieve the goal.

5B has been starting each day with a group focus.

Monday = Transitions – How might we move from class to class without disruptions and on time?
Tuesday = Kindness – How might we show kindness to others and ourselves?
Wednesday = Empathy – Taking note of what others are saying and knowing how to support a person’s feelings.
Friday = Reflection – How do we develop our thinking and actions to support learning?

We welcomed Arian back to UNIS and 5B – we are all glad to have you back.

Ariana working on her i-Act project of learning how to draw animations.

Classroom Agreements

With all members of 5B on board this week, we began to develop our ‘Class Agreements’. The purpose of class agreements is to have a guide, that everyone contributes to, so we can use these agreements to support our learning, solve any issues and make our time at school, supported and enjoyable.

Lots of thought, collaborative effort and discussion from all students made this important activity a success.

Our final creation will be posted next week.

Math this week was centred on the work of Jo Boaler out of Stanford. The week of Inspirational Math allowed students to explore misconceptions about math and build up a positive growth mindset in relation to themselves as a mathematician. Looking at patterns, visual maths and subitising allowed us to explore math in many ways.

5B and 2B are Buddies
This Thursday was the first time we met our new buddies. 5B had written to 2B students to tell them a little about themselves and ask a few questions so they could strike up a conversation when they met. Students spent time getting to know each other and then produced a portrait of each other. We will be meeting with our buddies regularly to develop and support our school values of community, learning and responsibility.

Student Council Selection from 5B

Passionate students running for student council.

Thank you to Grant, Angel, Won Hee, Chan Yoo and Audry for taking the time to craft presentations to 5B so they could make an informed choice as to who they can vote to be 5B’s Student Council Representative. This takes courage and each of the presentations were very convincing. The names of the chosen two will be published in our next blog update.

Back to School Night
You should have received an email from our ES Principal, Megan Brazil with important information about our Back to School night. In a nutshell, there are two sessions you can attend. One begins at 6:00 pm and the other at 6:30 pm to meet me so I can go over the year ahead and answer any questions about the G5 program that may arise. Specialist teachers are available to meet from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Link to Megan’s email

Save the Date Reminders
Monday 3rd September – Vietnam National Day celebration – NO SCHOOL!
Tuesday 4th September – ASAs and Youth Sports Begin- Please inform the transport department regarding arrangements for your child if they go by bus.
Thursday 6th September – Back to School Night – 6pm
Tuesday 11th September – Parent Community Morning with Head of School – 8am
Wednesday 26th – 28th September – G5 Excursion (Camp)
Thursday 27th – EAL Coffee Morning for new families (Returning families are more than welcome to attend)
Monday 1st October – ES Parent – Teacher Conferences (No School or ASAs for ES)
Monday 8th – 12th October – Autumn Break

Dinner Time Talk
*What was one of the focus topics for your class this week? How did you contribute to the focus?
*What game did you play this week during the G5 community time?
*What single-use plastic object, that is used at parties or celebrations, should be banned and replaced with bubbles?
*Who had a birthday at school this week?
*Share one of the current events your class talked about this week.
*What is Mr Lush trying to tell us? 

What is Mr Lush trying to tell us?

“Identity is something that
You are constantly earning.
It is not just who you are.
It is a process that you must be active in.
It’s not just parroting your parents or
the thoughts of your learned teachers.
It is now more than ever about understanding yourself, So you can become yourself”

Joss Whedon

Enjoy your weekend.


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