K2’s have got skills how about you?

K2’s wrapped up their gymnastic unit last week with some stellar sequences and skills. This week they have begun their Balls Unit. The focus will be on the many different techniques we use to manipulate a ball in different ways. Our techniques this week included:

Underhand Throwing and Rolling- Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Overarm Throwing: Tape Toe and Sticker Foot

Make sure to ask your child to show you how these techniques are done!


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If you think that video was awesome wait until you see us!!!!

K2’s are becoming mighty Ninja Warriors in their current PE unit. The unit started with students being challenged to become risk-takers and try to complete different Ninja Warrior Courses. This week we have turned the tables and they are now constructing their very own courses to challenge their friends (and even some brave parents during Open Classrooms). Check out below and keep an eye on your child’s SeeSaw for more action!

Who will be the next UNIS Ninja Warrior? On Friday November 23rd from 2:30-3:00 Parents are welcome to come compete in a K2 created Ninja Warrior Course. Come, be a Risk-taker, test your skills, and see if you have what it takes to become the next UNIS Warrior!

Swimming Update

Correction: Last week there was a mistake in the dates of the K2 and Grade 1 swimming. The unit will run one week longer than stated. Our first swimming unit dates are:

Monday September 24th-  Friday October 26th. 

We are sorry for any  inconvenience this may cause.
Yours in health,

Time to Make a Splash!

Starting on Monday September 24th all students in K2 and Grade 1 will be taking part in their first swimming unit of the year. Swimming will continue until Friday October 19th. 

Our swimming program is overseen by our aquatics coordinator Mr. Hamilton. He brings with him an amazing swim system that focuses on skill progressions and water confidence, while maintaining a safe and fun environment. You can read more details on the program here.


Please make sure your child(ren) is ready to swim by sending to school:

  • swimming costume (not bikinis, swimsuits with hoods, rash vests, swim shirts)
  • goggles
  • swim cap (if hair is below shoulders)
  • towel


For more details on Swimming Expectations please read the Aquatics blog.  

If there are any special requirements for, or exclusions from, swimming over the next 4 weeks please inform Martin Hamilton as well as your child’s PE teacher.

It’s all about Strategy! Strategy! Strategy!

K2’s have been busy in PE lately. We have been trying to figure out how we can become better players in games.

We learned that to be a better player we need to be a thinker. Making a strategy or plan to use helps us. At first we thought our strategies were all about being fast and strong. But as we kept playing games we realized we needed more than that! Now we have so many strategies, and with each new game we play we learn more strategies!


Some of our strategies so far:
“Run when they aren’t looking at you!” – Sebastian (Game: Monster Invasion)
“Pretend you are going to go one way then go another!” – Flynn (Game: Zookeeper)
“First run straight, then a zigzag, then a circle and then straight again!” -Julian (Game: Who Let the Dogs Out)
“Wait until the Monster ball is coming towards me and then throw the ball!” – Eimear (Game: Monster Ball)
“Don’t run until after the people have thrown their ball, then run really really fast!”- Sarah (Game: Temple of Doom)
“I got all the balls and then throw them all at once!”- Ella P. (Game: Monster Ball)
“When someone comes towards me I turn around so they can’t take them (clothespeg)” -Andy (Game: Clothespeg Tag)
“Move my sushi up and down so they can’t get it” – Liam (Game: Sushi Ninja)

For more K2 Cool Awesome Strategies check out the windows of the ECC Gym!

Next time you see us ask us what our favourite strategy to use is! Even better- have us teach you the game and show you our strategy in action!


PE in the ECC!

Children in Discovery to K2 have just completed their first full week of PE this year! Lots of fun and learning was had by all! Discovery students enjoyed learning about all the fun ways they could move their bodies and manipulate different equipment. K1’s were busy learning about how to be safe in our shared space when playing games and K2’s began to question “What makes a game a game?”