October 22-26

Our Week in Review:

UOI:  This week the students were introduced to the concept of a social enterprises. We had guest speakers from Keep Hanoi Clean and KOTO speak to us about what it means to be a Social Enterprise.  By the end of the week the students defined what a social enterprise is and explained how it is the same and different from a business.

Literacy:  In writing, the students attended writing workshops and created a finished copy of their rock story. Most of the finished copies should be on Seesaw this week or next. In reading they focused on identifying the main idea and supporting details of their text.

Math: The students are continuing to review place value and number.  They are also beginning to learn about pattern and function.  This week several of the focus groups worked with function machines and solving algebraic equations. Next week the rest of the class will be introduced to these concepts. If you would like to practice at home next week feel free to. I will send home some worksheets the students could use if they like.

Game of the Week: Calculator Go Fish

Purpose: Practice place value into the thousands

Add and subtract into the thousands

Materials: 2 calculators

Photos from this week:

Dates to remember
October 28: Sunday of Service 
October 29: Snack Sale
November 1 & 2: Faculty/Staff Professional Development – No Classes or Activities for Students
November 26 – 30: UN Week
November 30: UN Day

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October 22-26

Our Week in Review:


Before October break our class finished our unit on “How the World Works”.  This week we are circling back to our year long unit “How We Express Ourselves.” The students did this through developing an I time proposal. They explored different options of what they might want to create during I time. They then looked at how they would want to present that information.  Next they attended a workshop to learn about that presentation style.  Next week we will move on to our new Unit of Inquiry but the students will continue to work on their I time projects and attend presentation workshops once a week.
Math:  Students worked on adding into the thousands place and solving problems in different ways by solving the 3 Act Task “The Arcade”. They then spent the rest of the week in targeted Math groups consolidating their understanding of Math concepts that they needed to practice. The concepts they practiced were:

  • decomposing (breaking apart) and composing numbers in different ways
  • subtraction with regrouping
  • solving problems with missing information
  • rounding to different place values

Literacy: Students finished their narrative rock story.  They attended various workshops based on their learning needs.  Some examples of workshops they attended are:  I can write…

  • a simple sentence
  • write compound and complex sentences
  • write transition words
  • paragraphs
  • a good introduction
  • strong verbs

They then peer conferenced and revised their writing.

In reading they worked in reading groups on reading fluency and comprehension.  They also completed their first Biblionasium Reading Challenge. The class goal was to read a total of 2,500 minutes as a class in one week. We almost reached the goal but didn’t quite make it. Next week will see if we can complete our class goal.  The children are encouraged to read for 20 minutes a night in any language. They can then log their minutes at school.

Website of the Week:


Tinkercad is a free app that can be used to create 3D designs.  Students can later print their designs using the schools 3D printer.

Here are photos for the week

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October 2-5

It was wonderful to speak to all of you about your child during our Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday. I look forward to continuing our partnership throughout the year.


Our week in Review

Math: We continued to work on targeted math concepts for each students.  Our targeted instruction this week included: Rounding, breaking numbers apart in different ways, applying our understanding of number into the millions place, counting forward and backwards over the thousands place.

Literacy: In writing we learned how to write a good introduction. We learned how to plan out a problem and solution to a narrative story. We continued to work on sentence structure and spelling. In reading we worked in our reading groups to choose appropriate books and improve our comprehension.

UOI:  We designed an experiment that demonstrated the students understanding of the unit.

Game of the Week: Race up the Rounding ladder

Purpose: To improve at rounding to a given place value

Materials: Rounding ladder game board and number cards

Alternatively you could create a board by drawing a ladder with 20 rungs.  The number cards could be replaced by rolling a dice 3 times on each turn to create a number

At parent teacher conferences several of you asked for recommendations of good Math apps. After doing some research I would recommend the following.

Website and App of the week:


Polyup is a free and open computational thinking playground where students can experiment with numbers and functions. Students will “mod”, or modify, a variety of expressions, equations, and algorithms to solve mathematical puzzles. It is available on the web and runs on any device, including Chromebooks, phones, and tablets.

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