17th January

In preparation for Tet, Ms Vu brought us a Peach Blossom tree for the classroom which we decorated with our Tet Dragons.   

Next week we will write a description about our Tet Dragons.  You can help your child plan their writing by asking: What is your dragon’s name? What color is your dragon?  What shapes can you see on your dragon?  What is the texture of your dragon?  What does your dragon do?

Market Day was a real treat.

We are very excited about planning and creating items to sell in our ‘K2 Market day” in our upcoming unit of inquiry on “How We Organise Ourselves.”

Ask your child:  What was for sale?  How did you pay for things?

We had 2 mystery readers this week.  Ms Nitasha read us “Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley” by Aaron Blabey and Sandhya (Reyna’s Mum) read us “Knuffle Bunny” by Mo Williams.

Ask your child:  Who were the characters in the story?  How do you say “Knuffle”?

During Buddy time we visited Grade 2’s classroom and listened to our Buddies presentation on explorers.  Then we were explorers ourselves on the Upper Elementary playground.

Ask your child:  What was your buddies presentation about?  What do you like to play with on the Grade 2’s playground?

UpComing Events

Tues 21st Jan- Reports go out to families 

Wed 22nd Jan- Parent/teacher conferences.  If not signed up yet please do so through veracross.  

Thurs 23rd Jan- TET assembly 9:25am.  Parents are welcome to attend.  

Fri 24th Jan- TET holiday


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