MYP Parent Info Session

On Friday September 27, an MYP Parent session was held in the community room. It focused on how the MYP fits into the IB continuum in the way students are taught, assessed and with the skills that are developed. The connections between the PYP’s transdisciplinary themes and the Global Contexts of the MYP were explored and how they are used as entry points to real world inquires.  

We also looked at how the MYP can be viewed through the progression of the command terms and Approaches to Learning skills (ATL skills). We identified the command terms that are introduced to students in Grade 6, 8 and 10 and discovered how they grow in complexity throughout a student’s time in the MYP.  We took a closer look at this by focusing on the ATL skill of Communication to get a deeper understanding of the 24 sub communication skills that are taught throughout the MYP.  Thinking about how parents can help at home, we also looked at selected ATL skills that support inquiry-based learning and discussed ways that parents can engage their children in learning.

To finish our time together we explained how tasks and assignments are assessed through achievement level descriptors in the MYP and how end of year grades are determined by teachers.

If you missed this session, here’s the link to the presentation.

We would like to offer more specific workshops to assist in parents understanding of the MYP, if you have a particular aspect of the MYP that you would like to examine, please get in touch. 

Daniel Cooper

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