G4 French N1 – Le francais c’est super facile!


During our previous unit “Learning to learn” we discovered the basics to be able to follow our class routine: class actions, numbers up to 30 for the date, days of the weeks …

We have just started our Unit 1 about “Who I am” – Your child is going to learn to write about numbers and building small dialogues, responding to simple questions such as ” comment tu t’appelles?”, “tu as francais?”, “tu parles combien de langues?…


Our routine is:

2 minutes of mindfulness:  > singing the song of the week > setting the date  > looking at our daily language content and objectives that one of the student is writing under spelling> expressing our felling of the day “ca va super/ comme ci comme ca/ ca va mal” > activities (listening/ speaking and reading /writing…).

Don’t hesitate to ask them to share their learning… they already know so much!

Unit 1 : My Hobbies


Bonjour la classe 4!

My name is Mr. Christophe and I will be teaching Grade 4, Novice 2.

I am teaching your child 3 periods of week of 40 minutes each time.

  • on Mondays
  • on Thursdays
  • on Fridays

Since the beginning of school year, we all have been focusing on classroom routines and getting to know each others in order for students and I to create a good classroom environnement and to build community so everybody is enjoying learning French all year long.

Recently, we have started a new unit and our central idea is Language can be used to describe our passions and see our community differently.

Our learning intentions for the unit are :

  • Students will be able to talk about their hobbies.
  • Students will be able to write a blog or a letter to a friend about their passions and hobbies
  • Student will be able to create sentences using the complexity of the French verbs

Students have been log in on a quizlet account so they can practice the vocabulary of the unit and practice the spelling of each words. Here is the link if you would like them to practice at home.


Au revoir!



What we are learing

Dear Parents,
This year Grade 4 have Chinese Mandarin classes three times a week. They are on Monday, Thursday and Friday.
Here are the units that we are going to explore throughout the year:
· My Routine and Hobbies
· Celebrations: Moon festival, Chinese New Year and other Festivals
· Healthy Choices
· Travel to the heritage sites
We are now focusing on the Moon Festival. We will soon started our unit about my Routine and hobbies.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at ali@unishanoi.org