Friday 13th of December

Happy Winter Break!

We had so much fun at Maison Marou on Tuesday. We learnt all about the cacao plants and where they are grown in Vietnam. We saw one in its natural form before the beans had been taken out and then we learnt all about how the beans are dried and roasted and then made into chocolate.

We got to try the raw cacao bean but it didn’t taste so good. It was bitter and crunchy.

Then we learnt that chocolate is made when you grind the cacao beans down and melt them with sugar.  We tried 4 different types of chocolate. Two of them had 70% cacao beans and 30% sugar and were from 2 different cacao plantations in Vietnam, 1 was cacao bean, sugar and coconut milk and the final one was a bonbon that had cacao bean, sugar and cream. This was the one that most people liked best.

Finally we got to try some chocolate by products. A chocolate eclair and a drink of hot chocolate. Best field trip ever!! Here are a few more photos of the trip.

We hope you have a relaxing 3 weeks off! We will see you back at school in the New Year!

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