How We Express Ourselves

We have been lucky these past two weeks to have our families join us to share their cultures! We have learned that there are a lot of similarities between cultures through celebrations, food, beliefs, signs, flags, symbols, dance, music, art and more!

Thank you for sharing with us!

Some experiments to try at home…

Here are some experiments you might like to try over the holiday break. We have tried them in class…..send in some photos if you do! We would love to see them.


Happy Holidays!

Safe travels and good luck at your new schools Maya and Shereef, we will miss you here at UNIS.

 **************** HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! *******************


PS: (if you are stuck for holiday present ideas, we have been reading Roald Dahl and the children are LOVING his stories. So far we have read George’s Marvelous Medicine and The BFG)

Help build our list of materials!

This week we investigated some of the materials that are around the school and in our classroom. Some things we found were PLASTIC, METAL, WOOD, LEATHER, PAINT, WATER, BAMBOO………

What materials can you find at home?

Is there anything in your kitchen cupboards that might be a material? 

Here we are practising three of our research skills in ways that make sense to us:

  1. collecting data
  2. recording data
  3. organising data


Open Classrooms

The Pringle Ringle

Thank you for visiting our classroom and seeing our learning. We appreciated that you came. We hope you enjoyed the lesson. Here are some of the things we noticed and wondered.





Here is a video of how you can make the Pringle Ringle sculpture.

This is what it could look like. We hope that you make a successful Pringle Ringle. We hope you enjoy making it.



Send us a picture or a video of your sculpture!

Amazing Number Talk to try at home…



Today we did a Number Talk and we figured out thirteen different ways of solving 9 + 6. We all shared different thinking and math perspectives. We thought it was so awesome that we beat our score and now we challenge our families to get more than thirteen strategies.

Tonight’s sum is:

6 + 8 =

How many ways can you show your perspective to solve the problem?

We look forward to seeing your perspectives! Will you accept our challenge? Let’s make our brains grow from all the different strategies.