Happy New Year… See you all in 2020!

Festive Fun!

This week was a festive filled week of fun. We went ice skating in our classroom, had a snowball fight with K2D, made Snowflakes and Sugar Cookies. We even had a Christmas Party with our Buddies and all of the Elementary (Huge thanks to Grade 5 for organizing!)

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Linus’s mom Julia for coming in as our Mystery Reader this week. We loved listening to the story in German, and reading the beautiful illustrations to find out what was happening.

Wherever in the world you may be going for this December break we wish you happiness and time with your loved ones. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020! Safe travels!

From the Teacher’s Desk

Monday January 6th: First day back

Wednesday January 22nd: Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday January 23rd: TET Assembly

Friday January 24th: TET Holiday begins.

When we return it will be WEEK B.


Chemical Re-Actions… full of Action!

What a Reaction!

This week in our continuation of learning how our world works we began looking at chemical reactions and the scientific process. We started with some simple chemical experiments, making a volcano and fireworks in a jar. We then went to the Middle School Science lab to see how to make Elephant Toothpaste, and play with fire! (in a very safe controlled manner…). While there we got to see some animal and plant cells and boil water with our hands! The week finished with quite a bang as we conducted a chemical reaction experiment in our mouths. Make sure to ask us all about it!

Upcoming Field Trip- Wednesday December 11th

Next week Wednesday we will be continuing our inquiry into how chocolate is made, why it can look and taste different and what makes it so yummy. We will be leaving at 8:30 am sharp so please make sure your child is to school on time this day. Thank you for your cooperation. We are expected to return to school at 10:30am.

From the Teacher’s Desk

Friday December 6th and Saturday December 7th– Grade 2 & 3 Musical: The Aristocats. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday December 11th: Field trip to Maison Marou

Thursday December 12th: Winterfest from 5:00-7:00pm

Friday December 13th: December break begins

Monday January 6th: First day back to school.

Next week will be Week A.

Scientific Wonderings

Exploring Scientific Wonderings and the Scientific Process

This week we have continued expanding our knowledge of what is a scientist and what a scientist does. We have learned a scientist uses their senses to help them discover and explore. We have begun to look at a scientific process or cycle by looking at chocolate and pizza. What are our chocolate wonderings? Why does chocolate taste so yummy and yucky? How did we learn why people like pizza? Ask us these questions to learn our current thinkings and understandings.

Watch our Garden Grow

We have officially planted seeds and now we play the ever challenging waiting game. Ask your child what we have planted. Stay tuned to see if any of it grows.

Mystery Reader

This week’s Mystery Reader was Kiara’s mum. Thanks so much for reading to us!

From the Teacher’s Desk

Friday December 6th and Saturday December 7th– Grade 2 & 3 Musical: The Aristocats. Tickets are now on sale, make sure to grab yours while they last!

Wednesday December 11th: Field trip to Maison Marou: As a further inquiry into our scientific wonderings about how chocolate tastes so different and yummy we are going to see how it’s made. Please make sure to return your permission forms that were sent home today.

Thursday December 12th: Winterfest from 5:00-7:00pm

Friday December 13th: December break begins

Monday January 6th: First day back to school.

Next week will be Week B.

Scientists at Work

Scientists at Work

In our new unit we have been learning how scientists use their 5 senses to explore and discover the world around them. We have begun to think like scientists and ask questions and wonderings about many different topics. Some of our current wonderings include:

Emma: Why does it (basil leaf) smell so good but taste yucky?

Long: What is inside (musical egg shaker?

Gavin: Why does it (playdough) smell like that (mint)?

Catherine: Can we listen to the flowers with our ears?

Kiara: Could these flowers grow again?

Jake: Why do my feet touch?

Madhavan: Why does it (small drum) have 6 strings?

Open Classrooms

Thank you to everyone who came to Open Classrooms on Tuesday. It was lovely to see you all enjoying a day in the life of your child.

Happy Birthday to Long!

On Friday we celebrated Long’s 6th Birthday. From all of K2C we wish you a Happy Birthday Long!

From the Teacher’s Desk

Friday, Saturday December 6 and 7: Gr. 2 & 3 Musical The Aristocats 
Thursday, 12th December: Winterfest
Friday, 13th December: Winter Break Begins

Next week will be Week A



K2 Sensory Overload!

Sensory Provocations

This week we began learning all about our senses. What are they? What do they do? How do I use them as a scientist? Students began to question and wonder how they can use their senses like a scientist. We will continue to develop our scientific questioning and wonderings throughout this unit. Ask your child what senses they are using in the pictures below:

Open Classrooms

Please do not forget Open Classrooms are happening on Tuesday, 19th November. Here is the schedule for K2C:

From the Teachers Desk

Tuesday 19 November– Open Classrooms

December 2-12: Amazing Art Auction- more information to be sent by our Arts Team

December 7 & 8: ES Aristocats Musical

December 12- Winterfest

Next week will be WEEK B. 

Outdoor Fun, Open Classrooms and New Unit of Inquiry

Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday we took our learning outside to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day! We played everything from lego to Ninja Warriors! Ask your child what their favourite part of the outside learning was.

New Unit of Inquiry

We have begun our new Unit about How the World Works. We will be investigating how we, like scientists use our senses to explore the world around us. Here is our K2 HTWW Unit Planner:

Open Classrooms

Save the date: Tuesday November 19th is Open Classroom Day. We invite you to come spend some time and see what life of K2C is like! Here is the schedule of when and where you may come in:

From the Teacher’s Desk

November 11th: No School- Professional Development Day for staff

November 13th: Snack Sale- please send your child to school with money to purchase a snack.

Next week is Week A.

Can’t Hide Our Phoenix Pride!

MRISA Basketball

This Thursday was one fun sport filled day. It started with the opening ceremonies of the MRISA Middle School Basketball Tournament. We then went and watched our very own UNIS Girls team play in their first game. Later that day we had surprise visitors… the Team themselves came and played with us!

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Ye Eun’s mom for coming to read us a story about dinosaurs working together and becoming friends! We loved it!

Nude Snacks!

Check out these awesome Nude snacks! Remember UNIS Is committed to sustainability and one way we can help is to have snacks and lunches without single use plastics.

From the Teacher’s Desk

Important Dates:

Thursday November 7th: Outdoor Classroom Day, please dress to spend the day outside learning!

Monday November 11th: Professional Development Day- No School for Students

Wednesday November 13th: Snack Sale

Tuesday November 19th: Open Classrooms, more information will be sent home by our ES Office.

Next week is Week B

SDG Week in K2


We have had a busy week learning all about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tuesday morning all of K2 took part in 5 different activities, each based around a different SDG week. We had:

Composting with Ms. Emily, Yoga with Ms. Michelle, Peace drawings with Ms. Francesca, Loose parts play with Ms. Penny, and Gardening with Ms. Nikki

In Math this week we used the SDGs as an introduction to number lines. We are working on counting forwards and backwards, identifying numbers that come before or after, and building 1:1 correspondence of numbers and quantity.

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Jaeik’s Mom for coming to read to us on Wednesday as our Mystery Reader. We all loved hearing a favourite story of ours told in Korean! Thank you for reading the Three Little Pigs! If you have not already done so please sign up to be a Mystery Reader. Mystery Reader Sign Up.

From the Teacher’s Desk

UN Day is Monday October 21st. Please have your child come dressed in their national dress. This is an early release day, students will go home after our community lunch at 1:00pm. For more information please refer to the school emails.

Next week will be Week B.

October 25th is the last day for swimming.

Due to the fact that Ms. Nikki will be travelling for a school sports event from October 23- 28th, there will be no blog. She will do her best to answer any emails while away, but for immediate assistance please contact Ms. Nitasha (our Deputy Principal).

Mathematicians and SDG Week!

Our Identity

This week we have been learning more about our identity. We were thinking of things we like doing. We then made a class book of all the things we like to do at school. K2C created the sentences and took the photos for our book. They are truly becoming amazing authors! Check it out here!

Grade 3’s Perform for the Assembly

Thursday during our Assembly the Grade 3s came to share the amazing work they did during their gymnastics unit. Where in the performance did you see cooperation? Where did you see risk-taking? Do you think the Grade 3s used their super power of yet?

SDG Week

October 14th to October 18th is SDG week at UNIS. We have planned out a week full of activities for our K2 Community. From nude food picnics to creating our own pots for plants the week is sure to be fun for all!


Mathematicians at work!

We have been thinking and speaking like mathematicians. This week we began to find ways to count how many objects there are. You can help at home by asking us how many questions. For example how many socks we we have? How many carrots did you eat? How many bananas are there?

Coffee Morning

On Friday the 18th of November, the K2 team will be hosting a coffee morning about ‘Engaging and Supporting Kindergarten Readers’. We will begin in our classrooms where you can come and enjoy reading together with your child. Then they will move to their specialist subjects and we will move to the gym for the presentation. If you plan on attending, please be at school by 8:10. We will be done by 9/9:15. We hope you can join us to learn about the reading expectations in K2.

Breakfast, Mystery Readers and Orthographers! Oh MY!

K2 Community Breakfast

Our K2 community breakfast on Tuesday was such fun! We were all great risk-takers trying new foods and enjoying the company of our friends. After the breakfast was over we wrote a class book about the foods we tried. Read our story by clicking this LINK.

Mystery Reader

We had our first parent Mystery Reader this week! Thanks to Molly, Gavin’s mom for reading us a story about gross things and friendship! We loved learning how sometimes our enemies can become our best friends if we just get to know them!

Word Inquiry

This week we have been very busy orthographers (people who study words like scientists). On Monday we found out that the letter /s/ usually makes the <s> sound but it can also make the <z> sound. On Wednesday we created a hypothesis that /s/ makes the <s> at the beginning of words and <z> at the end. We went on word hunts finding all the letters we could that had a letter /s/. We are now busy sorting the words to see if our hypothesis is correct!

Learning Conversations

Learning Conversations are Monday September 30th. If you have not already signed up please do so. If you need to arrange an alternative time please email me and we can arrange something that works best for you.

Save The Date!- Coffee Morning

We will be holding a coffee morning for our K2 Families of Friday the 18th of October. Our topic will be ‘Reading in K2’. We invite you all to come and read with your child from 8:10-8:30 and then join us for a 30 minute presentation about reading with your kindergartener. What to expect at home and how you can help at home. More information to come next week.

Autumn Holiday- No school October 7th to October 13th.

I wish you all a safe, relaxing holiday wherever you go. Please email pictures of your holidays so that we may use them as writing and story prompts upon coming back to school.