MYP Parent Information Sessions

Dear Parents of MYP students,

You are invited to attend our Semester two MYP information sessions. There are two different types of sessions which are designed to support our parents in developing a deeper understanding of the MYP here at UNIS Hanoi.  These are a repeat of sessions offered earlier in the year.

Session 1 is on January 22, 18:30 – 19:30 in the Community Room (B7-104). This is a MYP Information evening with presentation and Q&A session. During the session, we will cover

  • What is the MYP?
  • How does my child learn?
  • How does grading work?
  • Key and related concepts, Assessment, Inquiry

Session 2 is on January 29, 08:30 – 10:00 in the Community Room (B7-104). Different from session 1, this second session is a MYP interactive workshop with example classroom activities following by a Q&A session. Parents will also have the possibility to walk around MYP classroom, learn more about Global Contexts, Atls skills, and the IB Learner Profiles.

Please register your attendance using this sign up form.

For more information please contact:  Daniel Cooper at

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MS Academic Progress Report

Hello from the “Middle”!

We have completed the first semester of the 18/19 school year! You will be receiving a second report on the academic progress that your child is making here at UNIS Hanoi Middle School this Friday, January 25th.

The quarter 2 report will that show initial criteria levels in each course.  Criteria levels in MYP courses range from 1-8 and there are four criteria in each MYP course.  These levels have been arrived at by multiple pieces of formative and summative assessment evidence and represent the progress made by your student during this first half of the 18/19 school year.  

Comments are not part of this quarter 2 report.  Students receive regular feedback in their classes including comments designed to help them improve performance on future assessments.

You can begin to see this “live” feedback as UNIS Hanoi Middle School teachers have “opened” their Veracross Gradebooks for students and parents beginning this week.  You will be able to see posted assessment calendars, view teacher feedback, track assignment completion, and see levels of achievement on completed assessments. Clarity on student progress and parent ability to assist their students should all benefit from this process.  

All changes take time to implement and your patience and input are appreciated.  We will address questions that may arise as they come and during our March 15th UNIS Middle School Admin coffee mornings.

Thanks for your support –

Marc Vermeire and JJ Akin

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