Middle School Design Classes in Action


We began the year in Grade 6 with a DIY challenge to make a gift for a family member. Students learned how to safely operate multiple tools in the workshop and discovered the importance of creating concept sketches and foam-core prototypes to test their ideas and perfect their measurements. Their final products have been taken home and their process has been documented on a new tool we are testing out in the MS in Design called Seesaw. 


We started our inter-disciplinary learning journey this year with several courses designed to combine knowledge from two MYP subjects. In this course, we coupled the iterative process in Design with the nutritional studies of Physical Health Education. During MasterChef Remix, students learned about the benefits of balancing proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables in their diet to create healthy fusion cuisines. They paired their menus as a group and competed in a multi-staged competition that offered them the chance to improve their dish using the design cycle. In the end, there could be only one group who won, but they all came away with a collective cookbook of their favorite cultural dishes. 

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