Meet your SCO Executive Parent Representatives!

The School Community Organisation (SCO) Executive Committee would like to warmly welcome all parents, faculty and staff to the new school year 2019-2020! The SCO Executive Committee is a group of parent volunteers whose mission is to help “enhance and foster partnerships throughout the school community in support of the UNIS Hanoi’s Mission and Vision”. We do this mainly by organising and supporting community-building activities and events and by bridging connections among parents, administration and faculty across different parts of the school.

In addition to your SCO Executive Committee, a number of wonderfully dedicated parents lead specific committees that organise parent volunteers around activities throughout the year. These committees include the Used Book Sale, Spring Fair, Swim Club, Snack Sale, Phoenix Boosters and Grade 12 Parents. We are still looking for volunteers to join these committees so if you are interested, simply let us know here!

Finally, we wanted to encourage you all to join the UNIS Hanoi Parent Facebook groups. These groups were created by UNIS parents and serve as helpful tools for parents to stay connected, share information and parenting resources and stay updated on events. To join you will be asked to answer a few questions. Please make sure that you answer the questions to confirm that you are a UNIS Hanoi parent.

UNIS Hanoi ES Parents (Discovery – Grade 5)

UNIS Hanoi MSHS Parents (Grade 6 – Grade 12)

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime and with any questions. We are here to support you! Email for general questions.

Build a family within the school!

Calling on parents interested in getting more involved as homeroom /or grade level parents!

  • play a key role in maintaining open and positive communication between families and the school
  • help build a friendly atmosphere in your class/grade
  • welcome families into your class who arrive mid-year
  • support teachers with requests (mainly ES)

Click here for more information

Introducing your SCO Executive Parent Representatives!

Susan ‘Sue’ Perez – Communications Officer


Hello parents! I’m very happy to be serving as Communications Officer for my second year. This is my family’s third year in Hanoi and we have two children – Ashe in Grade 7 and the Shay in Grade 12. My husband teaches Grade 5 at UNIS and I run my own HIV- and health-focused consulting firm. I’ve got lots of energy and have met so many awesome parents through supporting the SCO. My response time on email is really fast and so I assure you that if you send me an email I’ll get back to you very quickly! The SCO is always looking for ways to improve our communication so please don’t hesitate to share any ideas you may have. I hate taking photos of myself – clearly not from the selfie-generation so here’s a proud family moment from last year when our varsity boys won the APAC soccer championship. Go Phoenix!

Walaa Hassan – Lower Elementary School Parent Representative (Discovery – Grade 1)


Hello, this is Walaa, I have two daughters in UNIS, Karma in Grade 2 and Kenda in Discovery. We come from Egypt; my husband works for the Egyptian Embassy in Hanoi. We have joined UNIS last year. 

It’s a pleasure to be part of UNIS school community, which encompasses a wide spectrum of languages, cultures, lifestyles and experiences. This year I am volunteering to join SCO executives, inspired by various fun activities, and events organized by SCO last year, which complements the school’s efforts to ease new families transition and integration into school life. Also, boosting the spirit of volunteerism to continuously enhance the well-being of our small community, and beyond to the bigger community of Hanoi.

Please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, and if you have time consider volunteering in the various school activities and events that promote a Happy learning experience for our kids.

Poul Lundsby – Upper Elementary School Parent Representative (Grades 2-5)


Hi, I am Poul Lundsby. This is my second year in Hanoi as a UNIS parent. We are here as a family because my wife is working at the Danish Embassy. 

We live in T-Block in Ciputra and consists of parents and four children in Grade 1, Grade 5, Grade 7 & Grade 11 respectively. 

As a parent with children in all divisions I am in touch with almost every corner of the “UNIS-machinery” so after my first year as a newcomer has passed I look forward to playing an active role in the UNIS community this year.

Garry Reichert – Middle School Parent Representative


Hello, I am Garry Riechert and I am happy to help with the UNIS SCO Executive this year.

I have 2 children at the school, Caitlin in Grade 9 and Cody in Grade 6. My wife Sharon works for an international NGO. This is our fourth year in Hanoi.

I like to meet people, help people and get people to make the most of their time spent at UNIS Hanoi.

The community we create is the community we and our children live in. I invite you all to participate in some way in your child’s school life.

Pavla Jarkulischová – HS parent representative


Hello, high school parents, I’m Pavla. It’s my family´s 8th year in Hanoi.

I have 3 children, Johana who graduated from UNIS in 2018 and is now studying at a University in the Netherlands, Jachym in G11 and Jonatan in G7. My husband David works at the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

I´m looking forward to another great school year at UNIS and I hope I can be a helpful member of the HS community. 

Chris Behr – Treasurer


Hi parents, I’m Chris. This is my family’s third year in Vietnam, with two boys (Henry and Ben) at UNIS Hanoi in grades 8 and 5. My wife, Diji, works at the World Bank while my part-time day job is an economist for a US based engineering firm. 

I look forward to volunteering as the SCO Treasurer this year and I hope to hear from you about your ideas for making the UNIS Hanoi community even better!

Community events you don’t want to miss…

Hanoi Bus Tour – September 5 (register here)

SCO Kickoff Meeting – September 10

Parent & Faculty Sparkly Social – September 14

Community Connections Fair – September 21

For details about times and locations please visit the UNIS Hanoi calendar.

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