March 18-22

Our Week in Review:

UOI and Literacy: The students spent the week researching, preparing and practicing their presentations about their body systems.  This was an opportunity to improve their oral presentation skills. They did an amazing job. Please view your child’s presentation on Seesaw.

Math: The students chose a multiplication or division concept that they needed to review and focused on that learning intention for the week. Some of their learning intentions included:

  • Division
  • using an array to solve multiplication problems
  • becoming fluent in times tables
  • using estimation to improve accuracy

Website of the week: Grade 4 Learning Space. Please scroll down to the multiplication and division section

The grade 4 learning space has a variety of videos demonstrating different multiplication and division strategies. There are also links to useful games and activities. It is a great place for students to review the videos and then try some of the multiplication and division problems.

Announcement from PE

Starting next week until the end of the term we are running our swimming and trampolining units concurrently. The schedule will be as follows:
Trampolining  – Wednesday
Students need to wear long sleeved tops (covering elbows), socks and tights/track pants (cover their knees) for trampolining.
Swimming – Friday
Swimsuit, cap, goggles, towel as per normal.
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March 12-15

The students had an amazing performance yesterday in the Grade 4/5 Concert. We have been talking in class about times in our life that are fun BECAUSE they were hard work. The concert was certainly an example of such an event.  The students worked really hard to get to this point and should feel  proud of themselves for what they accomplished.  Well done Grade 4!

Our Week in Review:

Math: The students continued to learn about the connection between multiplication and division.

Literacy and UOI: The students are synthesizing the information they learned from our unit on Body Systems.

Next week the children will be completing an oral presentation as part of the Summative task for this Unit of Inquiry. We have been working on these in class this week. Ask your child to show you their work and the description of the task/criteria from their Google Drive. They might even want to work on their speech that they will present next Thursday or Friday. However, they will be also be given ample time at school to work on their oral presentations so please do not feel like you need to do this at home over the weekend.

Open Classrooms:

Thank you for those of you that could make it to the open classrooms.  It was a pleasure having you there. I know the schedule made it difficult for all parents to come. If you would ever like to drop by at anytime please send me an e-mail. You are always welcome.

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March 4-8

Hi Everyone! Next week is time for our next open house!  Unfortunately the homerooms will not be available on Thursday because grade 4 teachers will be at an in school training.  Please see the schedule below for the times that 4D will be open for you to come and visit.  This is a voluntary event. We would love to see you there.


Our Week In Review

UOI: The students have begun to research how their choices affect their body systems.

Writing: The students continue to focus on explanations. They learned how to add high quality time connectives and technical vocabulary to explain the function of their body systems.

Math: The students began to look at the connection between division and multiplication. They also worked on how to use known facts to solve unknown problems.

Website of the week: The remainders game 

Purpose of the Game: To familiarize students with the idea of remainders (next week we will learn more about this) and to see what patterns students can find.

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February 25-March 1

Our Week in Review:

UOI:  The students are continuing to research different body systems and how they work.  They had a chance to learn a new presentation skill of their choice this week in order to explain their understanding. The presentation skills they learned were: stop motion animation, model making, robotics, experiments, and green screen.

In PE the students chose a sport they want to improve at and body systems they will need to focus on in order  to improve at that sport. They then wrote a fitness plan to work toward their goals. They will be working on this fitness plan for the next several weeks both in class, in PE and at home.  At the end of the unit they will need to present their results and explain how the body systems were affected.

Literacy: The students are focusing on the text type “explanation”. They wrote a couple of explanations this week. In reading, they are learning non-fiction comprehension and note taking strategies.

Math: The students all showed growth at meeting their multiplication goals.  If your child doesn’t know their times tables yet, that is ok but please remind them to practice them at home. This week we are looking at visualizing multiplication and breaking large problems down into easier problems.

Website of the Week: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website with video explanations of skills and concepts followed by questions about those skills and concepts.  All of the students are already signed up through the class.  If they want to log in and practice at home they are welcome to. I can track their progress and use that to better support them.


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February 18-22

We had a great week of learning in 4D.  My apologies for the short post but I am headed to Hong Kong to lead a workshop.  Here are some photos of our week in 4D.

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February 11-15

Reminder: Grade 4 is supposed to contribute to the healthy snack sale on this upcoming Monday.

Our Week in Review

UOI: This week we started a new unit with the central idea of “Our body systems are affected by our choices.” The students will be inquiring into

  • The different body systems
  • How the body systems work
  • The affect their choices have on their body systems

Literacy:  This week we practiced editing and revising our writing.  We looked at different samples of writing and used our rubric to grade them. Then we gave each other feedback on our own writing.

Math:  We began to work on fluency with multiplication facts.  Each student has chosen a multiplication goal.  In class they learned a few techniques for practicing multiplication facts.  Each week they will see if they have met their weekly goal. They are encouraged to practice 10 minutes a day at home.

Game of the week: Quick Draw Multiples

Purpose: To improve fluency with multiplication facts

Materials: Multiple cards

Multiple cards to print:  3 multiples, 4 multiples, 6 multiples  7 multiples 8 multiples, 9 multiples

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January 28-February 1

It was wonderful to speak with all of you this week for parent teacher conferences. It is such an honor to work in partnership with you to support your child. You all have such lovely children who I am sure you are very proud of. I am very proud of them as well. This week was just another good example of how great they are.

They had a very successful Market day. Our class raised a significant amount of money to be donated toward different charities. Thank you for all of your support leading up to the event.

The students also had a fun and successful Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon. They worked hard in their effort to support the kids at Blue Dragon.




Our Week in Review:

Math: Students continued to focus on factors and multiples

Writing: The students finished their information report about their social enterprise and wrote a response to Market Day.

Reading: This week we celebrated World Read Aloud Day by practicing reading aloud fluently and then reading aloud a favorite book with our buddies.

UOI: We prepared for Market Day, had Market Day, calculated our profit and then reflected on the process.

Game of the Week: Prime Climb

Because many of you will be going on holiday next week and may be in a country where you could purchase this game, I wanted to recommend a great board game.  Prime Climb is an award winning very highly recommended, fun game that also teaches multiplication concepts. The students have not yet been introduced to it in class but students in years past have loved it.


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January 21-25

Important Notice:


Our week in Review:

UOI: The students were hard at work preparing for Market Day. They kept track of different market forces and how they affect their business decisions. They made an advertisement that played in the ES Assembly. They updated their costs, created logos, slogans and mission statements.

Literacy: The students continued to work in their new reading group on their targeted reading focus area.

Math: The students continued to explore factors. They also learned about prime and composite numbers.
Math Game of the Week:
Factor Machine

Purpose: To see the factors within a number. To notice patterns in factors. To practice multiples.

Materials: Game board,Factor cards

Online Game of the Week: Fruit Shoot 

Purpose: To practice identifying prime and composite numbers.

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Preparing for Market Day

The students  are busy preparing for Market Day which will be on January 31 from 12:00-1:30. Market Day is a very exciting and valuable opportunity for the students to learn to work in groups, compromise, be responsible and organize themselves.  It is common that at some point during this process students could become frustrated with their group. We work to guide students through that process so that by the end of the unit they have learned valuable social and organizational skills. Please do keep in contact with any questions or concerns that may arise.

It is also important to note that in a weeks time your child may be receiving a loan from UNIS to purchase supplies for Market Day. This will be dependent on what they are selling.  If you purchase any supplies with your own money please keep the receipt or write a record.  We want to make sure the students are keeping track of all of their costs.  Again if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Here is what we have been up to this week.

Writing: The students practiced their response writing by writing a response to their holiday.  They also wrote e-mails and interview questions to the social enterprise that they are partnering with.

Reading: The students wrote new reading goals and got into new Guided Reading groups which focused on their reading goals.

Math: The students learned how to calculate costs for Market Day and they learned about factors and prime numbers.

UOI: The students learned about market forces, supply and demand and what is a unique selling point. The class was put into groups for Market Day. In their groups they assigned who was in charge of different task.  They then created market research surveys, wrote letters to their social enterprise partners and began to think about different business ideas.

Website/Game of the week: The Factor Game

Purpose: To practice factors and to notice patterns in factors.

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December 10-14

Our Week in Review:

UOI: This week the students chose a child right that they want to focus on for their Social Enterprise. After the break they will be put into groups and begin planning for Market Day.

We also had a learning summit where students presented on a topic of choice to a group of peers. They presented in a variety of formats. Some of them created digital books, others created movies, some used coding and others made slideshows. The students demonstrated significant improvement on their presentation skills.

Literacy:  The students wrote response texts about one of the books they read for their reading challenge.  They shared these book responses during our reading party on Friday. We then voted on our top 4D book choices to read during the holidays.

1. Amal Unbound                                         6. Guinness World Record Book 2019

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules          7. Hank Zipzer series

3. Weird but True series                               8. Wonder

4. Wayside School series                             9. The Mysterious Benedict Society series

5.  Harry Potter Series                                 10. Princess Cora and the Crocodile


Math: We practiced adding with decimals. We applied these skills to our problem solving in which we planned what to purchase for the class party.

Websites/Games of the Week: Lemonade Stand . and the app

Purpose:  Both of these games introduce students to the concept of profit and market forces. They also use addition and subtraction skills.

The students were introduced to lemonade stand this week and will be introduced to pizza shop after the break.  If your children play the game, please ask them questions such as:

Why did you set the price to what you did? What do you think affected your profit?  Did the sunny weather help you sell more lemonade or less? What decisions did you make to help you make more profit?



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