Student Led Conference

On Wednesday the 13th of April and Thursday the 12th of April we will be hosting you and your child for student led conferences (please refer to the letter from Megan Brazil for details). To help us schedule your session at a time that works for you and your family we ask for you to complete this form by Wednesday the 30th of March. Please select three times that would be your preference. We will notify you of your time as soon as possible. Thank you!

In Math, we have been looking at arrays in multiplication and different strategies for solving problems.

In Writing, we have finished our persuasion unit and have moved on to writing narrative stories. Ask your children about how to make a good hook when writing a story.

In Reading, we are looking at how authors get ideas and how they structure their stories.

There is a lot of excitement in UOI at the moment as students are planning their businesses.

Hope to see you all at the Spring Fair this weekend.

The Week That Was… Healthy Choices Presentations

Last week, we wrapped up our UOI ‘Healthy Choices’. We created projects which they then presented to Grade 1 and 4 students. (Photos attached below)

In math, we have been looking into angle sizes and how you can determine the size of an angle by using other shapes.

In English, we have been researching and writing our information to support our UOI.

For a look at what is coming up please click on the following link Curriculum focus








Tet Bag of Love

Dear Parents,

The annual Tet Bag Appeal is upon us. Please read the following letter from the Tet Bag Appeal Committee. Click here to fill in the google doc.

Tet Bag Appeal

Clubhouse Architects – New Math Unit

Clubhouse Architects

For our third math unit, we are going to be studying geometry and measurement. We will make real world connections to these ideas as the unit culminates with developing blueprint designs for clubhouses.

Shapes create the world around us, whether in nature or human created environments. Students will investigate the idea that shapes make up other shapes. They will classify and group shapes in multiple ways. They will learn conventional geometric language as they analyze patterns that emerge with shape and space.

Below are the Standards we are working on in our unit from the Australian Standards and a sampling of classroom activities we will be investigating to develop mathematical understanding.

Standards/Goals Classroom Activities
Compare and describe two dimensional shapes that result from combining and splitting common shapes.

Create polygons out of polygons.  

Sort and classify polygons while creating a dictionary of geometric terms

Compare objects using familiar metric units of area and volume Create drawings of clubhouses
Compare the areas of regular and irregular shapes by informal means Create spaces that have the same perimeter but different areas
Compare angles and classify them as equal to, greater than or less than a right angle

Identify right angles

Build angles from polygons

Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths Measure the classroom
Create symmetrical patterns, pictures and shapes

Create a variety of patterns with polygon tiles and pattern blocks.

Identify lines of symmetry

The Week That Was… The Start of ITime

This week, as you know, we have been finishing off our current UOI ‘How the World Works – Scientific Investigation’. The students have been busy trying to get their scientific procedures correct so they can conduct their experiments.

In Math, we have been collecting a lot of data and using it to create graphs. We collected the heights of 3VDC and our own 4NO heights and we are finding the best way to represent it to see trends in the data.

In Writing, we are in the process of publishing our memoirs. Many students want to publish their memoirs to their newly created blogs.

ITime is a new time scheduled into the week. It stands for Inquiry Time. To start with the students have been set challenges to complete. Today they had to create a protective case for an egg being dropped from the second story. Four out of the 6 eggs managed to survive. Ask your child if theirs survived.


Copy of IMG_0243




Copy of IMG_0259



The Week That Was… Learning Journey and Scientific Investigations

It was great that some parents could make it to the ‘Learning Journey’. If you have any questions about what you saw then please let me know.

This week in UoI we have been working through a lot of different experiments. We started with a chromatography experiment and then went into testing the pH level of different liquids (pictures attached below). Ask your children what they found out during this time and who Professor Dabble is. There is definitely a buzz of excitement with the children inquiring into their experiments.

In Math, as many of you have seen today, we are working on gathering, organising and representing data. The class is doing different inquiries into how to work through the processes involved.

In Writing, our memoirs are definitely coming along and becoming full of description. If you didn’t make it today for the ‘Learning Journey’ then you and your child can read what they have written through their G Drive.

In Reading, we are working at the best way to support someone else during buddy reading.

Next Week

We have the Walkathon on Wednesday 4th. Information was sent home about that yesterday. Please read through it and if you have time volunteer to help support a great charity.

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th are professional development days for the teachers. Children are to stay home on these days.

It is the start ‘Movember’ a charity organisation in which men are encouraged to grow a mustache to raise awareness and money for men’s health. Many male teachers will be attempting to grow a mustache during this time. Please bear with us all, I assure you they will be gone on December 1st.





The Week That Was… Memoirs

This week for part of our UOI (Unit of Inquiry) we met together as a grade level and listened to a number of speakers share a memoir of their lives. We had 5 in total, Dr. Barder, Nurse Tess, Nurse Susan, Ms. Dung and Ms. Megan. It was great to get an insight into the lives of the people that the students interact with regularly.

In Math we have made a 10,000s chart and we have been using it to talk about how 10,000 is constructed e.g. How many tens are there in 10,000?

In reading, selecting a just right book in different genres has been the topic of discussion. Please encourage your children to read every night and let me know if they are not bringing books home to read.

Next week we have a very busy week with both map testing and UN Day. As such homework will be different.

Homework: This coming week we would like the students to consolidate the work they have done up until now. They should read each night and choose one math game each night to play (from the ones that have been homework up until now). They should be discussing what they are reading with their families in preparation for writing and reflecting in the classroom.

I hope to see you at UN Day next week.






The Week That Was… Class Parent Needed

Our class needs a Class Parent! Being a Class Parent is very easy with a minimal time commitment. It’s an great way to make a big difference in the class. With UN Day coming up, we will need help arranging the UN Day Community Lunch for our class. There is a Class Parent Orientation Meeting on September 24 from 12.00 – 13.00 in the Library, sign up HERE if you are interested!”

This week we have started writing 6 word memoirs. The creativity that the children have shown in creating these is amazing. Please ask them about their 6 word memoir and see if you can come up with one of your own.

In Math, we have been having great conversations and sharing our understandings of different problems. It is wonderful how some students are able to share with the class the mistakes they have made and get help to understand multiple ways to solve problems.

Next week is a very messy week with ISA testing taking up a lot of Homeroom time. We also have our Full-moon Festival on Thursday so please encourage your children to come to school in their Ao Dai on that day.

Have a great weekend.