15th November

Our new unit is all about exploring using our senses.  For the beginning of the unit provocation, the children explored a range of experiences using their sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.  We had a lot of fun and are enthusiastic to find out more about our senses.

Our mystery reader for this week was Justin, Oscars Dad.  He read us a story about Santa Claus’s visit to his home town in Tasmania.  The children really enjoyed learning more about where Justin cames from and are very excited about the approaching holiday season.

Upcoming Events:

Next week is week B.

Mon 18th Nov- Lockdown drill  1:20pm 

Tues 19th Nov- Open Classrooms.

Open classroom schedule.  You are welcome to stay for the whole time or have the option just to visit for the time that is convenient for you.   We look forward to sharing our learning with you.





8th November

What a wonderful week of learning!  The children really enjoyed sharing their show and tell this week.  They presented with confident, clear voices, and the children in the audience listened respectfully and asked questions to find out more.

Ask your child: How did you feel while presenting show and tell?  What did your friends share? Think about what you will share next week. 

Thursday morning was so much fun.  We celebrated “Outdoor Learning Day” with our buddies on the ECC playground.  We blew bubbles, played with the loose parts, and played on the ninja warrior challenge obstacle course.

Ask your child:  What was your favorite outdoor learning activity?  Do you prefer learning outside or inside?  What can you learn while you are outside? 

Next week we will be starting our new unit How the World Works.  It will be filled with sensory experiences and exploratory fun.  How exciting!


Upcoming events

Mon Nov 11th – PD Day.  No school for students today.  

Wed 13th Nov- Snack Sale

Mon 18th Nov- Lockdown drill  1:20pm 

Tues 19th Nov- Open Classrooms







1st November

Our “Browsing Book Boxes” were a huge hit this week.  Our Browsing Book Boxes have books chosen by the children and other books thoughtfully selected by myself.  They are a mix of interest-based books aiming to get the kids enthusiastic about reading and books they can read independently or with minimal support. I hope you are having as much fun reading at home as we are at school.

Our reading routine is to take home a selected book from the Browsing Book Box every day.  This is an independent choice which means a favorite book may go home several times.  Re-reading these books is a valuable opportunity for kids to gain fluency and confidence with reading.

Please encourage your child to send bring their green reading folder to school every day so they can choose a new book to take home.


Thursday was an action-packed day.  Not only was it Halloween, but was also the MRISA opening ceremony.  We joined the rest of UNIS at the covered courts to cheer on the teams and hang out with Felix the Pheonix.

Can you recognize these kids?

Our Mystery reader this week was Ngoc Han’s mum.  It was great to hear a story from our host country and practice our Vietnamese. Thank you, Nhai.


UpComing Events

Thurs 7th Nov- Outdoor Classroom Day

The Elementary School will participate in international Outdoor Classroom Day.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:

-wears sunscreen to school
-is dressed appropriately for the weather
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle

Mon 11th Nov – PD Day 

Wed 13th Nov- Snack Sale

Tues 19th Nov- Open Classrooms

25th October

What a busy and exciting week!

UN day was a blast!  It was wonderful to come together and celebrate our connection to the United Nations and our diversity as a school.

We started the day with cultural rotations.  We experienced activities from New Zeland, Canadian, Australian, and Vietnamese cultures.

Ask your child:  What country did you learn about with Ms Michelle?  What colours and shapes can coud see in Australian Aboriginal Artwork?  What kind of Vietnamese dance did you do?  What was your favourite activity?  Why?

At assembly, K2A loved seeing the flags!

Ask your child:  What did you like seeing at the assembly? Did you see your flag?

Lunch was also a highlight for the children.  Thank you for all the delicious contributions to our international lunch and for joining us in our ECC Community Picnic.


We have some very enthusiastic readers is K2A.  The children are really enjoying choosing their books each day and reading with each other and myself.

Remember to return your reading folder every day so your child can take home their chosen book.

Ask your child:  Can you spot your self in the reading photos?  Can you think of 1 of the 3 ways to read a book? (Read the pictures.  Read the words. Retell the story.)

On Thursady we shared our learning about “Who We Are” at assembly.  K2A and K2B showed a video of their learning and sang the “Individuality” song.  Check out seesaw for a video of our presentation.

Ms Vu and I are very proud of K2A.  It took great courage to get up on stage in front of all the students and teachers in the ECC.  Well done!  You are great Risk-Takers.

Upcoming Events

Next week is week A.

The swimming program is finished.  Please return to wearing comfy activewear on PE days.

Thursday 31st Oct- Halloween Dress Up day.


18th October

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) week was full of fantastic learning and fun!

On Tuesday we tried a variety of activities based on our SDG’s.  We tried composting, helped to garden, played with loose parts and recyclable materials, practiced yoga and mindfulness, and wrote messages of peace on the playground with chalk.

Ask your child:  What was your favorite activity?  Did you play with any different children?  What can you put in the compost? Can you show me a yoga pose?

We also watched “Only One You” and painted our own fish on rocks to add to a whole school mural.

This week we also had our first Mystery Reader visit the classroom.  The children were so delighted to have SanWooks Mum read a story in Korean.  Even though most of us could not understand the words, we could make sense of the story by reading the pictures.  Thank you for reading to us YooJin.

Ask your child:  What was the story about?  How did you know what the story was about without understanding the words?

Thank you to the parents who joined us for our reading morning.  Reading books go home next week. How exciting!  Have fun sharing in the joy of reading together!


UpComing Events

Next week in Week B.  We will have swimming on Wednesday and Friday.

Monday 21st October:  UN Day– Please check emails for further details.

Thursday 17th October:  K2A and K2B Assembly.  At 9:20 we will be presenting at assembly.  You are welcome to come and watch and cheers us on.





4th October

We have made it to our well-deserved Autumn break.   I am so proud of K2A!  Their curiosity, imagination, and independence is really shining through.  What an exciting learning journey we have ahead!

This week we have been focusing on applying a growth mindset to our learning.  We listened to meditations, read stories and danced to the motivational music all centered around positive thinking.

Ask me:  How can you stop the “I can’t monster?”. What is good about making mistakes? What is the power of yet? Listen to: “The Power of Yet” and “Don’t Give Up.”

To find out more about our similarities and interests we surveyed our friends to see who liked the same things that we did.  We found that a lot of kids liked to play with the magnatiles and in the mud kitchen.

Ask your child:  What question did you ask your friends?  Who liked the same thing as you?  What can you do with this information?

Upcoming Events

It will be week A after the break. Swimming will be on Monday and Wednesday.

Sat 5th Oct- Autumn break

Mon 14th Oct- Back to school and Sustainable Development Goals Week.

Fri 18th of Oct- K2 Reading coffee morning. The K2 team will be hosting a coffee morning about ‘Engaging and Supporting Kindergarten Readers’. We will begin in our classrooms where you can come and enjoy reading together with your child. Then they will move to their specialist subjects and we will move to the gym for the presentation. If you plan on attending, please be at school by 8:10. We will be done by 9/9:15. We hope you can join us to learn about the reading expectations in K2.

Mon 21st Oct- UN day

K2 Cultural Day Activities Volunteers 

As a K2 team, we have been celebrating our identities by looking closely at individuality and cultural differences. We are looking for some wonderful parents to help us run some cultural activities on the morning of UN Day. Some examples might be origami, teaching a song from your country, a cultural dance, musical instrument or something else of your choice. Please be aware that our children will be in their cultural outfits so we need to avoid any paint or messy play. Your activity will run for between 20 to 30 minutes and will be for a group of 10 to 15 children. We can help with any resources that you may need. Can you help?




27th September

This week we continued our exploration of “Who We Are” by taking a closer look at the culture of our host country Vietnam through tasting some local cuisine.

On Tuesday, we shared a picnic, Vietnamese breakfast as a K2 community.  We were great risk takers and tried a variety of foods including sticky rice, banh mi, and Vietnamese pork rolls.

This experience sparked loads of learning and investigation.  We inquired into K2A’s favourite breakfast foods and became authors when we wrote a class book about breakfast.

Ask your child:

What was served at the Vietnamese breakfast? What did you like best?  How did it taste?  How did it feel?  What did your friends like?

Upcoming Events

Next week is week B. Swimming will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mon 30th Sept- Learning Conversations.  This will be a discussion with your teacher about what your child enjoys learning and goals to the year.  Don’t forget to bring your child.

Sat 5th Oct- Autumn break

Mon 14th Oct- Back to school

Fri 18th of Oct- K2 Reading coffee morning. Save the date! We will be holding a coffee morning for our K2 families on Friday the 18th of October. Our topic will be ‘Reading in K2’.  We invite you all to come and read with your child from 8:10-8:30 and then join us for a 30 min presentation about reading with your kindergartener. What to expect and how you can help at home. More information to come next week.

Don’t forget to sign up as a mystery reader: Please click on this link to view and add your name to the mystery reader signup form.





Friday 20th September

This week in UOI we have been looking at the flags of the countries we identify with and come from.  Our favourite game has been “guess the flag.”

Ask your child: What colours and shapes can you see on your flag.  Where do other students in your class come from?  What are the colours and shapes you can see on their flag?

Happy Birthday, Jeongin.  We had a wonderful time celebrating with you!


UpComing Events

Mystery Reader

Mystery Reader is an important and loved part of the K2 program. It involves parents and family members coming to school to read a story to the class.  As our students are at the beginning of their reading journey, it is lovely for them to see a variety of different people reading books they enjoy. It is especially wonderful for children to experience books in a variety of languages.  Please click on this link to view and add your name to the mystery reader signup form. If Wednesday does not work for you, email me and we will organise another time.

  • Swimming- Monday 23rd September- 25th October

Swimming will start next week during regular PE times. Our first swimming day will be Monday September 23th. Please make sure to send your child to school with their swimming gear. More information about swimming can be found on the PE and Aquatics Blog.

  • Vietnamese Breakfast– Tuesday 24th September

To continue our learning about identity we will be looking at the different foods that we eat in different cultures. On Tuesday we will have a Vietnamese breakfast together to celebrate the food of our host country, Vietnam.  The children will have the opportunity to try Vietnamese sandwiches with bread, pork, cucumber and herbs. Sticky rice with green bean or black bean or peanuts. And rice rolls with vegetables and pork. We hope all the children will be risk takers and try something new. If you are interested in sharing food from your culture with the children in your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher to organise a time that suits.

  • Learning Conversations– Monday 30th September.

This will be a pupil free day.  You and your child will visit the classroom at your appointed time to discuss learning goals for the coming year.  Please make sure you have made an appointment for your learning conversations on veracross.

  • Library open every Saturday from 9-12

13th September

This week I was out of the classroom for 4 days on Add+Vantage Maths training.  The PD was incredibly insightful and I look forward to sharing my new knowledge with the K2A mathematicians soon.
Thank you to the incredible Ms Vu who taught K2A while I was out of the classroom.  With 17 years of teaching experience and your bright and bubbly approach to everything, I knew the kids were in great hands.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the bake sale.  We enjoyed the tasty treats and raised money for the school.
Moon Festival celebrations were a cultural delight.  We dressed in our Ao dai, tried delicious Vietnamese foods and even painted a dragon’s head.
Ask your child:
What did you wear?  What did you see at the Moon Festival Assembly? What did you paint?  Why is the Moon Festival so important to Vietnam?
Upcoming Events:
  • Saturday 14th Sept- Sparkly Social (Adults Only)
  • Mon 30th Sept– Parent-teacher-student conferences.
  • Sat 5th Oct- Autumn break
  • Mon 14th Oct- Back to school.
  • Mon 21st Oct- UN Day- early finish


  • Next week is week A.

6th September

This week we began our literacy and maths centre rotations where we explored different resources while cooperating within our group.  It was a lot of fun!


Ask your child:  Who was in your group?  What special letters were you learning about? What maths materials did you use?

During our Who We Are Inquiry we talked about the word “Identity”.  Check out our brainstorm to find out what we discussed.

Ask your child:  What does identity mean? What do you like to do? Where are you from?  Who is in our family?

Our specialist teachers and Ms Nitasha visited us in our morning meetings to talk about their identity.

Ask your child: Who came to talk about their identity in your Morning Meeting? What country  did they come from?  What do they like to do/ eat? What they are good at? Do you have anything in common with this teacher?

Next week we will be talking about and comparing our own families.  Please make sure you have sent in your family photo (as a hard copy or via email) as a reference for your child.

Thank you for attending back to school night.  It was a great chance to reconnect and share the wonderful learning we have been doing in the classroom. Please scroll through the attached slideshow for important information about K2A.

You  can keep up to date with what your child is learning through this blog and Seesaw.  If you have not registered yet the please follow the link below:

  1. Click on this link: https://app.seesaw.me/s/636-287-876
  2. Choose your child from the list
  3. Create your account
  4. Once I approve you, you can see content from your child

After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at https://app.seesaw.me.

Up Coming Events:
  • Snack Sale 11th September.  Please send 20,000 VD with your child so they can buy a treat form the Snack Sale.
  • School will be closed September 13th for a professional development day for the teachers.
  • Moon Festival Assembly– Thursday 12th Sept. We will celebrate this Vietnamese festival together.  For our new families, please be aware that all children wear traditional dress on this day. You can purchase Ao Dai in the Old Quarter on Silk Street.
  • Sparkly Social reminder. Don’t miss this fun event! September 14th (Adults only).


  • Next week is week A.
  • As we move into our new Unit Of Inquiry, we ask that you please either email or send in a family photograph. My email is mcurrey@unishanoi.org
  • If you have not already done so please send in a set of named headphones for your child to use in the classroom. We will use them for our literacy program.