Friday 6th December

Another week flies by!

We continued to think like scientists as we followed the scientific method when we did our rainbow M&M experiment. Here’s a video of what happened when we did it all together.

We had to make a hypothesis and draw our observations. Here are two examples.


After this, the children got to do the experiment again in pairs and continue to ask further questions and wonder things like, “What happens when you flip the M&Ms over?” and “Why did the water turn brown?”

We are really excited about our trip to the Chocolate factory, Maison Marou, next week. We are hoping they can help to answer some of our questions about chocolate!

On Thursday we had a mystery reader from Grade 5!  Phong’s older brother came to read us a Dr Seuss book called, ‘I can read with my eyes shut’. Thanks, Lam! We loved having you to visit!

Don’t forget that Winterfest is on next week. Thursday the 12th of December from 5-7. There will be entertainment, goodies to eat and things for sale. Come along and feel some Christmas cheer!




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