Shaving Cream, Caterpillars and Butterflys!!!




There was a little confusion with Show and Tell this week. Next week we will really begin and each child is invited to bring in something from home that they can discuss with the class. Please, no weapons of any kind.

If it is your child’s day, they are to place their show and tell in the show and tell box under my whiteboard until it is time for them to present.

Here is the schedule for each week


An, Eden, Emily, Hannah


Kwazii.Mina, Mici, Mimi


Noah T, Noah K, Sebi, Soma


Siho, Taksh, Thomas Yuna


                                              Image result for shaving cream

The children have been involved in Using shaving cream as a sensory experience this week. While involved in the experience the children have been asked to describe what they are feeling by using color, and size sentences. The children have also been exploring writing concepts by writing and drawing in the cream. Here are some pictures…


Every Monday the children have been exploring cooking and have been involved in making a variety of different recipes. This Monday Orange Juice was on the menu. Each child had a turn squeezing the juice out of the oranges to make juice. This prompted a lot of questions about why is there juice in the fruit? why dont we juice the skin? and why are the oranges green? A simple activity that encouraged and developed an array of oral language skills as well as developing fine motor skills and muscle control. Here are some juicy pics!!


Noah Tan’s mum came into explain Chinese New Year with the children and let us try some special treats. She explained a story about why the Chinese dress up in red and have loud drums and singing (because of a creature that would turn up once a year and they used these techniques to scare him away.) She also let us try some yummy treats as well. In Singapore, it is customary to give family and friends 2 oranges to say Happy New Year or Gong Xi Fa Cai pronounce cong si fa chai. So we were very lucky and Noah passed out 2 oranges and wished us a happy new year!! Here are some pictures.  


The children have been involved in making butterflies and caterpillars for our fairy garden inside the classroom. Each child was invited to paint a caterpillar with a ballon or make a butterfly by painting one side of the paper and folding it over. Each child cut out their creation and then decided where they would like to place it in on the tree. A lot of connections have been occurring with our real live garden and the children have been discussing what they see in the outside garden and how they would like to make it in the inside fairy garden. Here are some photos…


The Elementary School Snack Sale is a long-standing tradition at UNIS Hanoi. Over 25 years ago, the “Bake Sale” was created to raise funds for library books while providing students with the opportunity to taste a diverse range of snacks from all around the world! The Snack Sale has evolved into a fun opportunity for children to exercise choice, learn how to handle money and is raising awareness of the value of healthy snacks

How does the Snack Sale Work?

There are four snack sales per academic year. All Elementary School classes are divided into four groups of contributing classes so that each class will contribute to one snack sale. In order for your child to participate in the snack sale, please send him/her to school with money (Cost: 10,000VND per snack/ Limit 2 snacks per child).

The 2018-2019 Snack Sale Dates and Contributing Classes:

  • February 18 (All Grade 4 homerooms + Grade 2c + K1c + Discovery a +Discovery b)
  • May 13 (All Grade 1 + Grade 2d + K1a + K1b)

What to Bring?

As a Nut and Allergy Aware campus we require all snacks to include a list of ingredients. When it is your turn to be a contributing class, we encourage that each family supports the ES Snack Sale by providing:

  • 10 individually wrapped homemade snacks (the value of each treat should be at least 10,000VND)
  • A labeled container/dish with your child’s class and name
  • On the morning of the snack sale, please deliver the snacks BEFORE 8.10am to the designated tables in the ECC or ES Courtyard

Healthy Snacks are Important Everyday!

Need Healthy Snack Ideas? Check out these yummy websites:

Jamie Oliver – Healthy Snacks
Lolly Jane – Healthy Fun Kids Snacks – 32 Healthy Kids Snacks
Super Healthy Kids
BBC Good Food – Kids Snacks

Please note, we will not sell any Choco-pies, chips, candies, pre-packaged cookies or chocolate bars.

Have a wonderful weekend

Ms L


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Hello, everyone, we have had a lovely week of celebrating TET. The children have particularly enjoyed making their very own Peach Blossom trees. The children have been blowing ink onto paper to make the TET branches and then adding tissue paper for the blossoms. Apart from teaching the children about the traditions of Vietnam, it has also encouraged the children to develop their oral motor skills and oral articulators. It is important for children to have strong and mobile articulators. These include our lips, cheeks, jaw, and tongue and these are especially important for beginner language learners. Here are some pictures of us involved in these activities.

                                                 GALETTE DES ROIS

Yuna also brought in a cake to celebrate her new years and we played a game which is traditional in Germany and France. Each child was given a piece of cake and whoever found the toy in their piece of cake got to be the king or the queen for the day. Thank you so much Yuna and your family, Noah k was the king for the day. Here are some quick snaps.

If you would like to come in and celebrate your culture with our class, we would love it, Just drop me a line to let me know what you would like to do and we can fit it into our schedule.


On Thursday we had our traditional TET assembly. The children were so good walking to the theater and then sitting through the TET show. After the show, we watched a traditional dragon dance. It was a little loud, but we were all so brave and watched it very intently. Here are some pictures and videos of this event.


If you find a lucky envelope in your bag, Thomas and his family have given every member of Discovery a lucky TET envelope. Thomas was able to present to each child the envelope and we all said chúc mừng năm mới to each other!!! Here are some photos!!!


Speaking skills and listening skills are highly valued in Discovery. We have been working with the children on speaking in full sentences to describe each other using the picture prompts (above). These prompts support the children to create a descriptive sentence about color (Laura has a blue t-shirt), numbers (Laura  has 2 eyes), size (Laura has long hair) or action (Laura is riding her bike). Learning to formulate and speak sentences will also support their writing later on.

YOUR SUPPORT NEEDED: We will continue this work by inviting the children to talk about an object from home. Please remind your child to select and bring in an object on their ‘Show and Tell’ day every week. See schedule below. Please do not send any large toys, weapons or any very valuable objects.


An, Eden, Emily, Hannah


Kwazii.Mina, Mici, Mimi


Noah T, Noah K, Sebi, Soma


Siho, Taksh, Thomas Yuna




There was great excitement as the children enjoyed participating in the walkathon today. The blue sky came out for us too! Many thanks to all the parents who supported the event through sponsoring and volunteering. We will return all the forms with number of laps recorded to enable you to collect the money and send it in after the Tet break. Here are some photos of the walkathon.

Have a great new year and we will see you back after the TET break!!!

Ms L

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Last week and more

                                                                         Last week


Last week we continued looking after and caring for our garden. The children have been having turns in watering and caring for our vegetables and plants. We have been fascinated by the caterpillars that are growing in amongst our broccoli plants. Because of this interest, we have changed our home corner into a garden area and we are slowly going to add different aspects to the garden. Last week we made our own flower pictures by drawing stems on black paper and dipping our fingertips into the paint. Here are some pictures of this experience.


As part of our Unit of Inquiry about materials, we are exploring materials traditionally used in Vietnam. We invited a lady who has been making conical hats for almost 60 years. It was fascinating to watch the process as well as explore the leaves and bamboo used. She has left us with some of her materials so we can explore them in the classroom next week. Here are some photos

                                                       This Week 


Every Monday the children are involved in cooking experiences in the ECC kitchen. This week the children made omelets. Cooking provides wonderful opportunities to encourage and develop mathematical vocabulary. Using phrases such as more and less when weighing ingredients, counting spoonfuls or time when waiting as well as comparing, adding and patterns and shapes. Here are some pictures of us making omelets.


This week we continued our materials unit by painting the conical hats that were left by the conical hat maker. Each child was invited to paint their hat with a variety of different colors. Here are the pictures of the children involved in this activity. Each child has a conical hat that we will hang in class. Here are some photos of the first process.

Special Dates

Tuesday 29th January: Make sure your Walkathon form has been returned

Tuesday 29th January: Reports available 

Wednesday 30th January: Parent Teacher Conferences (no school for children)

Thursday 31st January: Wear an Ao Dai (children will attend the Tet assembly and dragon dance)

Friday 1st February: The Walkathon. Wear sports clothes. Parents welcome to join in with the children running and/or walking

2nd February – 10th February inclusive: Tet Holiday

18th February: Snack Sale

Have a great weekend

Ms L





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Welcome back!!



Welcome back, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year. I certainly did, I was able to see lots of ice, snow, and wildlife in Antartica and the children have enjoyed looking at the different animal photos that I have shared. The children have come back happy and excited to see each other and it has been great to see how much they have grown and developed over the past three weeks.


This week the children had become quite interested in box construction in their play and so several children have been working on making different types of box constructions. In the classroom, we have different recycled materials out for the children to use in whatever creative way they choose too. Lots of mathematical discussions occurred during this time, including talking about length and measurement as well as developing our problem-solving skills by working out how to add and stick on different materials to their constructions.  Here are some photos of their work


We have been continuing to work on our Discovery vegetable garden. The children have been helping to put compost on the garden, plant some new herbs and seeds as well as add our new garden fence. The children have really enjoyed developing their own garden and fingers crossed we are able to eat some of the things that we have grown. Here are some pictures of gardening in action.


The children really enjoyed looking at the pictures of my trip to Antartica. Lots of cool questions came up like: what do whales eat? where did you sleep? what is that (looking at an iceberg) Do you live there, what do penguins eat?  Here are some photos of us looking at these photos.


The children were asked to represent their holidays by drawing it with coloured pencils. Encouraging the children to draw,  promotes pre-writing skills. These skills are fundamental and are needed to be developed before a child learns to write. These skills include each child’s ability to hold and use a pencil,  put pressure on the paper, draw, copy and colour. Each child was able to talk about their holiday and was able to represent their ideas on the paper. Here are some photos of the experiences.

Please if you have not sent in a holiday photo that was requested on SeeSaw, please email me this ASAP with a small explanation of where you went or did at home as we will begin to talk about these next week. 

Have a great week

Ms L 


The Nutcracker


Image result for the nutcracker

The children have been exploring the Nutcracker in music class with Ms. Alexis and today the whole ECC had a performance in the theatre on stage. I was so proud of everyone as all of the children remembered the actions and followed Ms. Alexis’s instructions. Here is a copy of the performance….. Please excuse the shaky video!!



During SDG week, Ms Emily and K2D showed us their big compost bins and taught us about composting. Today they came over to give us a wonderful gift. They presented us with a small compost bin just for Discovery! They had created signs for the outside to remind us what to put in and what not to put in. We look forward to composting all our fruit waste from now on :o)


15th December – 6th January inclusive: Winter Break school closed

28th January: Reports available on Veracross

30th January: Parent Teacher Conferences

I hope everyone one has a wonderful Christmas break. I am off to Antarctica… See you in 2019 

Field Trip

This week has been a short week and a very interesting week for the children. While I was away from the children I had asked Mr. Lamont to continue working on where we come from.  He discussed with the children where they came from and placed photos onto a map. Here are some pictures.

I am sure you all heard about the field trip we went on. It was a great success with lots of discussions about fruit and vegetables and lots of opportunities for harvesting corn and arrowroot. The highlight of the trip was, of course, the bus ride as we sang the wheels on the bus over and over again as well as abcd and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. On Thursday we cooked some of the corn that we harvested and on Friday we got to cut up and eat the fruit.

Here are some photos. Please look at them with your child and please feel free to post any comments of their wonderings and discussions on the blog…..

Have a good weekend


Ms L



Image may contain: one or more people and crowd

This week we have been exploring the SDG’S in our classroom and in particular, we have been looking at Goal no 15 life on land.

To begin the children were asked what their favourite SDG goal was. I was very happy that everyone had a favourite and was able to explain it (or at least point to it). We then made drawings of our favourite SDG’S and the children reflected on why they were their favourites. Check out the pictures here…..

We also finished our flags and began making a veggie garden. The children were involved in pulling out all of the old plants and weeds and turning the soil. The soil was so dry that we had to water it. Stay tuned for the progress……. My goal is to hopefully make this a sustainable garden which the children are involved in planting and harvesting and hopefully eating some of the fruits and vegetables from it. Here are photos of the beginnings…

You should all have received a permission trip form about going to the organic farm. These are due next week as we leave on the 5th of December.

Thanks for a great UN day!! Here are some photos and a special video of the day

Thanks for a great week… I am away in HongKong on Monday and Tuesday so you can email Ms Hung or Ms Mai if you need anything.


We appreciate you too and Flags!!

We appreciate you too

Thank you so much for your gratitude, kind words, flowers, and gifts on Teacher Day this week. We all felt very appreciated by individual families as well as the amazing events and treats organized by parent volunteers.

UN Day

This week we have been preparing the children for UN day which is on Friday the 30th of November. We have been discussing the different countries that the children come from and what their flags look like. Please support us by talking about the most important countries for your child as we will be continuing our discussions next week.


Here are some more photos of flag making and flag discussions.

We have also been practicing our UN day song. This song is titled THE VOICE and is a song that has been covered many times. It is a song that we will be practicing many times over the next week so I have also added the youtube link so feel free to practice along at home.

On UN Day your child will need their hat, snack and water bottle as usual. Most families come for the assembly, eat lunch with their children and then take their children home. Therefore, the children will be dismissed directly after the assembly from the classroom and will remain in your care after that. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not try to take your child as we are walking from assembly to the classroom. There are so many people on that day, we do not want to think we have lost someone. Once all the children are safely back in the classroom, we will dismiss them in the normal way. Please make your way to our classroom straight after the assembly and you can take them to the lunch buffet in the ECC gym. If for any reason you will not be at UN day or if your child will still be riding the bus, please let us know. 

Next week is global goals week at UNIS.  We will put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and center in our thinking and our learning. As part of the Global Goals week, we will be having a Nude Food Picnic on Thursday, November 29th. Put simply, Nude Food Day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information, click here. We will share more in our next blog post.

Room Parent

The Discovery B room parent is Fiona Barbara, and she is Mimi’s mother. To best help and support her help in this role I would be very appreciative if you could respond to emails sent by her in regard to classroom activities and experiences. She has also set up a whats app group for the class. Her most recent email is in regard to UN day which is the most important day of the unis school year. Please fill in the form in regard to the dish you will bring in and whether you can help with clean up or not. Here is the email again and if you have not filled in the food document please do so!!

UN Day Community Lunch
Here is the link for the combined Discovery lunch which follows UN Day, Friday, November 30th.
This lunch will be shared with K1 in the ECC Sports Center at 10:30
Please sign up ASAP to bring something to contribute to the lunch.  (If you can, you may also sign up to volunteer to clean-up after the lunch.). Here are the specifications on what you can bring –

What should I bring?

  • One national dish per child (serving size: 10+ portions)
  • List the food ingredients, name of food and country of origin (food label will be attached in an additional email).
  • Food should not require refrigeration/heating.
  • Food should be easily served — no soupy dishes.
  • Label your dish tray with your child’s full name & homeroom.

As part of our commitments to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), there will be no single-use plastics used in the organization of this event. All families are encouraged to come up with create alternatives to single-use plastics when preparing food.

 In the meantime, as always, contact me with any concerns either on email or whats app: +491795038875

Field Trip

Look out for a rare paper letter coming home next week. We will send a permission slip for you to sign allowing your child to go on a field trip to the organic farm.

A lot of information this week, but it will be for a great cause. Have a great weekend and see you next week!!

Ms L




Open classrooms

Open Classrooms                                 

Thank you so much to everyone for coming to our open classrooms this week. I hope that you can see how the children are allowed to set their own learning goals and explore these alone or with others. If you missed this time we do have some more scheduled over the year so please watch out for this. The children were so excited to have you come and share alongside their everyday learning experiences and were quite excited for the rest of the day!!  Here are some photos of open classrooms over the past two days.


At school, here are some of the many things your children are able to:

  • feed themselves
  • peel their own fruit
  • open their own packets
  • put on shoes and socks
  • pack their snack and water bottle into their bag
  • wipe themselves after going to the toilet
  • refill their water bottle
  • change their clothes

The more they practice these skills, the more confident they will be in their abilities. Please support your child by being less helpful and be ok with watching them struggle – this is what learning looks like. This is counterintuitive, requires us to allow more time and to be patient, but it is worth it. When allowing our children to do things for themselves, we are teaching them that we trust their abilities and have confidence in them.


                                              Image result for pj masks

On Friday afternoon, several of the children decided that they wanted to make masks. We photocopied a mask template that Ms. Laura found in the staff room and then the children were left to work. Lots of communication and collaboration occurred as well as asking questions and finding out the questions while cutting out the masks. Here are some quick snaps of the children who were involved in this activity. Here are some quick photos that I took on Friday afternoon!!!

Have a great weekend

Ms L


Outdoor play day and more

                                                             OUTDOOR PLAY DAY

On Thursday the children were in involved in outdoor play day. This was a huge success, with lots of experiences set up both in the early childhood center and outside grass area. We first started out with our G2 buddies and sang the good morning song with each other. Then the children were allowed to explore both the grass area outside the early childhood center and then flow into the early childhood center.  This allowed the children to really have agency and take ownership of their learning.

As children make meaningful decisions and choices about things which affect them, they begin to see themselves as rich, competent, capable learners, as valuable and valued citizens within their services and within the community.

Have a look at some photos of the day. It was a great day of community, learning, and responsibility.

                                                             DIVALIImage result for diwali

We were also very lucky this week to have Taksh and his mummy Arushi come to talk to us about the Divali festival. This festival is a Hindu festival of lights, held in the period October to November. It is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and marks the beginning of the fiscal year in India. We were so lucky to see traditional diyas that they brought in and we even made some out of flour. At the end of the session, Taksh’s mummy put a bindi on our forehead as is traditional in the Hindi culture. Here are some photos

Thanks so much, Tasksh and Arushi.


                                               DRESS UP DAY

Last Wednesday the children had a chance to dress up for the day, we had superheroes, princesses, witches, snowmen and more. Because of the short week last, we the photos were not published but here they are for you to look at. As you can see we had many different types of characters in our class.  Here are some photos 


Thank you to the parents who came to the Discovery/K1 Parent Math Morning on Wednesday led by our UNIS Math coach, Beth Murray. One of the slides was of the 8 Mathematical Practices we use throughout the school and the way they might be observed in an early years setting. This was shared as a tool to help parents identify mathematics in their child’s play.  Please let us know if there was anything else Beth shared that you would like a copy of.


We warmly invite you to our Elementary School Open Classrooms – next Thursday and Friday,
15th-16th November. Discovery B can be seen at the following times:

Thursday 9.30-10.30am HOMEROOM (includes snack)

Thursday 1.45-2.25 Vietnamese with Ms Dung

Friday 8.30-9.20am: HOMEROOM

Friday 9.25-10.05am: Music with Ms Alexis

Friday 10.05-10.30: Picnic snack outside (weather permitting)

Friday 10.30-11.10am: P.E

What are Open Classrooms?
Open Classrooms showcase learning in action. On two days, at selected times, our classrooms are open for you to observe lessons that put our philosophy into practice.
Purpose of Open Classrooms
Open Classrooms is for parents to get an insider’s view of what life is like inside the classrooms at UNIS. By opening up our classroom doors we would like to give parents a glimpse of student-centered, constructivist teaching and learning in action. We aim to demonstrate our inquiry-based teaching philosophy which is central to our identity as an IB school.
How does it work?
● Classrooms will be designated as ‘open’ for certain lessons on Thursday and
Friday, 15th-16th November 2018.
● All specialist lessons will be designated as ‘open’ on Thursday 15th November (all day) and
on Friday 16th November (until 11.10am).
● What you will see will be a snapshot of our regular lessons, routines, and activities.
● Parents may attend any of their child’s open lessons – both homeroom classes and specialist lessons.
● Parents may only visit open lessons in classes that their own child attends.

What is my responsibility as a visitor to an active learning environment?
● Silence when the class is gathered together. Put away all mobile devices.
● Please enter classrooms quietly and be on time. We recommend you stay for at least 20
minutes to see the flow of the lesson.
● Interact with your children only when/if invited to do so.
● Please leave younger siblings at home with a caregiver, so that you may give you full
attention to your child’s class.
● All parents must wear their UNIS Parent ID badge.
● Photographing students is not permitted.

Have a great weekend

Ms L