Adventure Challenge!

Grade 5 students have started their Adventure Challenge unit, which focuses on how being self-aware can help you and your team to work effectively. This is particularly important with students working in collaborative groups for PYP X. Students will reflect on how interactions can affect group dynamics, the importance of trust within a group, how we recognise when compromises are necessary and when to persist with an idea or change it.

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Grade 5 Athletics

Grade 5 students have just completed their athletics unit and to showcase their learning they coached some of our Discovery and K2 students in different athletic events. To captivate the younger students, Grade 5’s have been exploring how they can use stories to explain and identify key teaching points of their athletic events. It was a great culmination of a unit, bringing students from across our school together to share and learn together! Well done Grade 5, K2 and Discovery students.

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Outside PE units coming up…

After the October break, we are making the most of the beautiful Autumn weather and will be outside for the majority of our lessons.

Please make sure students come to school on PE days prepared for this. Correct PE uniform, hat, water bottle, and lastly sneakers or running shoes.

Thanks-you for your support.

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Movement Composition

Grade 5 have been researching cultural dances from around the world, determining their physical, mental, social and spiritual benefits. Through their research they have identified movement sequences that excite and inspire them, which they are starting to practice and adapt to create their own unique sequence.


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