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Graphic Design Technology Exhibition

On Thursday we went to the Year 9 and Year 10 Graphic Design Exhibition and we were amazed at the work they had done! There were robots, amazing lights and many other clever designs and creations. The children took photos of their favourite designs and we are sharing them now with you.


Digital Stories

With Ms. Michelle’s help, we created our own digital narratives using PhotoStory!  We planned the narrative, included all needed components, and then recorded ourselves telling the story.  Click on the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the video (triangle on bottom right side) to scroll through the stories.

Rattan Village Field Trip

1KB had a very successful field trip to the Rattan Village on Monday. We saw the process from the beginning with bamboo and wicker plants growing through to the end product of baskets being made. We even saw a cradle for a baby that had been made from bamboo and wicker!

Here are some memories of our field trip:

Student Led Conferences

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Student Led Conferences. The children were very proud and excited about sharing their learning with you. They also loved having that special time with you and receiving the positive feedback you gave them.

Fun Sports Day

Everyone had a lot of fun at our recent Sports Day.  There was a lot of cooperation and good sportsmanship which was wonderful to see happen. Some scenes from the day starring 1KB  are found below.




Author Visit

The children really enjoyed their lesson with children’s author, Peter Brown, on Tuesday and his presentation at our Assembly on Wednesday. He made his story, Children Make Terrible Pets, come alive for all of us and then showed the children how to draw the main character using straight lines, squiggly lines and a circle which linked in well to our new Mathematics inquiry into shape and patterns.



Peter Brown’s explanation of drawing his characters tied in well with our new Mathematics unit of inquiry on 2 Dimensial and 3 Dimensial shapes. We will be exploring:
• classifying 2D & 3D Shapes according to their properties (corner, sides, vertices, faces, edges, roll, slide)
• 3D shapes are usually made up of 2D faces
• 2D shapes are flat; 3D shapes have depth
• A side is a line which forms the boundary of a shape
• A corner is where 2 lines meet
• A Face is the surface of a shape that can be flat or curved
• An Edge is where 2 faces meet and can be straight or curved
• A Vertex is where 2 or more edges meet (plural: vertices)

Snack Sale this Friday, 1st March

Confirming details about the SCO Snack Sale of this Friday, March 1st.

• Your child can bring 20,000 VND to school if they want to participate. Each snack is 10,000VND. Children can buy up to 2 snacks each. Please let your child know that we cannot accept lunch tickets from the canteen.
• 1KB is one of the snack contributing classes for this sale and a letter is going home Tuesday with your child giving details.
• We will not display or sell any choco-pies, chips, candies, chocolates or snacks that contain nuts of any kind.
• As some students have egg, nut or other food allergy we will have a list of students’ food allergies from the nurse’s office at the snack sale table for reference.
Thank you for your support with our Snack Sale!
Snack Sale Coordinators

A Very Busy Week!

We had a lot of interesting events and activities taking place in Grade One this week. We began the week with setting up our plant experiments to explore the conditions plants need to grow and be healthy. On Tuesday we had our Tet Field trip to the Pagoda and the Flower Market where the children did some shrewd bargaining for flowers. Wednesday was our 100 Days of School celebration while Thursday and Friday saw us celebrating Tet with a special assembly and a Dragon Dance. Below are some memories of these exciting events.



Thank you to everyone who came along to share in the celebration of our learning at our recent Performing Arts Celebration. The children were very proud of their achievements and enjoyed sharing them with you.

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