Become a Phoenix Booster!

Want to be a BOOSTER?
WHAT:  The SCO Phoenix Booster Club is a group of parent volunteers who foster an environment that inspires the entire UNIS Hanoi community to create positive school spirit by working together, encouraging sportsmanship and collaborating with the Co-Curricular Office to support activities throughout the year!
WHY:  Because school spirit is a fundamental part of a connected UNIS Hanoi community, Boosters play an essential role in cultivating this positive energy by supporting all students involved in teams at UNIS Hanoi from sporting, swimming to the arts and music.
WHO:  Anyone can join the Booster Club! There is no cost to join! Just an interest to spread Phoenix Spirit and Pride!
HOW:  We are looking to build a team of parents to boost spirit at the school. There are several ways to help: By creating goodie bags for traveling teams, volunteering at events, contributing snacks and drinks for games. Your level of involvement is up to you and help is appreciated!
To join, simply contact Marieke, Doreen and Gigi at
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