Build a family in Middle School!






Dear Middle School,

Calling on parents interested in getting more involved as Middle School Grade Level Parents:

  • play a key role in maintaining open and positive communication between families and the school
  • help build a friendly atmosphere in your grade level
  • welcome families who arrive mid-year

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I am happy to introduce myself as the MS representative on the SCO Executive for this school year.
I have a son, Cody in grade 6, and my daughter Caitlin is in Grade 9. My wife, Sharon is with a International NGO and this is our 4th year in Hanoi.
Please feel free to contact me in relation to SCO and middle school matters of a social/community context.I will try to help as best I can, or at least direct you to someone who may.
The SCO Executive is looking for grade level parents to help with aspects of the school year. This includes UN Day, making contact with new families that come in, and having the opportunity to speak with with middle school leadership in relation to the middle school and UNIS.
If you have an interest please contact me.
Grade levels 6, 7 and 8.
Kind regards and will be following for future events.
Garry Riechert
Middle School representative
School Community Organisation
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