17th January

In preparation for Tet, Ms Vu brought us a Peach Blossom tree for the classroom which we decorated with our Tet Dragons.   

Next week we will write a description about our Tet Dragons.  You can help your child plan their writing by asking: What is your dragon’s name? What color is your dragon?  What shapes can you see on your dragon?  What is the texture of your dragon?  What does your dragon do?

Market Day was a real treat.

We are very excited about planning and creating items to sell in our ‘K2 Market day” in our upcoming unit of inquiry on “How We Organise Ourselves.”

Ask your child:  What was for sale?  How did you pay for things?

We had 2 mystery readers this week.  Ms Nitasha read us “Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley” by Aaron Blabey and Sandhya (Reyna’s Mum) read us “Knuffle Bunny” by Mo Williams.

Ask your child:  Who were the characters in the story?  How do you say “Knuffle”?

During Buddy time we visited Grade 2’s classroom and listened to our Buddies presentation on explorers.  Then we were explorers ourselves on the Upper Elementary playground.

Ask your child:  What was your buddies presentation about?  What do you like to play with on the Grade 2’s playground?

UpComing Events

Tues 21st Jan- Reports go out to families 

Wed 22nd Jan- Parent/teacher conferences.  If not signed up yet please do so through veracross.  

Thurs 23rd Jan- TET assembly 9:25am.  Parents are welcome to attend.  

Fri 24th Jan- TET holiday


10th January

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a fantastic break!

We have had a great start to the new year.  The children have returned to school fresh, focused and excited to learn.

On Monday we wrote a  recount about our holidays. It was great to share what we did on our holidays and practice our writing.

Ask your child 3 “W” questions about your holiday: Where did you go?  Who did you go with?  What did you do?

We also created our own Nogard.  We had to listen very carefully to Ms Francesca as she explained how to draw a Nogard.  We were all very surprised with our final picture.

Ask your child:  What is a Nogard?  How did you create it?

Upcoming Events:

  • Tue 21st –Reports home. 
  • Wed 22nd Jan- Parent-teacher conferences Next week you will be able to sign up for a parent-teacher conference. These conferences will take place on Wednesday the 22nd of January from 8-4. There will be no regular school on that day. Your child’s report will available on Veracross on Tuesday the 21st. Please read it before the conference so you can come with any questions.  We will spend the first 10 mins of the conference having an adult to adult conversation about your child’s progress and achievement. In the last 5 mins of the conference, your child will share with you something they are proud of and we can all celebrate their success together.  Our specialist teachers will also be available on the day but if you feel the report is enough information, then seeing them is not compulsory.  Please let me know if you have any questions
  • Thurs 23rd Jan- TET assembly 9:25am
  • Fri 24th Jan- TET holiday



13th December

Our field trip to Maison Marou was a highlight this week. It was a great opportunity to think like scientist while using our senses.  We also answered all of our questions and wondering about chocolate.  All except for “Why is chocolate called chocolate?”   We’ll do some further research on this in class.  What a wonderful inquiry.

Ask your child:  What senses did you use at Maison Marou Chocolate shop?  What questions did you ask? How is chocolate made? Where are the cocoa beans grown? What was your favorite chocolate to taste?  Why?

We have been reading, writing, dramatizing, baking and experimenting with gingerbread people over the past 2 weeks.  Luckily the gingerbread people did not run away when they come out of the oven.  They were delicious!

Upcoming events:

Friday 13th Dec- Winter break begins

Mon 6th Jan- First day back

Wed 22nd Jan- Parent/teacher conferences

Thur 23rd Jan- Reports go home

Thurs 23rd Jan- TET assembly 

Fri 24th Jan- TET holiday


What a Semester!  Ms Vu and I are very proud of K2A and all that they have learned so far! Have a restful and happy holiday. See you in the new year.





6th December

This week we planted seeds in our very own ECC vegetable garden.  So far we have some herbs, beans, snow peas and tomato seeds planted. Some have begun to sprout!  We will watch closely to see how our seeds/plants grow and change over the year.

Ask your child:  What do you want to grow in the vegetable garden?  What do plants need to grow?

During our UOI this week we followed the scientific method while doing an experiment with m&m’s and water.

Ask your child:  What do scientists do?  What senses were you using while you were doing the m&m experiment?  Do you have any other questions about what you saw?

Today we went to the DP Science Labs to visit Ms Carly the Chemistry teacher. She showed us around her Laboratory and the special equipment that she uses to learn about chemicals.  We even had the opportunity to do an experiment together.

Ask your child:  What special tools did you see in the lab?  What do scientists do?  How do scientists think?  What experiment did you do with Carly the scientist? 

Thank you to your Mystery reader Lee (Yukyeong’s Mum).  We loved the story “Creepy Carrots” story and the treats you made.


Upcoming Events:

Next week is week A

Tues 10th Dec- K2A Fieldtrip to Maison Marou 

Please be sure that you arrive at school on time as the bus leaves at 8:30am.

Thurs 12th Dec- Winterfest  5-7pm

Friday 13th Dec- Winter break begins

Mon 6th Jan- First day back


29th November

This week we focused our minds to really think like scientists.  We used our 5 senses and particularly our sense of tase to explore the taste of different types of chocolate.

Ask your child:  Why were you tasting chocolate?  What did you notice about the way the chocolate looked?  What did you notice about the way the chocolate tasted?  Did you like all of the different types of chocolate?  Do you have any other questions about chocolate?

We also made a chocolate shop role play in the classroom.  We decided to call the chocolate shop “Chocolate World”.  We created a menu with loads of tasty treats.  We are very excited about our upcoming field trip to Maison Marou Chocolate.

Ask your child:  How did you help to make “Chocolate World”? What is your favorite thing on the menu?  What is your favorite role to play in the chocolate shop?

Upcoming Events:

Tues 10th Dec- Maison Marou Field trip.  Permission notes were sent home in book bags on Thursday.  If you have not already done so, please sign and return to school as soon as possible.

Thurs 12th Dec- Winterfest  5-7pm

Friday 13th Dec- Winter break begins

Mon 6th Jan- First day back


22nd November

Our highlight this week was sharing our learning with parents during open classrooms.

Thank you parents, for your playfully participating in lessons.  We are really proud of the learning taking place in K2A and it was wonderful to show off our skills and knowledge.

K2A are really captivated by our current inquiry.  Exploration through our senses has triggered some rich wonderings and questions which we will now use to guide our inquiry.  Here are a few of our wonderings…

I wonder why flowers smell good?  Gia Han

I wonder how chocolate is made?  Adalyn

I wonder why chocolate is brown? Hia Ha

I wonder why everybody loves chocolate? SanWook

Why is some chocolate square and some chocolate brown? Reyna

I wonder why my reflection is upside down in the water marble? Oscar

Why do flowers smell good?  James

We have so much to learn and find out (especially about chocolate). Watch this space and we will share what we discover.

The children have spent today beautifully decorating their new reading bags.

Please remember to return your reading bag every day with your home reading books inside.  Poetry books return every Monday.

Upcoming events.

Next week is week A.

Thurs 12th Dec- Winterfest  5-7pm

Friday 13th Dec- Winter break begins

Mon 6th Jan- First day back

15th November

Our new unit is all about exploring using our senses.  For the beginning of the unit provocation, the children explored a range of experiences using their sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.  We had a lot of fun and are enthusiastic to find out more about our senses.

Our mystery reader for this week was Justin, Oscars Dad.  He read us a story about Santa Claus’s visit to his home town in Tasmania.  The children really enjoyed learning more about where Justin cames from and are very excited about the approaching holiday season.

Upcoming Events:

Next week is week B.

Mon 18th Nov- Lockdown drill  1:20pm 

Tues 19th Nov- Open Classrooms.

Open classroom schedule.  You are welcome to stay for the whole time or have the option just to visit for the time that is convenient for you.   We look forward to sharing our learning with you.





8th November

What a wonderful week of learning!  The children really enjoyed sharing their show and tell this week.  They presented with confident, clear voices, and the children in the audience listened respectfully and asked questions to find out more.

Ask your child: How did you feel while presenting show and tell?  What did your friends share? Think about what you will share next week. 

Thursday morning was so much fun.  We celebrated “Outdoor Learning Day” with our buddies on the ECC playground.  We blew bubbles, played with the loose parts, and played on the ninja warrior challenge obstacle course.

Ask your child:  What was your favorite outdoor learning activity?  Do you prefer learning outside or inside?  What can you learn while you are outside? 

Next week we will be starting our new unit How the World Works.  It will be filled with sensory experiences and exploratory fun.  How exciting!


Upcoming events

Mon Nov 11th – PD Day.  No school for students today.  

Wed 13th Nov- Snack Sale

Mon 18th Nov- Lockdown drill  1:20pm 

Tues 19th Nov- Open Classrooms







1st November

Our “Browsing Book Boxes” were a huge hit this week.  Our Browsing Book Boxes have books chosen by the children and other books thoughtfully selected by myself.  They are a mix of interest-based books aiming to get the kids enthusiastic about reading and books they can read independently or with minimal support. I hope you are having as much fun reading at home as we are at school.

Our reading routine is to take home a selected book from the Browsing Book Box every day.  This is an independent choice which means a favorite book may go home several times.  Re-reading these books is a valuable opportunity for kids to gain fluency and confidence with reading.

Please encourage your child to send bring their green reading folder to school every day so they can choose a new book to take home.


Thursday was an action-packed day.  Not only was it Halloween, but was also the MRISA opening ceremony.  We joined the rest of UNIS at the covered courts to cheer on the teams and hang out with Felix the Pheonix.

Can you recognize these kids?

Our Mystery reader this week was Ngoc Han’s mum.  It was great to hear a story from our host country and practice our Vietnamese. Thank you, Nhai.


UpComing Events

Thurs 7th Nov- Outdoor Classroom Day

The Elementary School will participate in international Outdoor Classroom Day.  To help make this day successful, please make sure that your child:

-wears sunscreen to school
-is dressed appropriately for the weather
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle

Mon 11th Nov – PD Day 

Wed 13th Nov- Snack Sale

Tues 19th Nov- Open Classrooms

25th October

What a busy and exciting week!

UN day was a blast!  It was wonderful to come together and celebrate our connection to the United Nations and our diversity as a school.

We started the day with cultural rotations.  We experienced activities from New Zeland, Canadian, Australian, and Vietnamese cultures.

Ask your child:  What country did you learn about with Ms Michelle?  What colours and shapes can coud see in Australian Aboriginal Artwork?  What kind of Vietnamese dance did you do?  What was your favourite activity?  Why?

At assembly, K2A loved seeing the flags!

Ask your child:  What did you like seeing at the assembly? Did you see your flag?

Lunch was also a highlight for the children.  Thank you for all the delicious contributions to our international lunch and for joining us in our ECC Community Picnic.


We have some very enthusiastic readers is K2A.  The children are really enjoying choosing their books each day and reading with each other and myself.

Remember to return your reading folder every day so your child can take home their chosen book.

Ask your child:  Can you spot your self in the reading photos?  Can you think of 1 of the 3 ways to read a book? (Read the pictures.  Read the words. Retell the story.)

On Thursady we shared our learning about “Who We Are” at assembly.  K2A and K2B showed a video of their learning and sang the “Individuality” song.  Check out seesaw for a video of our presentation.

Ms Vu and I are very proud of K2A.  It took great courage to get up on stage in front of all the students and teachers in the ECC.  Well done!  You are great Risk-Takers.

Upcoming Events

Next week is week A.

The swimming program is finished.  Please return to wearing comfy activewear on PE days.

Thursday 31st Oct- Halloween Dress Up day.