Stay in Touch via WhatsApp

With the aim of fostering positive connections within our UNIS Hanoi Parent/Guardian Community the SCO would like to encourage parents/guardians to engage with each other via “WhatsApp”. Grade Level and Class Parents have assisted the SCO Executive in establishing WhatsApp groups for each grade in our Secondary School and class in the Elementary School. Of course our e-newsletter, the Tin Tuc, remains the key destination for all updated UNIS Hanoi news, but we hope WhatsApp will be used widely to provide specific reminders, reinforce important dates and information as well as being a conduit to other parents in your child’s class/grade. Most parents should have received an email from the SCO introducing your parent contact, and containing links to join your class/year WhatsApp group (remember to download “WhatsApp” first). We hope that you will decide to join the relevant groups for your children.

If you need to have your link resent please contact your SCO representatives, who will redirect your enquiry :

Lower Elementary School (Discovery- Grade1):  Haruko Dwyer

Upper Elementary School (Grades 2-5): Sheila Schlager

Middle School (Grade 6 -8): Garry Riechert

High School (Grade 9-12): Pippa Wood

As our aim is to foster useful and positive interactions we have also created guidelines for the way we hope members will interact as part of the group.  This document is an appendix to our SCO Constitution.

Please take a moment to peruse the WhatsApp Guidelines here

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