Friday 7 December 2019

K2D Scientists

We have enjoyed a lovely week full of wonderful experiments. On Monday we went to the Middle School Science Labs. We had a great time making exploding elephant’s toothpaste; looking at plant and human cells under a microscope; heating and cooling metal to make it expand and contract; heating chemicals to make them change colours; and boiling coloured liquids in our hands.  In our classroom we combined vinegar and baking soda to make a volcano, mixed water, oil and food colouring to produce water fireworks, and explored the effects of salt on ice.  Through all these experiments we have been exploring the scientific process.  We start with a question, then form a hypothesis to attempt to answer our question.  Next we conduct an experiment and record our observations. From this we come to a conclusion about our original question.

Maison Marou Chocolate Field Trip

Next Wednesday we visit Maison Marou and explore our scientific questions about chocolate! We will leave school at 9.30 and return at 11.30.

Reminders for next week

  • Next week will be Week A. PE is on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Library is on Monday
  • December 11 Chocolate field trip
  • Thursday December 12 is Winterfest. It runs from 5 to 7pm here at school and is run by the Middle School and High School service learning groups.
  • December 14 – January 5 Winter Break
  • If you would like to sign up to be a Mystery Reader, please add your name to this form.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend.



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