From the Middle School Team

Hello from the “Middle”! – 

We are so appreciative of our UNIS Hanoi Middle School students!

Looking back on the first part of this school year we can reflect on the many events that have led to their growth socially, academically, and physically.  We have dealt with deadlines, assessments, and relationships. We have seen empathy, grit, and friendship.  

We are all ready for a break! 

Sometimes holidays can be stressful.  Students, parents and families are out of their regular routines, friends aren’t close by, and we may be spending a lot of “quality time” with our teenagers.  

Whether you’re travelling or staying home in Hanoi we wanted to share these tips to keep in mind over the next few weeks.

  1. Pick your battles – It is a holiday!  Allow a little room for loosening the norm.
  2. Set clear expectations (though slightly adjusted) – These should include rules around screen time (phones/TV/video games) and bed times.  
  3. Read a book!  Holidays are made for reading.  Read to each other and talk about what you’re reading.  Students should not have homework from UNIS Hanoi classes over the break, but are highly encouraged to read every day.
  4. Enjoy the time together and with family.  They do grow up so quickly!

From all of us here at UNIS Hanoi Middle School, have a wonderful winter break!  

We look forward to seeing our middle school back in session in 2020!

Marc, JJ, and the MS Team

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