From the Middle School Principal

Hello Middle School!

Amazing! Here we are on the last day of school. What a complete blessing to have had our students back on campus for these past weeks. They showed incredible resilience and determination during Distance Learning and came back motivated to ensure that they were in stride with our Learning Outcomes and Grade Level Expectations. Our reports were sent via the Veracross Parent Portal yesterday. We hope you take some time to cover the report with your student and to celebrate the learning that has occurred this year. We are very happy with the growth and results that our students have exhibited. Congratulations!

For those students taking advantage of the Summer Programme, the weeks ahead look to be full of fantastic experiences and fun. We thank all of our Middle School teachers that have stepped forward to be part of this community building program and our Co-Curricular Office for helping to organize it. Please encourage your students to read for pleasure over the summer. Research clearly shows that Middle School student brains benefit from reading, both academically and on a social and emotional note. Encourage reading in both home language and the language of acquisition.  

The Vermeires are leaving the school at the end of July, and my family and I want to thank the students, parents, teachers, faculty and the wonderful Vietnamese Staff here at UNIS Hanoi for 7 years of support. It has been a great experience for us to be part of the school, Hanoi, and Vietnam.  

Have a great summer and see you around!


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Poetry and Hope

Grade 7 Language and Literature students have engaged in a Text Production where they have communicated their experiences in 2020 through either satire or a medium of their choice.
Grade 7 student, Oskar Vermiere, decided to write a poem that not captured the experiences of 2020 thus far, but to also offer hope and perspective:


By Oskar F. Vermeire

It was a world of waste and wonder

Of poverty and plenty.

The people came up with companies 

To trade across the land

But they got bigger than they ever planned

We noticed families stopped talking

That doesn’t mean they never spoke

And they threw away everything that broke.

And every day the skies grew thicker

Until you couldn’t see the stars

We filled the ocean with plastic

We polluted the world with no care

Until there was no world to spare

But then in 2020 when a new virus came

Everyone thought that the end was near

The media was demented

When it was time to give nobody seemed to care

While we all were locked up people

Our feelings were brushed off

And people started to notice

That it was also their fear

They remembered how to smile

They remembered how to laugh

And it seemed that people started to care

People started to say thank you

A lot more than before

And so when we found the cure

And were allowed to go outside

We all preferred the life we had found

Rather than the life we left behind

And I think to myself

Why did it take a virus to bring people back together?

Sometimes you need to get sick

To start feeling better.

From the Middle School Principal

Hello from the “Middle”,

Today is our Virtual Grade 8 Promotion! We are so excited to be able to share this celebration of this important transition with you. We want to thank the Grade 8 Grade Level Leader, Mr. Fady Tabbara and his team of mentors, Mr. Brycen Davis our Middle School Technology Coach, the MS Secretaries, Ms. Nhung and Ms. Trang, and the Operations Team for their help in making this Virtual Promotion a reality. Please enjoy and share this link with family and friends.

Middle School Performing Arts Showcase. This opportunity is for parents and members of our MS community to see the products of the hard work students have done in Orchestra, Band, and Choir. These products are individual videos in which students have chosen pieces that help them to express their learning and intentions. Please watch the introduction and then click the videos to see individual student submission.  Enjoy the show!

Thank you for your support,

Marc JJ and the MS Team

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My Corona Experience

Watch “My Corona Experience” which is an insight into COVID-19 created by one of our fantastic G08 students, Nathalie Rowe. “My Corona Experience” is a heads-up to other teens that may have yet to have experienced the lifestyle changes that accompany this pandemic. Thanks Nathalie!  We’ll miss you and all the best next year!


Enjoy the Performing Arts Virtual Showcase!

Students in MYP Band, Orchestra and Choir pulled together a Performing Arts Showcase that can now be viewed online.

Individual student performances have been uploaded onto Youtube and showcased on a googlesite. Grade level playlists exist so that viewers can easily find a student’s piece.

The assignment set were as follows:

Grad 6 Band and Orchestra – This group of students was tasked to play a composition that they have written themselves.

Grades 6-8 Choir, Grades 7 & 8 Band and Grade 7 & 8 Orchestra – This group of students was tasked to work with the same melody and adapt expressive markings to fit their interpretation of a theme.

Grades 9 & 10 Band, Choir & Orchestra – This group of students was tasked to play compositions they created through exploring specific compositional devices and genres.

Click here to enjoy their outstanding work!

Message from the Middle School Principal

Hello Middle School Parents!

It’s hard to believe that Monday brings June 1!  There has been such great learning and student interaction since our return to campus. The energy has been wonderful to be part of. We have been putting together several year end events and would like to share some details with you about them.

Coming on June 5, we will “go live” with our Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony. This has been a work in progress with students, staff, mentors, and our tech department all lending a hand. The virtual launch will take place at 13:30 via email to all G08 parents and students. It will be followed up in the TinTuc later that afternoon. Please do take the time to celebrate with our Grade 8’s during this transitional time into High School.  Watch it with your G08 student and share the link with family and friends.  Enjoy!  Congratulations to our 2020 Grade 8’s and good luck in high school!

Also on June 3, we will be rolling out our Middle School Performing Arts Showcase.  This is an opportunity for parents and members of our MS community to see the products of the hard work students have done in Orchestra, Band, and Choir.  These products are individual videos in which students have chosen pieces that help them to express their learning and intentions. Please look for the link to go live and enjoy the show!

On the evening of June 5, from 5:00 – 8:00 we will be having a “End of Year Celebration” for all Middle School students. You will have received an email from our MS Office containing a permission to attend form. Please do complete the form. This evening has been well planned by our MS StuCo and will provide students with the opportunity to sing, dance, watch movies, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.  We will also have some food available for purchase with proceeds going to our MS Service groups. We’ve put all of the necessary measures in place to keep physically distant and comply with the restrictions while providing a great outlet for student fun!

Our MS mentor groups have been doing some filming on behalf of this year’s leavers.  We are compiling those pieces together in order to share these HomeBase memories with students and families. The video will be emailed out to all MS parents and students on June 9 at 9:00 and a link will be shared in that week’s TinTuc.

Lastly, as the semester comes to a close, we prepare for end of year grades and reports. All Middle School students will receive a full report on the four criteria in each class that result in the yearlong grade for the MYP course. In addition all students will receive comments based upon their successes before, during, and after Distance Learning. Should you have any questions or concerns relating to your students’ classes, please contact their teachers directly. Reports will be completed, proofed and published for you and your students on June 9. Please take a moment to review your student’s reports and to celebrate their accomplishments during this unique time in our educational history.

If you have any comments, please let us know!

As always, thank you for your support – 

Marc, JJ and the MS Team

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Band, Choir, Orchestra Students Asked to Share Recordings

In preparation for our online celebration next week, the Grade 6-10 band, choir and orchestra students have been busily sharing their video recordings through the google form that was emailed last week.

Please check with your student to make sure they have done this so that they can join in the celebration of all their hard work this quarter. Keep an eye out in your emails for the final link on Wednesday June 3. We are so excited to unveil the creative work of our students! 

New Site Designed to Help Students with French Acquisition

The French department has launched a brand new site that’s designed to help students consolidate their learning over the summer months.

On Le Français à UNIS Hanoi, students of all abilities will find opportunities to:

  • review and practice grammar
  • practice reading comprehension
  • practice listening comprehension
  • discover culture through quizzes, music videos and movie trailers.
Additionally, a suggested selection of books give advanced learners a great opportunity to further develop their language skills.
A google doc, available on the home page of the site, allows students to self assess the areas in which they feel they would benefit from practice. Students are encouraged to share the document with their teachers so that it can be reviewed after the summer.
This site will also be a great tool for next academic year, as students will be able to review certain points that are individual challenges for them. Therefore everyone’s learning will be more personalized.
Students should contact their French teacher if they have questions.
The  MSHS MFL team
Valdir Chagas, Christophe Denizot and Cynthia Frey

From the Middle School Principal

Hello Middle School Parents, 

Thank you so very much for your support of our campus regulations and for continuing to remind your students about them.  In addition, please help us to help your Middle School student by reminding them to keep cool and drink plenty of water during these hot days of early summer.

There is so much happening both on campus and virtually!  Your students have done a great job getting back into the flow of face-to-face learning.  As you may know, all MYP courses at UNIS Hanoi are year long courses, this means that teachers consider evidence from Semester 1 and 2 when making judgments on end-of-year criterion grades.  At the end of the school year, each MYP subject determines students’ final criterion grades and these are then calculated into a final grade from 1-7 using the published MYP grade boundaries. Take a look at the grade boundaries and the additional information on our MYP site.

UNIS Hanoi Middle School Teachers recognise the challenges that were associated with distance learning and award criterion grades based on what students have done, and not on what they haven’t done. 

Mark your calendars for the upcoming G08 Middle School Virtual Promotion on June 5th at 1:30PM and the Middle School Virtual Leavers Premier on June 9th at 9:00AM.  Both of these events will “go live” at these times and be recorded for viewing!

Thank you for your support,

Marc, JJ and the MS Team