Middle School Updates

Hello Middle School!

Veracross Gradebook Reminder 

What an exciting time of year!  We’ve done trip week, had an autumn break, and celebrated UN Day!  We’ve also come to the end of the first quarter of the year (October 25th).  It is an important time for families to develop an understanding of how their children are achieving academically at UNIS Hanoi Middle School.

Beginning last year, the Middle School started using the Veracross Gradebook to communicate more fluidly with students and their families.  As a MS faculty, we agreed that through this more dynamic communication, all would benefit.  Celebrations and concerns can be addressed when they arise, rather than waiting, and students see the impact of weekly efforts on their achievements.  

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a look through your student’s Veracross Gradebook, please do. If you have questions for individual teachers, please do reach out to them via email, and, as always, the Middle School Office Team welcomes your comments and suggestions.

GOA Course for Grade 7 Students 

This week, our Grade 7 students started a Global Online Academy course called Growth, Grit and Gratitude. In this two-week course, students will design a personalised wellness toolkit packed with life hacks that will serve them well throughout their time in school and beyond. They will identify their strengths, use them when faced with a challenge, and explore strategies to change the way they think to affect how they feel and act. 

The course will be framed around three concepts: growth, grit and gratitude. Students will explore and develop their ideas of what it means to live life with purpose, a sense of power over how they think and feel, and the ability to create and sustain a sense of well-being. Students walk away from this module with an understanding of actions they can take to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  In addition, they will benefit from trying an online course format, something they will definitely experience in their future.

If you are a Grade 7 parents and haven’t heard about it yet, ask your student, check your email, and take a look…really great stuff!

Happiness, stress, and Well-Being 

How happy and content are you?  How do I manage the bad stress I feel from various activities? How does the amount of sleep I get impact my motivation in school?  All of these questions and more are part of our “UNIS Hanoi Middle School Well-Being Tracker” survey that starts tomorrow. Students will be asked to reflect on the past 24hrs to answer the questions. In addition, there will be links included to help answer questions and offer support and celebration. The survey will go out weekly and the data will be used in conjunction with counseling and mentorship activities. If you have questions, please see your student’s email for a copy of the survey or stop by the Middle School Office.

Thanks for your support!
Marc, JJ, and the MS Team

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