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  1. Differentiated Geometry Math Centers

    June 3, 2014 by kwalsh

    During the past few days the students have been working in groups during math time. Each group was given specific math tasks to complete.  Tasks assigned to each group were meant to challenge them at their current level. The tasks included many skills learned throughout the Geometry unit as well as some previous skills from other units. Each group was given a set of clues to solve. They were to read each clue and then try to make the figure or structures. Once they were completed they had to check through the clues to determine if they succeeded or not.

    Skills Used

    Geometry and Spatial Reasoning in Three Dimensions


    Process of Elimination

    Finding Alternative Solutions

  2. Hands on Equations

    May 26, 2014 by kwalsh

    This past week I challenged the students to solve algebraic equations. At first I put up on the board a sample equations.


    I asked if anyone could tell me how to solve it. None could, but I told them not to worry because as soon as they learn Hands on Equations they will not only be able to solve the equation but visualize it in their heads and understand it.

    Of course they looked quite shocked, but it only took two lesson for them to start visualizing in their heads.

    They can all confidently solve algebraic equations and even asked for more algebra lessons. I am so glad they found algebra fun!




  3. Activities

    May 21, 2014 by kwalsh

    Activities at UNIS

    At UNIS, we have had a lot of activities this year. We had Athletic day, Sport day, Swim meet, MAP test, Field trips, Snack sale, Toy sale, UN day, Spring fair, Exhibition, Camp, Dance parties, and I’m sure there is more waiting for us. There will be the grade 5 Graduation party, graduation of the grade 12 students. My  two favorite activities at UNIS this year was Athletic day and Sport day because my house the Eagles won. During those activities we had a lot of fun games and activities. My worst activity or the one I didn’t like was the Swim Meet because I  was to slow. I was racing against people on the Swim team.  I didn’t even get third place. Plus, my house the Eagles came in fourth place. I also liked grade 5 Camp because I got a chance to hike, sleep in the same room with my friends and go camping without my parents.


    • Which activity did you like most? (It can be activities that are not up there)
    • Why do you like that activity?
    • If you can add any activities you want, what would you want to add? Why?

  4. Puberty

    May 20, 2014 by kwalsh



    So, now we are talking about the thing we have all been looking forward to: Puberty! What is it? Well, Puberty is the stage in every child’s life when they experience physical and mental changes by which their bodies will overtime grow in an adult’s body. During Puberty, Hormones are the ones that will make sure you start growing. Hormones are the chemicals in your body that will cause mood swings, intense emotions, crushes on others, and will help your body grow into an adult.

    Some people are uncomfortable with learning about Puberty, and that’s OK. But everyone will NEED to know about what happens during Puberty.  Why do we have to learn about this? We have to be prepared for what is coming ahead of us so that we don’t feel like there is something wrong with us. A lot of kids, as I know from experience, are blocking their ears whenever a private part is mentioned in a conversation. The Private Parts shouldn’t be words you have to be afraid of; you shouldjust be able to say it comfortably. You are going to mention them to your parents, so why be afraid?

    Everyone feels differently regarding learning about Puberty.  Some people feel uncomfortable about learning this in a group environment, and others might feel thatlearning about Puberty is good because you can be prepared. These are two sides of the issue. It doesn’t matter what you think about Puberty because; we all go through it. I personally feel that learning about Puberty is good because we will be able to know what we should expect when we do get to that stage of life.

    As you know, we are all different. No human is exactly the same. We don’t all start puberty at the exact same time and age. For some people, they may start at nine. For others, they may start at fifteen. Whatever your age, Puberty will happen and you will experience it. An interesting fact you might know is that girls start Puberty before boys. This doesn’t mean that they will go through Puberty faster than boys, they only started before.

    Girls go through Puberty earlier than boys because girls tend to optimize brain connections before boys. Boys go through Puberty later than girls because boys tend to optimize brain connections after girls. If you realize that you or your best friend has started Menstruation (another name for Period) before you or after her, don’t feel left out because of this. If you realize that your best friend or you have developed facial hair before you or after him, don’t start getting fake beards to stick on your face.

    We all grow at different rates, which is completely normal. You will have your whole life to mature and go through Puberty. So don’t wish your life away. You need to Demonstrate Patience. How are you feeling about our current U.O.I? Do you enjoy learning about Puberty?

    Here is the link to a website about Puberty.

    I have a couple of Puberty YouTube videos. One is for boys, here, and one is for girls, here.

    Gracie 5KW

  5. Math Challenge

    March 26, 2014 by kwalsh

    Last week’s Math Challenge was a bit challenging.

    Here is Na Youn explaining to the class how she solved the math challenge problem.

    Excellent explanation of how to solve a tough math problem. Thank you for being a Risk- Taker Na Youn and for sharing your learning with all of us!

  6. If the world were a village

    March 13, 2014 by kwalsh


    How we formulate questions

    For reading and writing today we watched this video clip:

    If the World were a Village


    While watching we wrote down burning questions we had. We shared our questions with each other and made connections to what we already know or read before. We discussed the deeper themes and messages that arise when we all share the same planet.

    Here are some pictures and a Worlde of the main words that came up during our discussions.


    wordle- village










    We took time to ponder the answers to these questions. We shared our thoughts with one another. It was a very powerful lesson on thinking about the reasons why as well as knowing how to think critically and ask deep questions.

    Here are a list of our class’s questions.

    1. Why are some treated unfairly?
    2. Will we have enough resources?
    3. Why is half the world poor?
    4. Why are girls forced to walk for water?
    5. Why do some cultures prevent girls from going to school?
    6. Why do some not have access to education?
    7. Why do so many not have access to clean water?
    8. Why can’t everyone share wealth?
    9. What happens if we lose people in the village?
    10. Can everyone live fairly?
    11. What change can you make?
    12. Why are so many illiterate?
    13. Why aren’t resources distributed equally?
    14. How can communicate with so many languages?
    15. Why do some cultures value men over women?
    16. Why is there so much inequality?
    17. Why do some countries have more successful economies?
    18. Why are there so many chickens?
    19. If there really is enough food in the world why do some people go hungry?
    20. Will we treat each other fairly?

    What wonderful thinking that happened today in 5KW!







  7. Exhibition offically begins

    March 3, 2014 by kwalsh


    Exhibition Tuning In Activity

    Today we looked at the concept of perspective. Students were shown a picture of a giraffe being euthanized in public at a Denmark Zoo. The students then wrote down their immediate thoughts. Afterwards we showed them a video clip explaining why this giraffe was killed. Students then wrote down their new thoughts. Our desire was for students to see and understand both sides of an issue.

    ex 2photo 4photo 1photo 2tune in 1















    Round Table Discussions

    As a whole grade 5 activity we held round table discussions. On each table was an issue with a neutral statement. Students discussed what the arguments for and against it could be as well as who would be for it or against it.  With the Giraffe activity those against it might be educators, vegetarians, animal rights people and those for it could be scientist, zoo keepers, educators and so forth. After each discussion the students wrote down “First I thought, Now I think.”

    Ask your child to share about the activities today. I am sure they will have a lot to say!

    Students will have Exhibition homework to complete: Due Wednesday.

    The Exhibition Website:

    Math: We are completing a budgeting activity from last week and will be focusing on the math concept of data handling.

    English. Literary circles will continue and written activities will connect to perspective activities related to the Exhibition

    Up Coming Events

    Friday, March 7 – Sport’s Day. Starts at 12.30pm

    Tuesday, March 11 2pm-3.15pm Grade 5 Student Led Conference




  8. Math Budget project

    February 25, 2014 by kwalsh

    Today the students were given the following math assignment to complete with a partner.


    Your 5Th Grade Class Graduation Party: Budget
    Ms. Carol has asked you and your partner to propose a meal menu for your class to celebrate your Grade 5 Graduation. She has given you a budget of 275,000.00 VND per student and teacher from your class. You need to organize a take away party for your class that must include the following items…
    You must include:
    • Drinks
    • Food
    • Dessert
    There should be a variety of food items and at least two choices of each of the items above. Please consider surveying your class for food they like and dislike. Include your survey in your final answer if you complete one.
    You can choose any restaurant of your choice from the following website in the Hanoi, Tay Ho district.
    Skills used and needed to show evidence of in your presentation:
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Addition and subtraction
    • Percentages and fractions
    • Decimals and place value
    Your presentation
    • This presentation will be completed on your tablet using any software that you and your partner decide on as well your math notebook.
    •  Any math calculations/ notes should be included in your final presentation along with a printed copy of your final menu.
    • It should be easily understood and pleasant on the eyes for your fellow students to understand. ( Less is more)
    Ms. Carol would prefer the final menu and calculations to be in both USD and VND. The conversion rate is $1.00 USD = 21,000.00
    Due Date: Final presentation is due on Friday February 28th. You will have class time and it can be a part of your Thursday night homework if need be.

    Many students realized that they needed to first start with surveying the class.


    survey 1survey4survey3survey2survey 6survey 5

    The students were so motivated and excited about this project! However, I needed to let them know that this is just a math assignment and will not actually happen for their grade 5 graduation.  They were a bit disappointed, but were still super excited to work  on this! Stay tuned for updates on this project!


  9. Lack of clean water

    February 24, 2014 by kwalsh

    Clean water can cause people to get diseases. Also, the people who drink dirty water can possibly die from the disease in the water. Lack of clean water is caused by poor infrastructure. Infrastructure is basic facilities such as water systems, transports, communications and more. I am upset to know that people are dying because they can’t access water. This makes me think that every country should have wealthy infrastructure. The people who are responsible for the poor infrastructure are the country themselves.

    Sometimes natural disasters such as a tsunami or a floods can destroy the infrastructure of a country. Natural disasters can be stopped by stopping deforestation. We have learnt about deforestation from Vincent’s hot topic, but did you know that trees can protect people and infrastructure? Let’s say that a tsunami happened in a country, and if the country had a lot of trees near the sea, then the trees will block the tsunami. This means that people can have a better infrastructure. I believe that this may be the solution for some countries that seem to not have access to clean water because of disasters. Although this might be the solution, I know that some countries just can’t access water because they don’t have money.

    I think that this is a serious problem and everyone should be able to access clean water. What do you think I or we could do to stop this problem?

    Here is a video that might help you understand better:


  10. Fractions, Decimals and Percents

    February 19, 2014 by kwalsh

    The students have been investigating and learning all about fractions. They have learned how to interchange fractions, decimals and percentages. I recently challenged  them to work together to order them all on a number line.



    number 2

    number 3

    number 4

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