Art Collaboration between Hanoi and New York City

Sharing artwork creates a dialogue about who you are and where you are from: An Art Collaboration between Hanoi and New York City

Early this school year Grade 8 artists created small Artist Trading Cards that were inspired by our city, Hanoi. These cards were used to inspire larger compositions and were sent to Grade 8 students at UNIS New York. In exchange, grade 8 artists in New York sent us mixed media linoleum print portraits. Grade 8 students on both sides of the world enjoyed considering the media and composition and reading what the artist wrote about the art piece.  Some students have become art pen pals via email correspondence.

Students are now working on an artwork in response to the artwork received. Here are some pictures of our UNIS Hanoi students creating art in response to the UNIS New York art. Students are working with a variety of media from painting, printing to ceramic tiles.

And some work in progress from New York:

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