From the Middle School Principal

Hello Middle School!

We’re back on campus!  We can’t begin to tell you how fantastic it has been to see students back on our campus and in our classes this week.  Truly a great feeling to see them all again.  We’ve had excellent attendance with only 35 absences in MS today, 24 of which are outside of Hanoi.  For those students, our teachers will continue to work with them via our Distance Learning Program.  In addition, our students and teachers have been wonderful in dealing with the necessary government restrictions.  Distancing, masks, and frequent hand washing have all been accepted as the new norm.  Thank you for supporting these requirements with your messaging at home and use your MS student to help “guide” younger siblings as the Elementary School prepares to come back next week.

In order to get some “first week back” feedback, we have surveyed all MS and HS students, parents, and faculty.  We will be looking at the challenges reported as the data continues to come in and making adjustments as allowed.  Look to see any possible adjustments next week.  For now, we wanted to share some of the survey highlights about being back on campus.

Students said:

  • We’re back to school (yay!!) and it’s really good being back in class with the teachers and everyone on campus! Being back on campus also means that the lockdown is over, therefore makes me much less stressed about everything!
  • Seeing other human beings
  • About being able to socialize with teachers and catching up with work ( keeping distance) and also meeting most of my friends ( also keeping distance)
  • The best part of being back to campus is I can meet my friends, teachers and I can easily get help from my teachers when I need more than staying at home
  • The best part of being on campus this week is to meet my friends after 3 months and also the chance to get stuff done at school rather than have homework.
  • The best part is being able to socialize with our friends on a regular basis, even if some forms of social interactions have been restricted. Furthermore, something else that is good is that we are given the opportunity to converse more with our teachers about problems and issues that we are having.
  • The fact that I am AT school

Faculty said: 

  • Seeing students, I prefer teaching face-face rather than on online, seeing colleagues, less screen time
  • Having the students back in the classroom. Being able to engage with them in person and begin to rebuild lost relationships
  • Interaction with students, a feeling of normality.
  • celebrating the successes of students and welcoming them back. Also seeing some students that were less engaged in distance learning being really engaged in class.

Parents said:

  • Back to a structured daily routine and social interaction.
  • Reconnecting with peers and teachers, reassuring he is on top of things. Being an assigned buddy to new students made him proud.
  • I no longer have to monitor his daily life from time to time and he can go to school having face to face learning
  • My daughter was excited to come back to speak with her friends. – the conference interface was great and provided as rich discussions as face to face meetings which let her know what she needed to focus on before coming back to campus.
  • That they are back to a regular schedule, and that they are socializing

Again, thanks to those that have submitted and if you haven’t already please take a moment to complete the survey that was emailed to you.  Your feedback is important!

Providing feedback through the School Community Organization is one way to be a positive and involved part of our school.  We want to thank the members of the Middle School SCO for meeting this past week to discuss how we reconnect and finish this year well with an eye on the 2020-21 school year.

One topic of conversation with the SCO was the transition process to a Secondary School model and the incoming Secondary School Principal, Jeff Leppard, as well as the two incoming Deputy Principals. Our entire MS and HS leadership team at UNIS Hanoi has had multiple meetings with the incoming Secondary School leadership team about a wide variety of topics. Principals, Deputy Principals, the Head of School, the Director of Finance and Operations, the Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing, and the Director of Activities have all met with the incoming leadership team. Additionally, both Scott Schaffner (the High School Principal) and I have met with Jeff Leppard – both together and independently – and will continue to do so through the end of the year. We are extremely pleased with the way these conversations have gone, and believe that the Secondary School will have a positive start to next year and beyond.

Thank you for your ongoing support of UNIS Hanoi Middle School!

Marc, JJ and the MS Team

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