United Nations Global Goals Week

We had a wonderful week of learning about and taking action toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  We had guest speakers from UNICEF, Save the Children, and two high school service learning groups.  One was focused on using micro-finance to support disadvantaged farmers and the other was focused on gender equity. The students are starting to form ideas of how we can take action to help children access their rights.  Our culmination of the week was todays UN Day.  Thank you all for making it a memorable celebration of both our diversity and our unity toward achieving common goals. Below are a few photos of the week.

Game of the Week: Decimal Dice to 10


  • 2 dice
  • Something to write with

Purpose: To practice adding and subtracting decimals


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Thank you

Thank you all for your generous gifts and kind words on Teachers Day. I was completely overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. I hope to one day travel to the places you recommended and send you a photo when I get there.  Thank you again.

Tuesday also happened to be International Children’s Day. In honor of that and in line with our unit on Child’s Rights, we created a video about the UN Rights of the Child.

Our Week in Review:

UOI: We continued to focus on the big ideas of equity and  “what circumstances affect our access to rights”.  The children finished creating infographics which represented data relating to equity. Please view their Seesaw posts to see their infographics.

Literacy: The students are continuing to focus on information reports.

Math: In whole class lessons the students continued to focus on using data. In small group rotations they had the following learning focuses.

  • adding decimals
  • comparing decimals
  • introduction to decimals
  • finding a missing number in a number sentence

Game of the Week:

Cover Two

Purpose: To improve the child’s understanding of decimals and to practice adding decimals.

Materials: 2 dice, grid paper, markers or colored pencils

Important Upcoming Events:

  • Next week is UN SDG week.  We have several exciting events planned such as visiting guest speakers and events with our buddies.
  • November 30th is UN Day. You will be receiving more information about this event via e-mail and the Tin Tuc.
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November 12-16

Thank you everyone who was able to make it to our open classrooms this week.  It was wonderful to have you in class. I apologize that I was not able to take very many pictures.

If, you were like me and were unable to make it your child’s class but would like to visit sometime, please send me an e-mail. I would be happy to invite you into the classroom at a convenient time for you.

Here are some photos from our week


Our Week in Review:

Math: In our whole group Math sessions we have been working on how to use graphs to display data.  Next week we will look at how to represent data using infographics. During our small group Math rotations, students focused on the following:

  • understanding the value of decimals
  • adding decimals
  • understanding number patterns
  • finding the missing number in a number sentence

Literacy:  In reading and writing the students are learning about information reports. They are focusing on identifying important information in their text.  In writing workshop times they attended the following workshops

  • use of articles (a, an)
  • Writing correct sentences (by identifying the subject and predicate)
  • writing in third person
  • how to write a correct paragraph

UOI: Students focused on how circumstances (both good and bad) can affect a child’s access to child rights.


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November 4-9

I would like to invite you to our open classrooms next Thursday and Friday. You will be receiving more information about this event from the school shortly. The highlighted times below are when the class is available for you to visit. Please let me know if you can not make one of the times but would like to see the class in action. We can arrange an alternate time and date.

Our Week in Review:

Literacy:  The students have continued to work in small reading and writing groups according to their individual needs. They have also been studying word structures by breaking apart new unit words such as “opportunities” and “equity”. They study a brief history of the word.  Then they find the different suffixes in the word. Finally they try to figure out how adding the suffix changes or doesn’t change the spelling of the word.  By looking at words in this way they can spell a great deal of words without having to memorize the spelling of each word individually. Their vocabulary also great expands.

Here is a video that helps explain it.

UOI:  The students have been exploring what child rights are and what circumstances might make it hard for a child to access a right.

Math: This week the students were focused on number and pattern.  The workshops they attended were.:

  • I can use manipulatives to explain odd and even
  • I can write numbers in decimals and compare the value of different decimals
  • I can find the missing number in a number sentence
  • I can use multiplication in number patterns

Game of the Week: Get to Zero 

Purpose: To practice subtracting with regrouping from 999.

Materials: 3 dice, paper and pencil

Website of the Week:


Literacy planet is a fun engaging site that gives students opportunities to practice grammar.  This week the students have been using it to play “Word Mania” which is a word forming game that helps improve students spelling and understanding of word structures.

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October 29-31

Our Week in Review:

UOI: This week we began our new UOI.  The central idea is “Children’s rights and responsibilities exist to enable equitable opportunities.”  The lines of Inquiry are:

  • Circumstances that determine a child’s access to opportunities
  • The role of social responsibility and action
  • Children’s rights and equity

This week the students began to think about our new unit.  In their process journal they recorded ideas of what being a child means to them. In Flipgrid they also responded to questions about what action they have already taken to support children and if they had a . superpower what would they do to help children. Take a look at some of their responses here and feel free to comment. (If you are unable to login please have your child use their school e-mail account)

Math: This week the students practiced reflecting on their Math goals and setting new goals.  You can see their Seesaw posts to view their reflections from this week.  They also practiced solving algebraic equations by using hands on equations kits.

Literacy: In reading this week the students met with their reading groups and continued to focus on their individualized reading focus. In writing they are beginning a new writing genre. We are beginning to learn how to write Information Reports.  This week the students wrote a pre-assessment where they could report on any topic they like. I will use this writing to give them feedback and guide their instruction.

Website of the Week: 


This week the students were introduced to Microbits which is a micro computer that allows students to use coding to create a variety of physical projects. Please ask your child what are some of the things they were able to make the Microbit do.  Next week they will begin to design a solution to the Global Goals Microbit Challenge.  The students don’t have Microbits at home but they can practice coding on the microbit website and they can have a look through the website to see what projects are possible.

Here are some photos from the week:

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