SDG Week in K2


We have had a busy week learning all about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tuesday morning all of K2 took part in 5 different activities, each based around a different SDG week. We had:

Composting with Ms. Emily, Yoga with Ms. Michelle, Peace drawings with Ms. Francesca, Loose parts play with Ms. Penny, and Gardening with Ms. Nikki

In Math this week we used the SDGs as an introduction to number lines. We are working on counting forwards and backwards, identifying numbers that come before or after, and building 1:1 correspondence of numbers and quantity.

Mystery Reader

Thank you to Jaeik’s Mom for coming to read to us on Wednesday as our Mystery Reader. We all loved hearing a favourite story of ours told in Korean! Thank you for reading the Three Little Pigs! If you have not already done so please sign up to be a Mystery Reader. Mystery Reader Sign Up.

From the Teacher’s Desk

UN Day is Monday October 21st. Please have your child come dressed in their national dress. This is an early release day, students will go home after our community lunch at 1:00pm. For more information please refer to the school emails.

Next week will be Week B.

October 25th is the last day for swimming.

Due to the fact that Ms. Nikki will be travelling for a school sports event from October 23- 28th, there will be no blog. She will do her best to answer any emails while away, but for immediate assistance please contact Ms. Nitasha (our Deputy Principal).

Mathematicians and SDG Week!

Our Identity

This week we have been learning more about our identity. We were thinking of things we like doing. We then made a class book of all the things we like to do at school. K2C created the sentences and took the photos for our book. They are truly becoming amazing authors! Check it out here!

Grade 3’s Perform for the Assembly

Thursday during our Assembly the Grade 3s came to share the amazing work they did during their gymnastics unit. Where in the performance did you see cooperation? Where did you see risk-taking? Do you think the Grade 3s used their super power of yet?

SDG Week

October 14th to October 18th is SDG week at UNIS. We have planned out a week full of activities for our K2 Community. From nude food picnics to creating our own pots for plants the week is sure to be fun for all!


Mathematicians at work!

We have been thinking and speaking like mathematicians. This week we began to find ways to count how many objects there are. You can help at home by asking us how many questions. For example how many socks we we have? How many carrots did you eat? How many bananas are there?

Coffee Morning

On Friday the 18th of November, the K2 team will be hosting a coffee morning about ‘Engaging and Supporting Kindergarten Readers’. We will begin in our classrooms where you can come and enjoy reading together with your child. Then they will move to their specialist subjects and we will move to the gym for the presentation. If you plan on attending, please be at school by 8:10. We will be done by 9/9:15. We hope you can join us to learn about the reading expectations in K2.

Breakfast, Mystery Readers and Orthographers! Oh MY!

K2 Community Breakfast

Our K2 community breakfast on Tuesday was such fun! We were all great risk-takers trying new foods and enjoying the company of our friends. After the breakfast was over we wrote a class book about the foods we tried. Read our story by clicking this LINK.

Mystery Reader

We had our first parent Mystery Reader this week! Thanks to Molly, Gavin’s mom for reading us a story about gross things and friendship! We loved learning how sometimes our enemies can become our best friends if we just get to know them!

Word Inquiry

This week we have been very busy orthographers (people who study words like scientists). On Monday we found out that the letter /s/ usually makes the <s> sound but it can also make the <z> sound. On Wednesday we created a hypothesis that /s/ makes the <s> at the beginning of words and <z> at the end. We went on word hunts finding all the letters we could that had a letter /s/. We are now busy sorting the words to see if our hypothesis is correct!

Learning Conversations

Learning Conversations are Monday September 30th. If you have not already signed up please do so. If you need to arrange an alternative time please email me and we can arrange something that works best for you.

Save The Date!- Coffee Morning

We will be holding a coffee morning for our K2 Families of Friday the 18th of October. Our topic will be ‘Reading in K2’. We invite you all to come and read with your child from 8:10-8:30 and then join us for a 30 minute presentation about reading with your kindergartener. What to expect at home and how you can help at home. More information to come next week.

Autumn Holiday- No school October 7th to October 13th.

I wish you all a safe, relaxing holiday wherever you go. Please email pictures of your holidays so that we may use them as writing and story prompts upon coming back to school.

Swimming, Breakfast and so much more!


Swimming will start next week during regular PE times. Our first swimming day will be Tuesday September 24th. Please make sure to send your child to school with their swimming gear. More information about swimming can be found on the PE and Aquatics Blog.

Class Parent

The SCO and K2C are looking for a class parents. Being a class parent is a great way to connect with not only other families in our classroom but in the wider UNIS community as well. You do not need to have strong English skills for this role, if you enjoy meeting new people and helping to organize events then this role is for you! For more information check out the following links: ES Class Parents or Be a Class Parent!

If you are interested please contact Ms. Nikki or Walaa Hassan (SCO Representative)

K2 Community Breakfast

To continue our learning about identity we will be looking at the different foods that we eat in different cultures. On Tuesday we will have a Vietnamese breakfast together to celebrate the food of our host country, Vietnam. Please make sure your child is at school ready for breakfast by 8:10am. The children will have the opportunity to try Vietnamese sandwiches with bread, pork, cucumber and herbs. Sticky rice with green bean, black bean or peanuts. And rice rolls with vegetables and pork. We hope all the children will be risk takers and try something new. If you are interested in sharing food from your culture with the children in your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher to organise a time that suits.

Mystery Readers

Mystery Reader is an important and loved part of the K2 program. It involves parents and family members coming to school to read a story to the class.  As our students are at the beginning of their reading journey, it is lovely for them to see a variety of different people reading books they enjoy. It is especially wonderful for the children to experience books in a variety of languages.  Please click on this link to view and add your name to the mystery reader signup form. If Wednesday does not work for you, email me and we will organise another time. 

Library Open Saturdays!

Don’t forget our school Library is open from 9:00am to 12:00pm every Saturday! Come read and enjoy a book with your entire family!

Parent Conferences

Monday September 30th are Parent Conferences. Information regarding Parent conferences has been emailed to you. Please remember to sign up for a conference. If none of the available times work for you please contact me and we can arrange and alternative meeting.

Moon Festival Festivities

Moon Festival Fun

Wow what a short but busy week we have had! Thursday it was so much fun celebrating the Moon Festival! We had an assembly in the morning followed by dragon head painting later that day. What does the Moon Festival celebrate? What was your favourite part of the assembly? Why is the Moon so important in Vietnam?

Who We Are: Families

This week for our UOI we talked about our families and how they are one part of our identity. Students spent the week talking about and drawing their families. Click the link under the picture to download our K2C story talking about our families. After listening to the story together: Ask us how our families are the same as a friend’s? How is our family different or not the same as that friend’s? How many people are in our family? Who are the people in my family? How many people are in my friend’s families?


Friday, September 13th is Kiara’s Birthday… HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY KIARA!

The Happy Birthday Girl!

From the Teacher’s Desk

Important Dates to remember:
Monday September 30th: Parent Teacher Conferences- More information to come later
Reminders: Headphones- If you have not sent these in please do so this week.

Week 3 in K2C

Even though this has been a short week it has been a busy week! We spent the week learning What is Math? and What Mathematicians do? What does math mean to you?

Thank you to all the parents that were able to make it to our Back to School Night on Thursday! As promised here is the presentation from back to school night.

Back to School Night for Parents

Who We Are

This week we started working the first unit of inquiry for the year, Who We Are. We started by looking at the word identity and discussing what it means. We sang songs about individuality and what makes each person unique. Each day, teachers from our ECC community have shared information about themselves during our morning meeting. See how much you can remember about these people in our K2 community.

Where was Ms. Francesca from? What does Ms. Emma like to drink? What does Ms. Nikki like to do? What languages does Ms. Nistasha speak? How many people were in Co. Huyen’s family?

From the Teacher’s Desk

Please send in your family photo and headphones if you have not already done so.

Sign up for Seesaw and check out Reading Eggs!

A QUACK-eriffic WEEK!

This week we became writers, creating our own story about Duncan Duck. What can you remember from our story?

Baby Ducks came to visit us as part of our research for writing about Duncan Duck. What did the baby duck feel like? What did it sound like? What did it like doing?


On Thursday we had our very first buddy session. Can you remember the name of some of our buddies? What class were our buddies from? (Hint: some of our older brothers and sisters where in that class)

EAL in K2
Dear Parents,
I am fortunate to be working with your children this year to support English Language and Literacy development in K2. As the EAL Coach, I have an International EAL Certification in addition to my teaching qualifications and in October will graduate with a Masters in Educational Inclusion from New Zealand. I have been working internationally with young language learners for the past 7 years and believe our classrooms are enriched by the diversity of students that are your children.
English Language and Literacy development, both social and academic are integral to our K2 programme, therefore, EAL support happens in the classroom and is integrated into all aspects of teaching and learning throughout the school day. Our philosophy is not to withdraw children for English language lessons but to immerse them within the language-rich learning environment of the classroom.
In K2 we recognize that all students are language learners in the early years of their schooling, therefore, all students receive daily, targeted, English language instruction. All teaching and learning is differentiated to meet the needs of each student and ensure positive English language progression. EAL support is provided in collaboration with the Homeroom Teachers, EAL Coach, and Teaching Assistants.
In K2 all students attend Vietnamese Culture and Language. These are important lessons not only for Vietnamese students to continue to progress their mother tongue but also for non-Vietnamese students to appreciate and value our host country.
I look forward to meeting you at our ‘Back To School’ Parent night next week. Should you have any further questions you can contact me directly at
Kind regards,

From the Teacher’s Desk

Family Photo- Please email them to Ms. Nikki or Ms. Mi or send in a family photo. These will be used in our Unit of Inquiry starting next week.

Headphones- If you have not already done so please send in a set of headphones for your child.



Who We Are: Unit of Inquiry

As part of our inquiry into ‘Who we are,’ we are building a strong sense of community in the Early Childhood Centre (ECC).  As part of our learning we will join the other K2 classes in common outdoor play time in the mornings, starting at 8:10.  This is instructional time and an important part of the day for strengthening relationships, helping students transition from home to school for the day, and learning through play. We ask your help to ensure that all students arrive by 8:10 in the morning.  Parents who drop off, please give your children a positive but definitive goodbye when the bell rings at 8:10.  Please explain to your children that the bell is a signal for you to say goodbye, and we will reinforce this idea with the children as well. Thank you so much for your support.

Settling into Week 2

We have spent the week getting to know our friends, teachers and routines here in K2C.  We talked about what made a happy class, and what we wanted to learn this year. Ask your child what are our 3 Essential Agreements and why are they important?

Students were visited by several mystery readers and guests. Ms. Angela came in on Monday to read us a funny story called We don’t eat our classmates by Ryan T. Higgins. Ms. Beth came in on Tuesday and we did our first math talk. We started to learn how to think and act like a mathematician. Ask us what is the same and what is different in the picture below?

What is the same in the photo? What is different?

Thursday we got to see both Ms. Nitasha AND Ms. Kris! Ms. Nitasha read us a story called “Alma and How She Got Her Name” by Juana Martinez-Neal. Ms. Nitasha then asked us very important questions: Where does your name come from? What does your name mean? Share with your child the story of their name, so they can share it with us.

On Thursday we also had our very first Discovery to Grade 1 Assembly. Ask us what our favourite part of the assembly was?

From the Teacher’s Desk:

As we move into our new Unit Of Inquiry, we ask that you please either email or send in a family photograph. My email is

Weekly Poem

Please return Poetry Books every Monday

Every Monday K2 will be learning a new poem. On Friday the poems will be going home in students’ Poetry Books. Please make sure to return these books every Monday. Over the weekend have your child teach you the poem and actions they created.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” -Norwegian Proverb

During this wet weather season, we would love for you to send in wet weather gear so the children can play out in the rain. Splashing in puddles is so much fun! If the children are wearing gumboots and a raincoat- they can be out in the playground enjoying the weather.  Please note- children will not be allowed out during thunder and lightning.


Please send in a set of named headphones for your child to use in the classroom. We will use them for our literacy program.

Wear an Ao Dai for the Moon Festival Assembly Day

Moon Festival- Every year at UNIS Hanoi we celebrate the Moon Festival with an Assembly. This year we will observe the Moon Festival on Thursday September 12th.We will celebrate this Vietnamese festival together.  For our new families, please be aware that all children wear traditional dress on this day. You can purchase Ao Dai in the Old Quarter on Silk Street.

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday August 28th: Picture Day
  • Thursday August 29th: Practice Evacuation Drill at 9am- There is nothing you need to do for this, just know that your child might come home talking about it.
  • Monday September 2nd: No School
  • Thursday September 5th: Back to School Night
  • Friday September 13th: No School, Professional Development day for Teachers.
  • Saturday September 14th: SOC Sparkly Social- Don’t miss this fun event (Adults only)

Welcome to K2C!

Welcome to the K2C Community!

Check back weekly to this blog to see what has been happening at school. Each week photos and question prompts will be posted to our class blog. This provides you a great opportunity to talk about all the exciting things your child has been up to in K2.  

Ask your child the names of their new friends. What was one thing your child enjoyed this week? 

This year we are using Seesaw to share and communicate with families! Your child will post to Seesaw to share their learning. I’ll also use Seesaw to send you messages and reminders. Seesaw is private; you’ll only see posts created by your child.

Please Sign Up Now

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Choose your child from the list
  3. Create your account
  4. Once I approve you, you can see content from your child

After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at

P.S. If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the ‘Sign in’ tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.

Such a fun silly group!

Ms. Mi and I are really looking forward to getting to know all our students and their families and building a happy and supportive K2 learning community. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Nikki or Ms. Mi via email or make an appointment to talk with me before or after school, if you have concerns.

Upcoming Events: 

  • 28th August: Picture Day
  • 29th August: Practice Evacuation Drill
  • 2nd September: No School- National Day
  • 5th September: Back to School Night- more details to come

Next week will be: WEEK B

K2C Week A Schedule

K2C Week B Schedule