Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
Wow what a week! Even though it looks very different and there are many new routines we are happy to be back at UNIS. We definitely miss our friends who are not here but are glad they get to make new friends in other classes and grades! To make this week even more amazing we had our first ever virtual Assembly on Thursday to celebrate Book Week!

Book Week
A huge THANK YOU to Ms. Monica and everyone involved in making this book week so much fun! We loved dressing up as our favourite characters and making new stories about them. We also got into the creepy critters theme this year making our very own Wild Things, inspired by the book Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak. Book week even made it into math, where we solved some Wild Things story problems.

Unit of Inquiry
In our Unit of Inquiry this week we kept learning different ways we could express ourselves. We read the story The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas and talked about how colours can express our emotions and how we feel. Some of us made hearts expressing our different colours and some of us made gardens. Next week we will look at how we can use different elements (like fire, water, earth) to express our ideas and feelings.

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