10th January

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a fantastic break!

We have had a great start to the new year.  The children have returned to school fresh, focused and excited to learn.

On Monday we wrote a  recount about our holidays. It was great to share what we did on our holidays and practice our writing.

Ask your child 3 “W” questions about your holiday: Where did you go?  Who did you go with?  What did you do?

We also created our own Nogard.  We had to listen very carefully to Ms Francesca as she explained how to draw a Nogard.  We were all very surprised with our final picture.

Ask your child:  What is a Nogard?  How did you create it?

Upcoming Events:

  • Tue 21st –Reports home. 
  • Wed 22nd Jan- Parent-teacher conferences Next week you will be able to sign up for a parent-teacher conference. These conferences will take place on Wednesday the 22nd of January from 8-4. There will be no regular school on that day. Your child’s report will available on Veracross on Tuesday the 21st. Please read it before the conference so you can come with any questions.  We will spend the first 10 mins of the conference having an adult to adult conversation about your child’s progress and achievement. In the last 5 mins of the conference, your child will share with you something they are proud of and we can all celebrate their success together.  Our specialist teachers will also be available on the day but if you feel the report is enough information, then seeing them is not compulsory.  Please let me know if you have any questions
  • Thurs 23rd Jan- TET assembly 9:25am
  • Fri 24th Jan- TET holiday



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