Show your Phoenix Pride on Spirit Week

The Spirit Week will be taking place next week from October 22-25. Middle school and High School students will have a great week of fun and show their phoenix pride by dressing up theme each day. An activity is happening at lunch time everyday with a cool prize.

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MYP Parent Information Series

All grade 6 – 10 parents are invited to attend this 2-part parent series focusing on teaching parents about the Middle Years Programme. Please register here
What is the MYP (Oct 23 / Jan 22) Is a lecture based talk designed to give you basic understanding of the MYP concepts and language surround our curriculum.
  1. What is conceptual learning / understanding?
  2. What is the purpose of the statement of inquiry and inquiry questions?
  3. What does learning in context mean? – (global contexts)
  4. Assessment in the MYP – How does criterion based assessment work?
  5. formative and summative assessment
  6. Approaches to Learning Skills (ATLs)
Applying the MYP (Nov 6 / Jan 29)  is a hands-on workshop where parents will be engaged in activities to acquire a deeper understanding of how the MYP works in practice!
  1. How do students engage with assessment rubrics?
  2. Example of developing conceptual understanding.
  3. The explicit teaching of ATL skills
  4. Spend a short time in 2 different MYP classrooms then debrief what we see.
These sessions are created to build on each other and will also be repeated in semester 2 if you are unable to make these events (Jan 22 and Jan 29).
Questions? Contact MYP Coordinator, Daniel Cooper:
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MS Parent Invitation – Individuals and Societies Class Pecha Kucha Presentation

Dear Middle School Parents,

You are invited to support and watch your child’s Pecha Kucha style presentation in their Individuals & Societies (I&S) class (formerly Humanities).

To conclude our first unit in MS I&S, Middle School students will present on a chosen topic related to their grade’s key concept and theme:

  •     Grade 6 – Change – Global Citizenship
  •     Grade 7 – Global Interaction – UNESCO World Heritage
  •     Grade 8 – Time, place and space – Rights and responsibilities of citizens.

All Pecha Kuchas will take place in classes during the school day between October 25th – October 31st,  2018.

You should receive an email from your child’s I&S teacher with your child’s Pecha Kucha schedule shortly.

Daniel Cooper
MYP Coordinator, MS I&S

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From the MS Counsellors!

…Six weeks has flown by! There has been a lot of excitement at UNIS Hanoi as all the Grades have been getting ready for Trip Week.

Much of our work in Counselling classes with our Grade 6-8 students has been to help develop skills that will contribute to a successful trip experience. We have focused on team building and inclusion, group roles and successful collaboration as well as provided opportunities for Middle School students to express their worries regarding the trip experience.

Grade 9 students have been working on group roles and successful collaboration, including building trust in their counselling groups. We have also been exploring time management and organisation, which is especially important now that they have entered High School.

Another warm welcome to our new families. Our new students are settling in well so far and we will be meeting with them as a group shortly after trip week. If you are new to UNIS Hanoi and feel that your child is in need of support, please don’t hesitate to bring this to our attention. We are here to ensure that all new students have a smooth transition to the school.

Please find some time to chat to your child about their experiences at school and in counselling class. If you have any questions regarding our programme, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Wilcox ( and Mr. Jackson (

Understanding the iGen

Last week, Paul Swanson and Kirk Jackson presented to MS and HS parents on the topic “Understanding the iGen” as part of the parent morning coffees. The session was based on the work of Jean Twenge, and it focused on the ways that today’s kids are different from past generations. The presentation is online for those who may have missed it, and can be found at

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Up Coming Events in Middle School

Thanks so much to those of you that attended our first Open Classrooms for UNIS Hanoi Middle School.  We hope that you found the day engaging and that you to gained a deeper understanding of our programmes.

Our second Middle School Administrator Coffee is coming on Friday September 28 at 8:00AM in the Community Room. Next week’s topics include the rationale of our MS schedule, the iBlock, how course requests work, and MS reporting. Please bring your questions and comments. We will also be taking feedback from previous and suggestions for future topics.
Also on that Friday, the G07/08 Band and Orchestra members will have the opportunity to participate in a meet n’ play with other student musicians from Hanoi International School and St. Paul American School.

The event is open to students of all ability in the G07/08 Band and Orchestra. This will be a great opportunity for students to play and perform music with new people, new directors, learn more about their instrument, and play in a large group. More information will be available to Band and Orchestra parents.

Middle School trip week follows during the week of October 1. Students will be on campus on October 1 and preparing for their respective trips. Trips depart on Tuesday morning October 2 and return on Friday October 5 in the afternoon.

Thanks for your support!

Marc and JJ

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Essential Information Updates for MS Trip Week

Dear Middle School Parents,

We are busy preparing for Middle School Trip Week and we hope you will enjoy discussing the upcoming activities with your child/ren.

An important part of our planning is ensuring your child/ren are safe and we need you to complete the following actions to ensure that we have shared agreements and expectations and that all the correct medical and emergency contact information is correct for every child.

If you have not already done it, please be sure to go into the Veracross Parent Portal this weekend and click through to Update Family Profile.

Please take few minutes to review and update the following key information:

If you need support to access the Parent Portal please contact for help.


A. Update Household Profile

1. Family Information : Please provide us with correct email and telephone numbers. Please note that all the 11-digit-mobile-numbers in Vietnam will be converted to 10-digit-mobile-numbers on September 15, 2018 and you must check your number is correct and update it if necessary. We cannot contact you in a medical emergency if we do not have your correct contact information.


Here are the list of the first 4 numbers which will be affected by service providers:

2. Emergency Contacts Information: We must have someone who we can contact if we are not able to contact you. Please check that you have completed or updated this information for this school year.

B. Medical Profile

You must review and update your child/ren’s medical profile. Medical records are required to be updated every three years. This is where you will record:

  • Allergies or conditions
  • Current, Allowed and Prohibited medications

Please read carefully the list of School approved medications and inform us of any exceptions for your child/ren. The School Health Centre will follow up with you if necessary when you submit your information.

C. School Policies 

You will be required to read and agree to Trip Week Permissions in order for your child to attend Trip Week:

  1. Permission to participate / Expectations and Behaviors
  2. Medical Care Authorization, Consent and Release
  3. Student Information about dietary requirements (NOT allergies) and sleep concerns

D. Update your child’s identity document 

Your child/ren will be preparing for the Trip Week with their Middle School Mentors.

Part of this preparation will involve you working with them to submit a current copy of their passport and visa or ID card for Vietnamese nationals.

Trip week is fast approaching and this year as a Middle School, we want to secure a digital copy of your child’s passport/visa or Vietnamese ID card… no more paper!  Please use the Veracross Gradebook via the Student Veracross Portal to upload the digital copy of your child’s passport/visa or Vietnamese ID card. Watch this SCREENCAST if you haven’t complete this update yet. We hope that you find the online format more convenient.

Thank you for your support.

Marc, JJ and the Middle School Team

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Middle School Open Classrooms

Dear MS Parents,

Save the Date!

On Thursday and Friday of next week (September 13-14) we will be hosting our first Open Classrooms at UNIS Hanoi Middle School.  This is an opportunity for you to come on campus and not only “watch”, but also to engage meaningfully with your child’s learning.

Please plan on discussing this event with your middle school child. Consider coming for a class, an afternoon, or a couple of blocks over the two days. The choice is yours.

Next week you will receive a reminder email from us that will contain a link to documents that teachers are preparing to enhance your experience during Open Classrooms.

Using your child’s schedule and the forthcoming documents we hope to increase your understanding of the MYP Programme and engage you in the teaching and learning here at UNIS Hanoi Middle School.

How do you Haiku?

This morning we had our first Middle School parent coffee with Principals which focused on navigating around our school’s learning management system, Haiku/PowerSchool Learning.  For those parents who were unable to make the session, we have recorded this screen cast of the meeting for you! (video link)

Thanks for your support,

Middle School Leadership Team

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Parenting Talks with the MS/HS Counsellors

Once a month, the MS/HS Counselling team will design a workshop to share with our parent community.  These topics range from the social/emotional spectrum of adolescent issues to the academic and co-curricular life of our UNIS Hanoi students. This workshops are constructed in a way to help promote an awareness for our parent community and create a partnership between the school and home environment. We value this time as we are able to share our perspectives as school counsellors at UNIS Hanoi with our parent community and offer continued support, when needed. Parents are always welcome to schedule individual appointments with their child’s counsellor at any point during the school year.  

Beginning in September, we will be offering to our parent community our Digital Awareness Series of Workshops. Paul Swanson, the MS/HS Tech Coordinator will co-present each workshop alongside the counsellors. Beginning in December, we would like to offer our MS/HS Parenting Talks around topics that our parents feel would be most beneficial. Please complete this Form

  • September 21 – Understanding the iGen
  • October 19 – Parent Resources – Balancing Technology in the Digital Age
  • November 23 – Cyberbullying

Come meet our MS/HS Counselling Team! You can find your child’s assigned counsellor in Veracross listed as “Advisor”

Mr. Kirk Jackson – Grades 6-9

Ms. Paula Wilcox – Grades 6-9

Ms. Casey Nolen Jackson – Grade 10 -12

Ms. Brenda Manfredi – Grade 10 -12

Middle School Parent Coffee with Principals

Do you know about Haiku/PowerSchool Learning management system? How can you access it? Don’t miss this important session hosted by the MS Principal and Deputy Principal where you will learn to navigate around Haiku.

Important coming up events in Middle School:

  • Open Classrooms (September 13-14)
  • MS Trip Week (October 1-5)
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