22nd November

Our highlight this week was sharing our learning with parents during open classrooms.

Thank you parents, for your playfully participating in lessons.  We are really proud of the learning taking place in K2A and it was wonderful to show off our skills and knowledge.

K2A are really captivated by our current inquiry.  Exploration through our senses has triggered some rich wonderings and questions which we will now use to guide our inquiry.  Here are a few of our wonderings…

I wonder why flowers smell good?  Gia Han

I wonder how chocolate is made?  Adalyn

I wonder why chocolate is brown? Hia Ha

I wonder why everybody loves chocolate? SanWook

Why is some chocolate square and some chocolate brown? Reyna

I wonder why my reflection is upside down in the water marble? Oscar

Why do flowers smell good?  James

We have so much to learn and find out (especially about chocolate). Watch this space and we will share what we discover.

The children have spent today beautifully decorating their new reading bags.

Please remember to return your reading bag every day with your home reading books inside.  Poetry books return every Monday.

Upcoming events.

Next week is week A.

Thurs 12th Dec- Winterfest  5-7pm

Friday 13th Dec- Winter break begins

Mon 6th Jan- First day back

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