Friday May 29th

This week has been ‘Art Week’ which has meant we have started each day celebrating our creativity and personal expression through art and music. Students have drawn, chosen colours to express emotions, sung songs, and stomped and moved to different music.  We love expressing ourselves in different ways.

In Unit of Inquiry, we continue to explore ways different people and cultures express themselves. This week we have done a ‘world tour’ of dance and watched the ways different groups of people from different countries express themselves through dance, music, and movement. 

During literacy, we are continuing to learn how stories can be told in different ways. We have read stories, written stories, orally told stories through puppets, created visual story maps, read play scripts, and performed plays. We have also continued to revisit letters and sounds and practice recognition of sight words. 

During Maths we have explored and practised making equal groupings with materials. We have continued to show our thinking visually with different math word problems and have revisited measurement (length, weight, capacity, and area). We are also practising our counting forwards and backwards and making sure we know the difference between ‘teen’ and ‘ty’ numbers.

On Thursday afternoon the entire school came together to celebrate our Grade 12’s Graduation Walk.  The kids made colourful banners with personal messages and cheered and waved as our oldest students paraded by. 

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