When SDGs meet Dystopia

To align with our UNIS Hanoi goal of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals within the learning experience of students. To complement UNIS SDG Week, Grade 7 students have launched into an integrated Language and Literature A and Visual Arts project. The project is titled SDG and Dystopia.

Students have chosen an SDG that they are most passionate about and have created an imagined worst-case scenario where this goal has definitely not been achieved.

Through developing setting, character and narrative structure for this imagined world, students will write the opening chapter of their very own dystopian narrative. Employing their Visual Arts skills students have drawn their setting and are beginning to develop mythical creatures to further embellish and bring their imagined world to life.

By the end of Quarter 1 Grade 7 students will publish their opening chapter of very own dystopian narrative that can serve as a warning of what can happen if we do not collectively work to achieve the SDGs. Hopefully, the dystopian narratives and printed illustrations will also serve as an inspiration for each of us to continue to strive to achieve positive outcomes in each of the SDGs.