Scientists at Work

Scientists at Work

In our new unit we have been learning how scientists use their 5 senses to explore and discover the world around them. We have begun to think like scientists and ask questions and wonderings about many different topics. Some of our current wonderings include:

Emma: Why does it (basil leaf) smell so good but taste yucky?

Long: What is inside (musical egg shaker?

Gavin: Why does it (playdough) smell like that (mint)?

Catherine: Can we listen to the flowers with our ears?

Kiara: Could these flowers grow again?

Jake: Why do my feet touch?

Madhavan: Why does it (small drum) have 6 strings?

Open Classrooms

Thank you to everyone who came to Open Classrooms on Tuesday. It was lovely to see you all enjoying a day in the life of your child.

Happy Birthday to Long!

On Friday we celebrated Long’s 6th Birthday. From all of K2C we wish you a Happy Birthday Long!

From the Teacher’s Desk

Friday, Saturday December 6 and 7: Gr. 2 & 3 Musical The Aristocats 
Thursday, 12th December: Winterfest
Friday, 13th December: Winter Break Begins

Next week will be Week A



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