G7 Investigates the Impact of COVID-19 for I&S

Students in Grade 7 Individuals and Societies classes have been examining how COVID-19 has impacted people and countries around the world. Students jumped on the chance to look at how different nations were responding to the virus, the xenophobia that has arisen, media narratives and the economic impact across the globe, to name but a few hard hitting investigations.

With freedom to decide their topic of inquiry, students were asked to followed the four stages of the IB Inquiry Cycle:

  1. Planning – brainstorming, questioning and narrowing down their inquiry
  2. Investigating – guided research including interviews and evaluating and discussing sources
  3. Taking action – developing their topic and creating the product, including posters, videos, animations and podcasts
  4. Reflecting – evaluating their work and thinking about what the learnings have been.  

Students presented their findings in a variety of formats including essays, animations and podcasts. 

UNIS Hanoi’s MYP Coordinator, Daniel Cooper said, “This investigation is the MYP in action. It not only developed understanding of the IB inquiry cycle but also allowed students to investigate the impact of Covid-19 on our local and global community. The work accomplished was impressive.”

Below is a snapshot of some of the projects submitted:

How did the spread of the fake information on social media affected Japan? by Haruka

Risk Assessment by Jonatan

Podcast by Oliver