6th December

This week we planted seeds in our very own ECC vegetable garden.  So far we have some herbs, beans, snow peas and tomato seeds planted. Some have begun to sprout!  We will watch closely to see how our seeds/plants grow and change over the year.

Ask your child:  What do you want to grow in the vegetable garden?  What do plants need to grow?

During our UOI this week we followed the scientific method while doing an experiment with m&m’s and water.

Ask your child:  What do scientists do?  What senses were you using while you were doing the m&m experiment?  Do you have any other questions about what you saw?

Today we went to the DP Science Labs to visit Ms Carly the Chemistry teacher. She showed us around her Laboratory and the special equipment that she uses to learn about chemicals.  We even had the opportunity to do an experiment together.

Ask your child:  What special tools did you see in the lab?  What do scientists do?  How do scientists think?  What experiment did you do with Carly the scientist? 

Thank you to your Mystery reader Lee (Yukyeong’s Mum).  We loved the story “Creepy Carrots” story and the treats you made.


Upcoming Events:

Next week is week A

Tues 10th Dec- K2A Fieldtrip to Maison Marou 

Please be sure that you arrive at school on time as the bus leaves at 8:30am.

Thurs 12th Dec- Winterfest  5-7pm

Friday 13th Dec- Winter break begins

Mon 6th Jan- First day back


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