April 22-26

Our Week in Review:

The students have begun working on their combined Math, Literacy and UOI Heritage project.  In order to complete this project the students will build a Heritage site to scale, identify different geometric features of the site, research and then write an information report on it.

This week the students visited their world heritage site using VR goggles.  They then took notes on what they observed. They also have begun collecting research.

In Math they began taking a closer look at fractions. They learned about ordering fractions and equivalent fractions.

Game of the Week:
Purpose: To help students understand how to add fractions and to begin to see equivalent fractions.
Materials: Fraction Kit and fraction cards

Dates to Remember: 
Monday, April 29 – Wednesday, May 1: NO SCHOOL – Celebration of Vietnamese Victory Day and International Labour Day
Thursday, May 2: Grade 4 Trip to Hanoi Heritage Sites

Friday, May 3: Book Sale

Wishing you a very lovely long weekend!

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