Middle School Back to School Night

We very much look forward to seeing you for Back to School Night this Tuesday evening, 27 August, from 18:00 – 20:30.

This evening will provide an opportunity for you to run through your student’s schedule, to meet their teachers, and to find out more about each of their classes.

As we continue to work towards our goal of sustainability, we ask that you find your child’s schedule on Veracross and use that to guide you on Back to School Night. We will not be printing schedules for all students. Below are the documents that will help to guide you through this process:

  • How to View My Child(ren)’s Schedule on Veracross
  • How to Save Veracross to My Mobile Phone
  • The schedule for Back to School Night (8 min/class with 5 min passing times).

The evening will begin in your student’s HomeBase room and the flow of classes will be a Day 1 and 2, classes A-J.

Please note if there is a an Academic Prep or Counselling lesson on your student’s schedule any of these blocks, please attend the class associated with it. (i.e. If on Day 1 Block B the schedule says go to Counselling, and students have Design Block B, then go to Design.  You can find the locations and room numbers on your student’s schedule.)

Also, MS Physical and Health Education (PHE) teachers will be in Health Rooms (upstairs in the Sports Centre – B4):

  • Mr. Gibbons B4-101,
  • Mrs. Thompson in B4-102
  • Mr. Ostrom B4-104

Your students have also been given the plan for Back to School Night and are being encouraged to talk about their class schedule with you for clarity. During HomeBase this week, students will have time to ask their mentors any questions they may have regarding the Back-to-School Night schedule.

Lastly, there will be tech help desks set up from 17:30 onwards on Tuesday night to help you with all of your tech concerns (calendar, passwords, Haiku, Veracross, etc).

Thank you for working with us towards advancing our school’s commitment to the use of Veracross to improve home-school communication.

We are excited to have you on campus next Tuesday evening, 27 August.

Thanks for your support,

The MS Staff, JJ and Marc