Spanish Classes Connect with Chula

In the Unit Image and Identity for the Spanish Intermediate Low – Phase 2 class, the students analyze and reflect on the Global Context of Identity and Relationships focusing on how the clothes we choose to wear represent our identity. This connects to the key and related concept of communication and message as students explore how we express, or communicate, our identity through the messages we send. One way we send messages of identity is through the clothes we wear.

In the learning journey, Diego Cortizas and Laura Fontan from Chula fashion, played an important role. They opened the doors of their studio and shop so we could interview them before the lockdown. In the interview, they explained how Chula designs the clothing and how they portray the identity of different cultures and countries through different fabrics, colors, patterns and elements in the clothes. The interview was conducted in Spanish. The students were not just exposed to the language as a vehicle of understanding the message of Diego, they also learned how a professional designer thinks and works to design the clothes making real-world connections to the vocabulary students learned in the unit as well as strong connections to the global context and key and related concepts.

The students really enjoyed the activity related to the interview. The interview helped them see that fashion designers create clothing to communicate a message of identity, and in Chula’s case, to express the intersection of different cultures inspired by the relationships encountered when living abroad. It was very useful for them in the final assignment of the unit. As a final task, the students designed a T-shirt and did an oral presentation describing the design like the colors, the fabric, size, style, etc. They also described the elements of identity that represent them included in the design presenting the message communicated by their own clothes.


We are very thankful for the kindness and collaboration of CHULA as a part of the UNIS community in the learning process of our Spanish students.


Alvaro Graña & Aitor Rey

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