September 24-28

Sorry there is a technical glitch with embedding the photos from Google Photo albums at the moment so I have had to use a hyperlink instead.  Here are the  PHOTO’s from this week .

Global Goals Week
We had a great week of taking action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each day the students recorded positive action that they took for themselves, their classmates/friends and the environment. The students inspired each other every day to make positive decisions. The highlight of the week was the field trip to Soc Son. Students were hot and tired but they worked hard and cleaned up the beautiful lake area. They also learned about the impact of humans on the environment.

We had a HUGE help from KeepHanoiClean Organization. This organization was founded by James Kendall, a passionate activist for a cleaner planet. James came to support our Grade 4 Global Goal action, supplying us with clean-up equipment and devoting his time and effort!

Unfortunately, the tongs that we used for trash collections were stolen from where we left them for James to pick-up during our trip. We are thus asking for a small donation for Keep Hanoi Clean Organization to not only replace the stolen items, but also to support their effort in motivating, inspiring, and educating people about environmental protection.

You can directly contact James at or send donations in with your child. Many thanks in advance.

This week we got a message from our Peace Crane partners in South Africa. As this student says “Peace be with all of you.”

Our Week in Review:

UOI: We went on a field trip to Soc Son to study the impact of humans and nature on the environment. We also conducted weathering and erosion experiments using stream tables.

Writing: We learned how to structure a response text. Listen to our Seesaw post about the field trip to hear us read our latest response.

Reading: We worked in our new reading groups to establish reading goals and practice reading skills specific to our group.

Math: We continued to improve our accuracy in problem solving by practicing estimating as well as practicing identifying important information. We worked in small groups on targeted skills such as: subtraction with regrouping, improving our understanding of number values, fluency of number combinations to 20.

Game of the Week:

Are we there yet?
Purpose: To help students understand that subtraction is not just “taking away” it is also the difference between two numbers.
Materials: dice, and this worksheet alternatively you could just play with blank paper

Variations: Students who need more support with this should start by rolling only two dice and getting to 100.  Students who need more of a challenge could add in another dice for decimals or choose a harder number than 1,000 to go to.


Dates to Remember

  • Saturday 29th September – Parent and Staff Sparkly Social
  • Monday 1st October – ES Parent – Teacher Conferences (No School or ASAs for ES)
  • October 6 – 14th – Autumn Break NO SCHOOL
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September 17-21

Happy International Peace Day!

Our Week in Review

Math: We learned what a good answer to a story problem looks like, marked example student work then answered our own story problem. We worked in groups according to which Math area we need support with. Group focuses included:
* adding with regrouping
* subtracting with regrouping
* understanding place value

UOI: We learned what weathering and erosion are. We studied a map of recent earthquakes and compared that to a map of tectonic plates. We learned the steps to conduct a scientific experiment and then we conducted an experiment on weathering.

Reading: We had our first meeting with our reading groups. We will be meeting with these groups twice a week for the next few weeks. During these meetings we will focus on improving targeted reading skills.

Writing: We wrote an outline to our narrative “story of the rock”. We practiced the skill of “showing not telling” by going back into our writing and adding descriptive details.

Website of the Week:


Biblionasium is a 4D closed social network that allows students to log books, review them, and share or recommend them to fellow 4D student readers. I have registered and granted access to all students in 4D. Users have started to add books to their \”My Books\” section, logged their reading for the week and written a book review.

Students will also be able to create reading challenges for themselves, and recommend books to their Biblionasium 4D friends. In return, they’ll get to see what other students are reading in a safe, private environment. As a parent you can also set challenges for your children.

Please ask your child to demonstrate how this program works.

TIP: make sure your child logs in through Destiny. 

There is a Grade 4 expectation that all students will use Biblionasium to log their home reading each night.

Game of the Week: Strike it Out

Purpose: To improve fluency with addition and subtraction and to improve understand of number values.

Game Explanation




  • Tuesday 25th September – Field Trip
  • Saturday 29th September – Parent and Staff Sparkly Social
  • Monday 1st October – ES Parent – Teacher Conferences (No School or ASAs for ES)
  • October 6 – 14th – Autumn Break NO SCHOOL

Global Goals Week

Next week is global goals week at UNIS.  During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September.  Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here


There are still a few students without headphones. Please check with your child that they have headphones at school as they are required most days for SEE SAW and Reading tasks.

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September 9-14, 2018

September 9-14

A message from the SCO:

We are looking for class parents to help with UN Day and end of year parties. We would love for you to engage with other parents and the teachers at school. Class parents are supported by the SCO, the faculty, other class parents and the other parents in the class.

Why be a class parent?

  • It’s a great way to engage with your child’s class
  • Have a connection to the other parents in the class
  • Have another reason to connect with your teacher
  • Have a better idea what is going on in your class and at school
  • Have fun and be involved.

If you are interested or have questions please e-mail
Garry or Esther

Upcoming events to remember:

  • Grade 4 Math Coffee morning- Tuesday, September 18 from 8:30-9:30 in the ES Creativity Space (next to our classroom)
  • Moon Festival is Thursday, September 20 Please remember to send your child to school in an áo dài .

Our Week in 4D:

Math: We explored different number systems in order to better understand our own base ten number system. We continued to work with our 1,000 book in order to improve our understanding of place value.

Literacy: In writing students signed up for writing workshops based on feedback they received from assessments. Students attended personalized workshops such as: How to develop better characters or How to use proper verb tense.

In reading, students worked on expanding their vocabulary by using the strategy “tune in to interesting words.”

UOI: Students learned how to make observations like a scientist.  They then studied the different types of rocks and tried to categorize their rock samples.

Game of the Week:

Changing places

Learning Intention- Students will improve their understanding of place value.



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September 3-7

Thank you for everyone who could make it to back to school night. It was nice to be able to see all of you and hear some of your questions and what you are excited about. For anyone who may have missed Back to School Night or anyone who wants to look at the presentation again, I have included it here.

This week in 4D:

Math: We created 1,000 books and began to use those as a tool to visualize place value, adding and subtracting to 1,000. We also focused on the use of estimation. We used this to help with problem solving. This week the students solved the problem How many hotdogs did Joey eat? Feel free to take a look at it with your child.

Literacy:  In reading the students were practicing comprehension by using the strategy of check for understanding. In writing they were practicing the writing skill of “showing” emotions through descriptive details rather than “telling” the emotion.

UOI: We introduced the new unit of inquiry. The central idea is: The earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human activity.


Website of the Week: .  Estimation 180 has a different estimation problem for the kids to try every day. The kids look at a picture prompt and are given a question. They then make a too low, too high and just right estimate and then explain why they made the estimate.  They can see what other kids around the world estimated as well. This is a really good, engaging way for helping kids to practice the important skill of estimation.

Importants notices:

  • Biblionasium is not up and running yet for our class.  There is a problem with linking our class to the school account. I will let you know when it is working. That will then be the method we use to track the students reading at home and at school.
  • Next week for PE (during the double lesson on Tuesday) we will be on the hunt for water in our mission to Mars.The students will get wet and possibly muddy so they need a change of clothes in order to participate. 
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