Friday 4th June

Our last full week of Kindergarten together! Where has the year gone!?!

In Unit of Inquiry this week we celebrated our talents in our Talent Shows. The children were all such risk takers as they sang, danced, played and performed in front of their classmates and teachers. It was a wonderful way to finish off our How We Express Ourselves unit. 

For Literacy we continue to listen to, write and enjoy stories together.  We have loved performing and using puppets to tell stories. In math we are measuring, counting and working on equals and making equal groups.  We also celebrated GeonHa’s birthday! 

Next week school will finish at 12pm on Wednesday. The children will begin to bring home their books and school work from Monday. Please make sure they have a bag big enough to hold their things. 

This is our last blog post for the year so we want to wish you all a wonderful, relaxing summer. Thank you for sharing your fabulous children with us!   Although it’s been a bit of a crazy year, we feel grateful for the time we got to spend with our wonderful K2 children. We have watched them grow and learn and we feel very proud of how resilient they have been through the ups and the downs.  Thank you for all of your support throughout the year. 

Kind regards, 

Emily, Diep, Nikki, Mi, Penny, Hang, Micah, Michelle, Vu and Francesca

Friday May 29th

This week has been ‘Art Week’ which has meant we have started each day celebrating our creativity and personal expression through art and music. Students have drawn, chosen colours to express emotions, sung songs, and stomped and moved to different music.  We love expressing ourselves in different ways.

In Unit of Inquiry, we continue to explore ways different people and cultures express themselves. This week we have done a ‘world tour’ of dance and watched the ways different groups of people from different countries express themselves through dance, music, and movement. 

During literacy, we are continuing to learn how stories can be told in different ways. We have read stories, written stories, orally told stories through puppets, created visual story maps, read play scripts, and performed plays. We have also continued to revisit letters and sounds and practice recognition of sight words. 

During Maths we have explored and practised making equal groupings with materials. We have continued to show our thinking visually with different math word problems and have revisited measurement (length, weight, capacity, and area). We are also practising our counting forwards and backwards and making sure we know the difference between ‘teen’ and ‘ty’ numbers.

On Thursday afternoon the entire school came together to celebrate our Grade 12’s Graduation Walk.  The kids made colourful banners with personal messages and cheered and waved as our oldest students paraded by. 

May 22nd

Wellness Week

This week was Wellness Week.  We started each day connecting with the UNIS community on Zoom for some wellness fun.  We did aerobics, yoga, and dancing with our wonderful PE teachers.  The challenges were really tricky but made us laugh.  You can try some of the Wellness challenges at home:

Plank that song

Floor to standing challenge

Balance Challenge

Unit of Inquiry

In our Unit of Inquiry this week we have been exploring the elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) through drawing, music, movement and dance. We reflected on how these make us feel.  What is your favourite element and why?  How does it make you feel?


Literacy/ UOI

We have been expressing our creative ideas through the form of a puppet play.  We made our own puppets, puppet theaters, backgrounds and props to help us tell our stories. In small groups, we wrote a story, practiced our story and then shared it with our class.  What a fun and expressive process!  We really loved it and learned so much along the way.  

In Distance Learning Huey made puppets for the Three Little Pigs and retold the story. You can watch it here!

Reading at home

We have really loved reading in class in large groups and small groups.  You can read at home on Raz kids too!  I have assigned 3 books for you to read each week.  Please read these and feel free to read more too:)

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
Wow what a week! Even though it looks very different and there are many new routines we are happy to be back at UNIS. We definitely miss our friends who are not here but are glad they get to make new friends in other classes and grades! To make this week even more amazing we had our first ever virtual Assembly on Thursday to celebrate Book Week!

Book Week
A huge THANK YOU to Ms. Monica and everyone involved in making this book week so much fun! We loved dressing up as our favourite characters and making new stories about them. We also got into the creepy critters theme this year making our very own Wild Things, inspired by the book Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak. Book week even made it into math, where we solved some Wild Things story problems.

Unit of Inquiry
In our Unit of Inquiry this week we kept learning different ways we could express ourselves. We read the story The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas and talked about how colours can express our emotions and how we feel. Some of us made hearts expressing our different colours and some of us made gardens. Next week we will look at how we can use different elements (like fire, water, earth) to express our ideas and feelings.

Friday 17th January

What fun we had at the Grade 4 Market. The children got to visit the stalls and spend their money. Here are a few photos from the day.

We are finishing up our descriptive writing next week with a post assessment. We have written about some imaginative creatures. Ask your child what their Nogard looked like! We have created TET dragons that we will write about next week. Look out for them on Seesaw.

Today we got to see our buddies again. They shared with us a presentation they had been working on and then we got to play on the big playground together. So much fun!

Yesterday we had tWO mystery readers come to our class! It was Piggy (Mr Daniel Cooper from UNIS) and Gerald (Mr Josh from UNIS)

They read us a very funny story and Phong got to help!

Please remember to sign up for a conference next week on Wednesday. It you have any questions about conference day, send me an email.

Have a happy weekend!

Friday the 10th of January, 2020

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a restful time over the break catching up with family and friends. I had a wonderful time at home in New Zealand with my family. Lots of nature, yummy food and fun family times. It’s been good to hear all the stories from your children about their breaks. They all had a lot of fun!

This week we welcomed Mr Micah into K2B. He will be with us until the end of May as he finishes his teaching degree. Micah will be working closely with Ms Hang and I to plan and teach your children. He has the already added advantage of knowing the children from teaching PE while Ms Clare was away on maternity leave.  How wonderful to have an extra adult in the classroom full time!

We were straight back into thinking like scientists this week as we begin to finish up our How The World Works unit. This week the children got to choose an inquiry that they were interested in. These were the activities they could choose from…

  • Sound and vibration
  • Water and filtration
  • Smells
  • Magnet forces
  • Chemical change when making ice cream
  • Colour
  • Plants
  • Floating and sinking
  • Solids and liquids
  • Blowing balloons with chemical reactions

We worked in groups to follow the scientific method and do some experiments. Ask your child what group they were in and what they learnt. Next week we will begin to answer further questions that came from the initial experiments.

Next week you will be able to sign up for a parent teacher conference. These conferences will take place on Wednesday the 22nd of January from 8-4. There will be no regular school on that day. Your child’s report will available on Veracross on Tuesday the 21st. Please read it before the conference so you can come with any questions.  We will spend the first 10 mins of the conference having an adult to adult conversation about your child’s progress and achievement. In the last 5 mins of the conference your child will share with you something they are proud of and we can all celebrate their success together.  Our specialist teachers will also be available on the day but if you feel the report is enough information, then seeing them is not compulsory.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Market Day G4-  Our Grade 4 friends are having a market! We will visit. If you would like your child to participate, please see the information below. 

What: Grade 4 Market Day

When: TUESDAY 14 January 10:45-12:00

Bring: maximum of 100,000 VND to spend

The products and services being sold will range from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND. 

All profits will go to organizations that support Children’s’ Rights.

Friday 13th of December

Happy Winter Break!

We had so much fun at Maison Marou on Tuesday. We learnt all about the cacao plants and where they are grown in Vietnam. We saw one in its natural form before the beans had been taken out and then we learnt all about how the beans are dried and roasted and then made into chocolate.

We got to try the raw cacao bean but it didn’t taste so good. It was bitter and crunchy.

Then we learnt that chocolate is made when you grind the cacao beans down and melt them with sugar.  We tried 4 different types of chocolate. Two of them had 70% cacao beans and 30% sugar and were from 2 different cacao plantations in Vietnam, 1 was cacao bean, sugar and coconut milk and the final one was a bonbon that had cacao bean, sugar and cream. This was the one that most people liked best.

Finally we got to try some chocolate by products. A chocolate eclair and a drink of hot chocolate. Best field trip ever!! Here are a few more photos of the trip.

We hope you have a relaxing 3 weeks off! We will see you back at school in the New Year!

Friday 6th December

Another week flies by!

We continued to think like scientists as we followed the scientific method when we did our rainbow M&M experiment. Here’s a video of what happened when we did it all together.

We had to make a hypothesis and draw our observations. Here are two examples.


After this, the children got to do the experiment again in pairs and continue to ask further questions and wonder things like, “What happens when you flip the M&Ms over?” and “Why did the water turn brown?”

We are really excited about our trip to the Chocolate factory, Maison Marou, next week. We are hoping they can help to answer some of our questions about chocolate!

On Thursday we had a mystery reader from Grade 5!  Phong’s older brother came to read us a Dr Seuss book called, ‘I can read with my eyes shut’. Thanks, Lam! We loved having you to visit!

Don’t forget that Winterfest is on next week. Thursday the 12th of December from 5-7. There will be entertainment, goodies to eat and things for sale. Come along and feel some Christmas cheer!




Friday the 29th of November

What a fun and busy week!

We have really been thinking like scientists this week! We learnt that scientists use all of their senses to do their work. Ask your child what senses scientists use and how they use them.

We decided to use our senses like scientists as we did our first experiment. Here’s what we were wondering…

It was such a delicious experiment and we made some great discoveries. It also helped to create some interesting wonderings.

Here we are tasting the different types of chocolate.

And our wonderings so far…

To answer some of our questions we are going to go on a field trip to Maison Marou. Please fill out the permission slip in your child’s reading bag today and send it back to school asap.

We had some friends from Systems Little House join us for part of the day on Tuesday. Their mums and dads came to check out our school and talk to the admissions people. It was fun to meet new friends and some of us even got to see some old friends from when they were at Systems.

On Thursday we went to visit a real scientist in our school! Ms Fay told us that she uses her senses all the time as a scientist. She even set up some experiments so we could be real scientists too! Ask your child what their favourite experiment was and how they used their senses.

Wiktoria’s mum, Justyna, came to be our mystery reader on Thursday. She read a book to us in Polish. It was about the ‘last tree on earth’ – see what your child remembers about the story.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Aristocats in the Centre for the Arts foyer.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday 22nd of November

Thank you so much for coming to Open Classrooms on Tuesday! We loved sharing what we ‘do’ with you and we hoped you enjoyed seeing how your child learns at UNIS. Here are some photos from the day.

Today your child bought home their new book bag. Inside you will find a letter about it. Please know that this bag will stay with your child for K2 and Grade 1. We will keep it over the summer and then have it ready for their class next year.

Today we were very lucky to meet Wiktoria’s grandma all the way from Belgium! She read to us in French and Wiktoria translated the story so we could understand. Ask your child if they remember the name of the scary fish who tried to eat the tadpole!

Have a relaxing weekend!

Try and do some talking about the senses you use to explore new places!