Celebrating the Arts: the MSHS Visual Arts Exhibition is VIRTUAL

This semester’s MYP Art Exhibition is the culmination of creativity produced in distance and campus learning. Included are works from grade 6 through 10.  Each grade level explores a variety of media, techniques and themes from portrait drawing, ceramics, embroidery, and watercolor painting. Take a walk through this virtual exhibition, where you can view the artwork and read more about each unit by clicking on the grade level maps. Please allow time for this virtual exhibition to open as there is a lot of art to load upon opening. We encourage you to share the link with family and friends around the world!

Link to the virtual exhibition: https://www.artsteps.com/view/5ebcfb1115727d50c049ddc0

Summer of Math

The end of the school year is approaching fast, and before you know it the days of summer will be upon us. This year UNIS Hanoi Middle School will be providing students with an optional Summer of Math programme to sharpen and fine tune their individual mathematical skills and understanding. This will allow students the opportunity to continue practicing and reviewing specific skills and concepts over the summer months that were selected by their teachers.

Over the past month, students have been working through a self assessment programme of ten essential skills and concepts created to identify individual areas of strength and weakness. Students can use this self assessment data to target areas that need further development or strive for excellence.

Each Middle School Grade Level has a folder of 10 essential concepts and skills put together in Google slide bundles. Students utilize the self assessment results to choose which concepts and skills to review in order to to increase their mathematical fluency.  Bundles will include instructional videos, offline activities and games, links to on-line simulations, and practice sets.

Have a great summer!
Middle School Math Team

Grade 06 Self-Assessment and Grade 06 Summer Practice

Grade 07 Self-Assessment and Grade 07 Summer Practice

Grade 08 Self-Assessment and Grade 08 Summer Practice

My Corona Experience

Watch “My Corona Experience” which is an insight into COVID-19 created by one of our fantastic G08 students, Nathalie Rowe. “My Corona Experience” is a heads-up to other teens that may have yet to have experienced the lifestyle changes that accompany this pandemic. Thanks Nathalie!  We’ll miss you and all the best next year!


Band, Choir, Orchestra Students Asked to Share Recordings

In preparation for our online celebration next week, the Grade 6-10 band, choir and orchestra students have been busily sharing their video recordings through the google form that was emailed last week.

Please check with your student to make sure they have done this so that they can join in the celebration of all their hard work this quarter. Keep an eye out in your emails for the final link on Wednesday June 3. We are so excited to unveil the creative work of our students! 

New Site Designed to Help Students with French Acquisition

The French department has launched a brand new site that’s designed to help students consolidate their learning over the summer months.

On Le Français à UNIS Hanoi, students of all abilities will find opportunities to:

  • review and practice grammar
  • practice reading comprehension
  • practice listening comprehension
  • discover culture through quizzes, music videos and movie trailers.
Additionally, a suggested selection of books give advanced learners a great opportunity to further develop their language skills.
A google doc, available on the home page of the site, allows students to self assess the areas in which they feel they would benefit from practice. Students are encouraged to share the document with their teachers so that it can be reviewed after the summer.
This site will also be a great tool for next academic year, as students will be able to review certain points that are individual challenges for them. Therefore everyone’s learning will be more personalized.
Students should contact their French teacher if they have questions.
The  MSHS MFL team
Valdir Chagas, Christophe Denizot and Cynthia Frey

EAL Students Write Poetry in English

Students who come from homes where the opportunity to speak English throughout the day is limited, have compiled a beautiful collection of poetry – both in English and their mother-tongue!

The collection, named Shelter in Place, was produced during the past twelve weeks of Distance Learning as part of their poetry unit. Some of the students who produced the work speak English as their third language!

They are very proud of their poetry. So are we!

To view all the pieces, please click here.

Grade 6 Students Invent Live-Action Systems Games

A group of Grade 6 SDG Guardians and Service Leaders have become inventors! During Distance Learning, they came together to play-test and prepare a virtual version of live-action systems thinking games to share with other students so they can learn about systems around us. The “Triangles Game” is a fun and interactive game that students played earlier in the year. They used the game to visualize complex systems and learn how to look for things such as delays, important causal relationships, and places to intervene within a system. 

These students also worked on a game that was totally new to them called “Living Loops”. In a 30-minute session, they play-tested the game and modified the “mechanics” for playing – then they came up with possible topics to use for playing the game for different age groups including sharing toys, stress, and economics! 

Middle School Science Teacher and SDG Guardian, Kate Dore, expressed her pride for the students. She said, “These kids are absolute champs! This is some pretty sophisticated systems thinking and analysis. It’s very cool that they are using their expertise and knowledge to develop resources for other youth!” 

Their work has been shared with UNIS Hanoi teachers, and they have already received positive responses back. In one of the messages back to students, Grade 5 Teacher, Nathan Smith, applauded their keen thinking skills: “I’ve played the triangle game, so I get how cool it is that you created a virtual way to explore the concept. Your exploration seems like the kind of critical thinking and programming that might allow us to someday create a cure for COVID19. Great work! The stuff of legends.” 

How to play

The Virtual Triangle Game

When playing this as a live-action game, everyone stands in a circle, chooses two people secretly, then when the game starts they try to make an equilateral triangle with themselves and the two people they chose. This creates a dynamic living system that is always moving, and that can be used to understand all types of natural systems from food webs to stress and student life. For the virtual game, we used a digital platform called JAMBOARD so we could visualize movement and relationships within a system both from within the system and from an “overview” perspective. 

The Living Loops Game

This is a fun game for understanding feedback loops within systems. By playing this game, students can see how information flows through a system and how relationships between individual parts of the system influence its sustainability.

G7 Invites Parents to Online Self Expression Exhibit

Throughout Quarter 3 of Distance Learning Grade 7 Language and Literature students have explored the following four literary contexts:

  • Cultural 
  • Social
  • Historical
  • Ideological.

In addition to analyzing these four literary contexts in literature, students have explored how these contexts influence their personal lives and shape their sense of identity. 

All Grade 7’s have taken risks and explored various text types with the support of mentor texts to inspire and guide their process. 

Folio pieces are diverse and have provided the Grade 7’s with an opportunity to focus on developing as writers and visual communicators, and to practice using a variety of new literary devices.

Please click on this link to access the Grade 7 Self-expression Folios.

On the opening page for each class, you will see a Padlet linked in. Grade 7’s would love to hear your comments and answer any questions you may have about their work. 

Please take your time to enjoy and appreciate their folio pieces.

Spanish Classes Connect with Chula

In the Unit Image and Identity for the Spanish Intermediate Low – Phase 2 class, the students analyze and reflect on the Global Context of Identity and Relationships focusing on how the clothes we choose to wear represent our identity. This connects to the key and related concept of communication and message as students explore how we express, or communicate, our identity through the messages we send. One way we send messages of identity is through the clothes we wear.

In the learning journey, Diego Cortizas and Laura Fontan from Chula fashion, played an important role. They opened the doors of their studio and shop so we could interview them before the lockdown. In the interview, they explained how Chula designs the clothing and how they portray the identity of different cultures and countries through different fabrics, colors, patterns and elements in the clothes. The interview was conducted in Spanish. The students were not just exposed to the language as a vehicle of understanding the message of Diego, they also learned how a professional designer thinks and works to design the clothes making real-world connections to the vocabulary students learned in the unit as well as strong connections to the global context and key and related concepts.

The students really enjoyed the activity related to the interview. The interview helped them see that fashion designers create clothing to communicate a message of identity, and in Chula’s case, to express the intersection of different cultures inspired by the relationships encountered when living abroad. It was very useful for them in the final assignment of the unit. As a final task, the students designed a T-shirt and did an oral presentation describing the design like the colors, the fabric, size, style, etc. They also described the elements of identity that represent them included in the design presenting the message communicated by their own clothes.


We are very thankful for the kindness and collaboration of CHULA as a part of the UNIS community in the learning process of our Spanish students.


Alvaro Graña & Aitor Rey

Enabling Success in Mathematics during Distance Learning

Mathematics is a subject that draws attention in every school and at any time.  With the celebration of Math Week in the Middle and High Schools, we thought it would be a good time to share how our MS Math team is working to enable success in MS Mathematics.  Please take a moment to review the slideshow linked below.  If you have questions or comments, please reach out to your child’s math teacher.  

MS Principal, Marc Vermiere added, “Thanks to the Math Team for their continued efforts on behalf of our students and for putting together this comprehensive guide.”

Click here to access the slideshow.