Friday the 29th of November

What a fun and busy week!

We have really been thinking like scientists this week! We learnt that scientists use all of their senses to do their work. Ask your child what senses scientists use and how they use them.

We decided to use our senses like scientists as we did our first experiment. Here’s what we were wondering…

It was such a delicious experiment and we made some great discoveries. It also helped to create some interesting wonderings.

Here we are tasting the different types of chocolate.

And our wonderings so far…

To answer some of our questions we are going to go on a field trip to Maison Marou. Please fill out the permission slip in your child’s reading bag today and send it back to school asap.

We had some friends from Systems Little House join us for part of the day on Tuesday. Their mums and dads came to check out our school and talk to the admissions people. It was fun to meet new friends and some of us even got to see some old friends from when they were at Systems.

On Thursday we went to visit a real scientist in our school! Ms Fay told us that she uses her senses all the time as a scientist. She even set up some experiments so we could be real scientists too! Ask your child what their favourite experiment was and how they used their senses.

Wiktoria’s mum, Justyna, came to be our mystery reader on Thursday. She read a book to us in Polish. It was about the ‘last tree on earth’ – see what your child remembers about the story.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Aristocats in the Centre for the Arts foyer.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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