May 29th

May 29th

Arts Week

This week has been ‘Art Week’ which has meant we have started each day celebrating our creativity and personal expression through art and music. Students have drawn, chosen colours to express emotions, sung songs, and stomped and moved to different music.  We love expressing ourselves in different ways.


In Unit of Inquiry, we to explored ways different people and cultures express themselves. We listened to music from around the world and the countries we are from.

K2A’s Got Talent

This week we have been moving through the creative process to express ourselves at the  K2A’s Got Tallent Show next week.  Like all good things, this takes time.  We have all come up with the expression we can to share and are now working on towards making it the best art that we can.  We have been working towards making puppets, masks, books and Artwork to express ourselves in the talent show. 


During Maths we have been practising our counting forwards and backwards and making sure we know the difference between ‘teen’ and ‘ty’ numbers. We have continued to show our thinking visually with different math word problems.   We explored capacity and making equal groups by making Anzac Biscuits.  We had to carefully follow the recipe to make sure we measured the right amount of each ingredient.  It was so much fun and delicious! 


The Grand Walk

On Thursday we congratulated the Grade 12 students who are graduating from UNIS.  We worked out that they had been learning at school for 15 years!  Wow! What a great effort!


Mystery Readers

We had 3 very enthusiastic and brave Mystery Readers from the K2A class this week.  We loved hearing stories from Marta, Faye,Yukyeong, Leo and Cao Minh!  Well done Friends!  We look forward to hearing more K2A Mystery Readers next week.  Remember, there are 3 ways to read a book:

1, Read the Pictures,

2. Read the words and

3. Retell the story.

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