Grades 6-9 Counselling Corner

Find out what Grades 6-9 have focused on during Counselling classes!

MS Counselling lessons have focused on supporting students to understand their self-identity.  Students have explored the various roles we fulfill in and outside of school which shapes our identity, how our self-identity can change over time and why and how we should accept and celebrate our peers’ identities.

Grade 9 Counselling lessons have focused on understanding (and therefore improving) our ability to self-motivate ourselves for whatever situations come our way. Students have learnt that combining what they love, what they are good at, what they can be paid for and what the world needs can potentially lead to a greater sense of purpose.
Speaking of which, thank you to the 30+ parents and UNIS Hanoi colleagues who attended the parent workshop ‘Raising Boys with Love’ on 25 January with the purpose of exploring positive parenting strategies for their teenage boys. It was greatly appreciated that parents shared their challenges and/or positive strategies with one another, the hope being that every parent left the workshop with an additional strategy and/or resource.
Have a relaxing and enjoyable TET holiday!
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