Week of October 19-23

You are invited!!! 

The K2 team would love for you to join us for a coffee morning on Friday the 30th of October from 8:20-9am.  As the restrictions ease we have been given permission to host this coffee morning at Jafa in Ciputra. Please join us there for a coffee and the presentation.  For those who are unable to attend in person, we will also be Zooming the meeting.  Link to follow in an email.

Engaging and Supporting Kindergarten Readers will be a presentation about how you can support and engage your K2 reader as they begin their journey of becoming a decoder of text. We will cover the following topics. 

  • What is reading?
  • What does reading look like in K2?
  • Home Language
  • Supporting readers at home



We are on our last two weeks of our Who We Are unit. We have spent a lot of time learning about ourselves and how unique we are. We have looked for connections with our classmates to find out how we are similar, and now we are looking wider to the whole of K2 to find people that we can make connections with.  It’s been great to see the children finding similarities with others and then continuing these friendships in the playground during recess times. This week we made family, and likes and dislike, connections. Next week we will look for people we can make country and language connections with. 

Ask your child who they made a connection with this week and if they have played with that person since. 



This week we have been editing our books and looking for ways to improve them. We are preparing for a writing celebration where we will share our books with our ECC friends and teachers. Ms Francesca’s son, Jacob, came to show us his writing folder from when he was in Kindergarten. He’s in Grade 12 now! He showed us how he was also an author and how he used the pictures on his folder for inspiration when choosing what to write about. Please send 12-15 photos to Ms. Nikki if you have not already done so.

In reading we continue to work on mastering our letters and sounds. We are enjoying reading from our browsing books and telling each other stories. 

Has your child been making books at home too? Ask them about their favourite book and what it’s about. 


2D and 3D shapes have been on our mathematical thinking brains this week! We’ve been introduced to the language of cubes, cones, spheres and cylinders. Here’s a great video that you can watch at home to help with this language. 

Ask your child to do some counting over the weekend. We have been counting everyday- forwards and backwards to 20. 


From Monday PE will be outside. Please send your children to school in their PE kits on PE days. They will be doing an obstacle course and correct clothing helps them to be successful. It’s hard to climb and move in dresses! 


  • Next week is Week B.
  • Dress up day for Halloween is on Friday the 30th. Children may come to school dressed in a costume if they wish. Please, no face masks or anything too scary. 
  • Open campus day- Sunday the 25th- see the TinTuc for more details. 

October 5- October 9


This week in our Who We Are inquiry we continued to focus on growth mindsets.  The child drew and shared with the class something they are working to get better at. With the help of friends or on their own, they then thought about what they could do to make it happen.

Please ask your child what they would like to get better at and how they are working to achieve it?


We continued our book making unit this week. Our focus was on facial expression and making people look different.  

Over the last couple of weeks Mr C our Technology teacher has worked in each of the K2 classrooms teaching the children how to independently share their books on Seesaw.  Posting independently on Seesaw will be a focus in K2 all year.

Please ask your child to tell you about a book they wrote this week, or watch a book-seesaw-post together, and ask your child to explain it.


This week we have continued to explore shapes, build our understanding of numbers to 20, and solve word problems.  We have also gathered data about the things our friends like to play with, and displayed this data in simple graphs.  

Please ask your child about the materials and children they like to play with.

K2 Assembly

Yesterday we were grateful to come together as a K2 community for Assembly. We enjoyed singing songs, dancing, and listening to stories from both published and K2 authors. Special congratulations to Fula, Emily, Jihwan, Elias and Suzi from K2B for the wonderful job they did sharing their books.  Next Assembly children from another K2 class will share their learning. 


  • School returns after October Break on Monday 19 October this will be a Week A
  • Thank you to the families who have sent photos for your children to decorate their writing folders. If you haven’t yet, October break is a great time to spend some time with your child deciding on some photos (about 12 to 15) that could help inspire writing. Holidays, grandparents, pets, favourite activities are some suggestions of photos you could use.
  • Friday October 30 -ES dress up day.


Have a relaxing October break. We look forward to seeing your children back refreshed and ready to learn on the 19th.

What Inspires You?


In our UOI we spent the week talking about places and countries that are important to us. The countries could have been places they have lived, places their families come from, places where they have a fond memory. We then talked with friends and made connections about the places we all find important. 

Ask your child what country/countries are important to them? Why is it important to them? 


We have continued to be authors and illustrators this week learning about how important it is to be inspired and where our inspiration comes from. 

To help create inspiration for our young authors we are asking that you email in 12-15 pictures of your family, holidays you have taken, places you have been, pets in your home, your child in their favourite activities (for example riding their bike) or your child’s favourite items/toys. We will use these to create individual inspiration folders. 


This week in maths we have been exploring shapes. We have been going on shape hunts and sorting shapes based on similar characteristics. We have also been sorting and counting collections. 

Try this at home: 

Laundry Day: Have your child help sort the laundry. 

Ask them: How can I sort these clothes? How many socks do we have? How many shirts?

Setting the table: Have your child help set the table for dinner. 

Ask them: How many spoons do we need? How many chopsticks? How many plates? 

A Chance to give back

Service learning is a large part of who we are at UNIS. Many of our service learning groups create a big impact and are great successes here in Vietnam because of your support. Below are two wonderful ways to help those in need here in Vietnam. 

Helping Hands Clothing Drive

We are the Helping Hands Service Learning Group, and we need your help with the Clothes Drive for Sapa Students. Since the weather is getting colder, these students must have warm clothes to bear the winter. 

Please donate clothes (B5 G18 Service Learning Office) in good condition for the children following the guidelines attached. For more information contact ltrang5@unishanoi.org

Thank you!
Clothes Drive Helping Hands

Huang La Service Group Food Drive October 5-9th.

Huong La is an orphanage a few hours away from UNIS. Many of these children struggle with physical and mental disabilities, primarily cerebral palsy. During this pandemic, it has been incredibly difficult to care for the children, and the orphanage is experiencing a food shortage. 

We will be accepting non-perishables such as rice, beans, nuts, etc. We would greatly appreciate any donations of food, and we hope the UNIS Community can come together to help people in need. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact ahanson@unishanoi.org

Thank you so much for your generosity,
Huong La Leadership Team


  • Next week is week B
  • October 10th- October 17th: Autumn/Mid Term Break
  • October 30th- ES Dress Up Day

Moon Festival, Mandalas and More!

Unit of Inquiry

In our UOI we have been talking about our likes and dislikes. We have shared these with our friends and found connections to different foods we like, favourite games and even favourite things to play with in the classroom.

Ask your child what their favourite thing to play with in the classroom is?  Who else likes to play with these toys?


Adding more detail to our illustrations has been our focus in writing this week.  We have been  thinking carefully about the colours that we use and making our illustrations more realistic by adding background details to show if your story is set inside or outside.


This week in maths we have continued to look at patterns and created our own mandalas. We flexed our brain muscles and practiced our growth mindset with our friends Dojo and Mojo.  Check out the video below to see Dojo and Mojo talk about how you can learn from your mistakes.


Moon Festival

On Thursday we celebrated the Moon festival with loads of fun Vietnamese traditions.  We wore our Ao Dai and shared a delicious Vietnamese breakfast with our K2 community.  We even had some grade 5 Dragon dancers show up! Here is our school assembly explaining the TET story.

Ask your child about the animal they painted and why.

Pokemon Cards at School

Pokemon cards are very popular in K2 at the moment.  There have been children trading and swapping cards, which causes some confusion around who the cards belong to.  For this reason, we have decided that Pokemon cards may come to school but can not be traded.  Pokemon cards can be used on the playground and only come into the classroom if the teachers says so. If your child does bring cards to school can you please talk to them about our trading rules.

Upcoming Events

  • Next week is week A
  • Thursday 1st October Parent Conferences
  • Saturday 10th October Start of October Break


  • Please remember to return Poetry books back on a Monday
  • If you haven’t already, please send in a set of headphones to leave at school for the year. Thanks!

Dots and Patterns EVERYWHERE!

Dot Day

Dot Day was a wonderful celebration in K2 this year! We talked about how it connected with our learning about having a growth mindset and we created all sorts of awesome dots to display on our doors! We are all artists, readers, writers and mathematicians if we just make a mark and have a go!

Ask your child what they have learnt about having a growth mindset. Can they tell you about what happened to Vashti in the story, The Dot?


This week we are looking at patterns. How to copy them, continue them, make them and talk about them. Ask your child what patterns they notice at your house? Can they continue the pattern that they see?


We continue to be authors and illustrators when we create books! Again we talked about having a growth mindset. Some of us said that we couldn’t write yet but when sat down to create our books we surprised ourselves!

Ask your child what they chose to write their book about. Ask them if they know about the word ‘illustration’ and what it means.

Our letters this week have been P and I. We’ve talked about the letter names and the sounds that these letters make. If you’re reading books together this weekend, see if your child can find any P’s or I’s in the text.

Show and Tell

Way to go Zayn for being such a risk taker and to share during Show and Tell!


Swimming starts on Monday. Your child will swim for every PE lesson. Please help them to pack their swimming bag, but try to do it together. It’s helpful when they know what’s in their bag so that if things go missing they recognise it belongs to them when we are trying to find it’s home.

On Thursday the 24th we will celebrate the Moon Festival. We will all be coming to school in our Ao Dai. If your child doesn’t have one you can pick one up very easily on Silk Street Hang Gai in the Old Quarter.

Please send in a set of headphones to leave at school for the year. Thanks!

Week 4!… One Month done!


This week as part of the unit of inquiry the students have been exploring families with their classmates.  The students have proudly shown the class their family photos and discussed the similarities and differences between families. 

Some questions you might like to ask your child about this:

What did you tell your class about our family?

Are there other children in the class that have the same number of people in them as us?

What did you learn about some of your classmates’ families?


This week we have started a new unit exploring illustrations in picture books.  We have been thinking about the different techniques illustrators use to convey meaning.  Some of the things we have noticed are; 

“We can make stories without words” – Bunnie

“Pictures have colours” – Kwazii

“They drew a lot in this picture”- Rishabh while pointing to the background details. 

When reading picture books at home with your child you could ask them:

What do you notice about these illustrations?

How do the illustrations help to tell the story?

Do you notice differences or similarities between the illustrations in different books you have read?


This week we continue exploring what it means to be a mathematician and the equipment mathematicians use to solve problems. We have begun learning simple math games that help us to recognise numerals.

You could ask your child:

What is a number talk?

What games did you play in math this week?


Swimming in PE

From Monday 21st September to October break. K2 will be swimming in their PE sessions.  On PE days students will need to bring a swimming costume, goggles and  a towel. More information about swimming will come next week from Ms Claire, our PE teacher.



  • Next week is Week A
  • Please ensure your child comes to school each day with a hat, water bottle and face mask
  • Our PE teacher has asked that children wear appropriate clothing for PE on PE days. Shorts and t-shirts rather than long dresses.  She has also asked that PE clothes are worn all day and not changed into for PE.  Please can girls with long hair come to school with their hair tied back.
  • Thursday 24th September we will have our Moon Festival Assembly at school. Students are invited to wear Ao dais 

Caution…Future Engineers at Work!

K2 Maker Challenges

This week K2C was introduced to the design process and practiced using it in three different Maker Challenges. The first was to create a boat that could hold 20 people or more. The second was to build a tower as tall as they could using only marshmallows and toothpicks. The third was to take 3 colours of 10 lego blocks and use them all to create something.

Unit of Inquiry

This week in our Unit of Inquiry children were shown Who I am Posters of their teachers and had to try and figure out who each one belonged to. Next we created questions we wanted to ask the people about their posters. After we drew our own posters about ourselves.

Poetry Books

We have begun our class weekly poems this week. Your child’s poetry book will be sent home on Friday. Over the weekend you may have your child read and share the actions to the poem. Please make sure to return it to school every Monday.


Healthy Snacks

Food is fuel for learning. Talk to your child about healthy everyday foods. These include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Try to limit sweets, candy, cookies, and chips to once or twice a week.  Check out this resource for some fun and simple ideas. Super Easy Healthy School Snack Ideas


Nude Food Challenge

As part of our learning and connections with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we want to minimize single use plastic.  We would like to challenge you and your child to a week of single plastic snacks. Instead, send in snacks in reusable containers, bags and wrapping.


Hats to Play

UNIS has a school wide policy that children must wear hats when playing outside. Please make sure to send a hat every day with your child or they will not be allowed to play.



  • Photo day is next Tuesday September 8th.
  • We are still waiting for family photos to be sent in. These photos will be used throughout our current Unit of Inquiry.
  • If you have not yet returned the parent survey please do so. If you need another copy please let us know.

Building our K2C Community

Community Time

We had another great week of learning in K2.  We have really enjoyed getting to know each other and establishing a sense of belonging and community in K2.  Our morning meetings have been filled with fun and laughter through getting to know you games and sharing family photos.

Healthy Nude food lunch boxes

Food is fuel for learning.  In the below poster we have added some ideas for healthy snacks that you could add to your child’s lunch box.  In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, please use containers and minimize single use single use plastic wrapping where possible.

Back to school night

Thank you for making the time to connect on Zoom for K2 Back to School Night.  If you were not able to attend the presentation, please click here to view the information shared.

Unit Overview- Who We Are

We will be starting our new unit next week about who we are. Here is a unit overview.


  • Please make sure to send in a hat with your child everyday.
  • If you have not already done so, could you please email a family photo for us to display in our classroom? We have been asking the children to share these photos in morning meetings.
  • Please return the Questionnaire if you have not already done so.

Week 1 Fun!

What a wonderful week we have had together at school!  Your children have shown bravery as they were risk takers coming back to school, resilience as they adapt to social distancing and masks and cooperation as they make new friends and get to know their classmates and teachers! 

SO awesome!  

Here are a few photos of our first week together.

Unit of Inquiry

Our first Unit of Inquiry is all about Who We Are. Could you please email a family photo for us to display in our classroom? We will be asking the children to share who lives at their house and tell us a little bit of information about them.

Articulation and Language screenings

UNIS’ speech-language pathologist, Brian Walker, will begin the start of year speech and language screenings next week. This is a very quick look at your child’s ability to say sounds clearly, describe some things with short sentences and follow some simple directions. If your child has some challenges, Brian will reach out to you in a few weeks.  

If your child is in the distance learning or bridge program, Brian will screen your child when they return to campus.

If Brian worked with your child last year in K1, he/she will also be screened with therapy resuming by the end of September.


  • Remember to send in a hat and water bottle each day with your child. Hats are needed for outside play.
  • Please send back your parent survey if you haven’t already done so.

Specialist Introduction

Today we would like to introduce our specialist and support teachers that your children will come into contact with over the year.

Ms Lindsey – Learning Support K2 and G1 ltate@unishanoi.org

I am Lindsey Tate, and this is my third year teaching in the Learning Support department at UNIS. Again this year I will work primarily with students in Discovery – Grade 1.

I have had a great summer traveling throughout Vietnam from hiking in the rice fields of Sapa to discovering the history and food of Hue. In my spare time, I love to move (dance, yoga, bike) with my two children and my husband as well as to snuggle up with a good book.

 While I started out as a Special Education teacher in the US, I also have my Master’s Degree in EAL. For the past 11 years, I have worked with students in international schools in Tanzania, Jordan, and now Vietnam. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms Kris – School Counselor kbezzerides@unishanoi.org

Hello families! This is my third year at UNIS where I work with students, teachers and families in Discovery to Grade 3. I love coming into the classroom to teach lessons about feelings, getting along, calmness and solving problems. I am always here to help children and their families as they navigate growing up. I look forward to seeing all students in person or on Zoom throughout the year.

Ms Emma – Art ehamilton@unishanoi.org

Greetings. This is my 5th year here at UNIS where I teach art from Discovery to Grade 2. Ms. Trang is our art teaching assistant and your children will also meet her during art lessons.

Art is my passion both at school and at home, where I will often be found in my studio (well garage) creating and making. I am originally from the UK where I taught for several years before teaching in Malawi, Dubai and now Vietnam. The UNIS Early Year’s art curriculum is structured to deepen your child’s interest and passion for making and creating as well as develop their artistic skills and knowledge. I am very excited about the year ahead and am really looking forward to seeing the new and innovative creations I know your children will be making.

I am always available for any questions or queries and I look forward to reconnecting with my students from last year as well as meeting all the new students and families.

Ms Liz – Music ewolden@unishanoi.org

I am originally from the United States and have worked in schools in Egypt, Myanmar,India, UAE and now am in my second year at UNIS working in the ECC. Music is a language that all children can access and enjoy and I look forward to singing, saying, moving and playing with your children this year! In my free time I enjoy playing the piano and spending time with my beautiful cat, Chipsy.


Ms Huyen- Vietnamese Teacher of K2 A, C and D ntthuyen@unishanoi.org

I’m Huyen and I come from Vietnam. I have taught in several International schools and UNIS is my second home. I love teaching Vietnamese as it is an opportunity for me to work with many of you from all over the world and share with you our Vietnamese culture and our language.  

In my spare time, I love exploring new places all over Vietnam, listening to music and playing with my puppy- Milo. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Ms Clare – PE calbertson@unishanoi.org.

Kia Ora everyone! I am Clare Albertson and this is my 6th year teaching PE at UNIS Hanoi. I started my teaching career in my home country, New Zealand as a Kindergarten homeroom teacher, then moved to PE when I joined the International School of London before coming to UNIS. In my spare time I love exploring and hanging out with my 2 boys, reading, cooking and of course playing Sport! The ECC PE program is based around the philosophy of a Love for Movement. Myself and Mr Quang have a lot of exciting things in store for this year and we are really looking forward to moving through it together! Please reach out if you have any questions now, or throughout the year.

Mr C – Information Technology Coach wclark@unishanoi.org

Hi everybody!  Big C here!!  I CANNOT WAIT to get this year started!  We have so many wonderful opportunities to create with technology at UNIS Hanoi! But maybe I should back up a bit…

My name is William Clark (also known as “Big C”).  This is my 2nd year as the ES Technology Coach at UNIS Hanoi, a role I truly love with all my heart!  I have been a technology coach for the last 8 years. Prior to coming to Hanoi, I worked at an IB school in Dubai, GEMS World Academy. Before becoming a technology coach, I was a Grade 5 teacher for 3 years and a Grade 4 teacher for 1 year.  I was also an English teacher  in South Korea for 3 years.

My passion is technology, more specifically…what can be created with technology.  Whether we are in the classroom or in our ES Makerspace, creativity with technology is certain at UNIS Hanoi and I feel so lucky and blessed to be a part of it all!

Ms Monica – Librarian eslibrarian@unishanoi.org

I am Monica Mayer and this is my third year at UNIS, Hanoi. I have been involved in Education for more than 30 years mainly in the fields of Literacy and Boys’ Education. I have worked previously in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore before coming to Vietnam.

In my spare time I love to go bushwalking along as many tracks as I can find, usually with my youngest son, Will who loves the outdoors as much as me. I also really enjoy yoga and of course exploring Vietnamese culture whenever I get a chance. I have two grown up sons – Michael and Will and my husband teaches Grade 4 at UNIS. 

At UNIS, I look after the Library and thoroughly enjoy our elementary students and families visiting and borrowing each week. The Library always seems to me to be the heart of any school and I welcome every family to come and visit us and browse our beautiful collection of books. There is always something for everyone!

Mr Brian – Speech and Language Teacher  bwalker@unishanoi.org

I am Brian Walker, and this is my second year at UNIS. I have been a speech-language pathologist for 25 years.  Vietnam is the fifth country I have lived and worked in outside of my home country of the United States. 

I had a great summer traveling through Vietnam and gaining a greater appreciation for the Vietnamese people, their diverse culture and language.

Returning students will already know me from being in their classrooms and seeing me on the playground during recess.  I had fun seeing everyone back on campus this week!

School’s Out for Summer!

Our last full week of Kindergarten together! Where has the year gone!?!

Important Notices:

  • Next week school will finish at 12pm on Wednesday.
  • The children will begin to bring home their books and school work on Monday. Please make sure they have a bag big enough to hold their things.
  • Our small class celebration will take place on Tuesday afternoon- the children do NOT need to bring or do anything this day. 

In Unit of Inquiry this week we celebrated our talents in our Talent Shows. The children were all such risk takers as they sang, danced, played and performed in front of their classmates and teachers. It was a wonderful way to finish off our How We Express Ourselves unit. Make sure to check out your child’s Seesaw for a photo (and soon a video) of our Talent Show! 

For Literacy we continue to listen to, write and enjoy stories together.  We have loved performing and using puppets to tell stories. In math we are measuring, counting and working on equals and making equal groups. 

 This is our last blog post for the year so we want to wish you all a wonderful, relaxing summer. Thank you for sharing your fabulous children with us!  Although it’s been a bit of a crazy year, we feel grateful for the time we got to spend with our wonderful K2 children. We have watched them grow and learn and we feel very proud of how resilient they have been through the ups and the downs.  Thank you for all of your support throughout the year. 

Kind regards, 

Emily, Diep, Nikki, Mi, Penny, Hang, Micah, Michelle, Vu and Francesca